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888poker Latest Promo - $500 Instagram Freeroll on December 10

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Posted on 10 December 2019 by "T".

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, and 888poker has got another $500 treat for their valued players via their $500 Instagram Freeroll, scheduled today, December 10, at 8pm GMT.

Follow 888poker on Instagram and they will release the password in an Instagram Story at 12pm GMT. (T&C's apply)

888poker Instagram account:


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10 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - $500 Instagram Freeroll on December 10"

 dule-vu10/12/2019 09:00:40 GMT
another freeroll for all who use instagram and this kind of things!before they had on twitter thing like this,now on instagram,so every member who wants to play it and have instagram,take chance and play for prize pool of 500 $!probably will be lot of players on it,but its free chance!
 godoy10/12/2019 14:22:10 GMT
this 500 dollars from 888 is always a nice and beautiful chance to win a few dollars always participate because I have already won a few dolinhas arrived in 3 hope to get now in 1 to ensure a much fatter prize
 sirkosun10/12/2019 17:44:45 GMT
freeroll is good! But there were times when it was possible to make your initial bankroll.
For freerolls, it's a lottery
but in any case, I wish everyone the best of luck
 CALICUL11/12/2019 09:20:45 GMT
Unfortunately, this news did not help me to register, because she appeared exactly on the same day with this tournament and of course, i lost that game. Normally it had to be posted on December 7-8 for the players to know. 888 Poker also has facebook or twitter freerolls but the prizes are very small for all 3 games.
 bowie198411/12/2019 17:31:12 GMT
Posted by sirkosun:
freeroll is good! But there were times when it was possible to make your initial bankroll.
For freerolls, it's a lottery

Under a certain amount of buy-in level most games are considered as lottery.
 CALICUL12/12/2019 09:41:48 GMT
Many players and few money. These social sites had to offer more money because they make billions in every year. Sometimes it is good to do this, as a sign of gratitude for those who have accounts there. These prizes are very small and you can only win poor cash.
 godoy13/12/2019 00:56:08 GMT

this 888 and sad always give these frerrol to us out more at the time of vamover and just bad kkkk filde emormer but the people play anyway and respects nothing more yet yes got some dolphins of it let's come more and more because I'm with br reset kkkk
 Nightkid13/12/2019 09:55:10 GMT
well I have not yet entered 888poker since I walk in pokerstars and another one every time I can enter but for those who can or could enter I wish them luck, and if there is luck to spare me something that is missing me lately hahaha... Cool Cool Cool
 dule-vu13/12/2019 12:10:36 GMT
at least they try to offer something to player and to give richer freeroll,then usually 100 or 200 $!ofcourse lot of players will play it,but its free and if you dont want to play it,you dont have to!its good that they offer something that other sites dont!who know what can you win from playing at it!
 CALICUL13/12/2019 15:07:09 GMT
When i played in these tournaments, i did only in bingo mode when i received good cards. These games are not so balanced because the blinds grow rapidly. It's very hard to win something here. You are obliged to risk more often and it is not something that is easy.

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