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Danish Poker Pro sentenced to Jail for Cheating Players Out Of $3.9 Million!

Tags: cheating, Denmark, fraud, hacking, spyware.
Posted on 03 December 2019 by "T".

On Monday, the Copenhagen City Council has seized DKK 26 million from a professional poker player and passed the verdict that he will be sentenced to 2 years and 6 months behind bars.

The criminal case hearing was first conducted in May and it was regarding the man's activities negatively affecting other poker players from 2008 until 2014. The defendant is convicted mainly for charges of hacking and fraud.

The illegal profits that were confiscated from him are approximately DKK 26,376,929 (approx. $3.9 million).

Initially, the court stated that the appropriate penalty for this sort of crime is imprisonment for three years, but according to prosecutor Lisette Jørgensen, some six months have been removed from the sentence because the case has been long overdue.

The defendant, whose name remains hidden from public, has appealed to the Eastern Lands Court where he demands to be acquitted.

In an earlier hearing, it came to light that it was actually his old friend who contacted police and told them about the unusual incident. Three witnesses (two women and one man), who play online poker, have told the court that the defendant admitted to them that he has installed a spyware on their computers.

The male witness said the fraudster confessed to him as they were strolling around one of the lakes in Copenhagen, "He says he installed the program to see my cards."

The now-convicted individual remains steadfast and has pleaded not guilty to the accusations. When asked about his career, he said he first had a taste for betting, playing through card games in the mid-2000s. Eventually he became so adept and immersed at the game that he was able to make a living from it. "In the beginning, before I had a girlfriend, I probably played for periods of 16 hours a day. That was the first thing I did in the morning. Then you went back and forth between the computer and the toaster."

The verdict says aside from the DKK 26 million, he has to pay additionally almost $800,000 to a person (most likely it's one of his victims).

Watch the video here and see how a Danish player cheated other pros in online poker (note that the video is in Danish):

Source: https://ekstrabladet.dk/sport/anden_sport/dansk-pokerspiller-skal-i-faengsel/7897908

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13 comments for "Danish Poker Pro sentenced to Jail for Cheating Players Out Of $3.9 Million!"

 dule-vu03/12/2019 09:34:38 GMT
so as I see in this news,only evidence that they had is word from his old friend and from that they give him jail?
 Nightkid03/12/2019 10:25:13 GMT
well sometimes this kind of thing usually happens, and as we can see here they only put him in jail without much delay ... I would like to know if at least he made a more or less acceptable trial because from what I see he did not get many chances to the poor Disagree Disagree Disagree
 CALICUL03/12/2019 10:33:20 GMT
I do not understand why the name of this player is not specified here. It is strange that the Danish police did not specify more details about this mysterious gambler or his victims. I hope it's not Gus Hansen. Lol. I'm joking here with the last part.
 crankmuppet03/12/2019 19:58:35 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
I do not understand why the name of this player is not specified here.

Agree. Convicted criminals deserve no protection from identification. This should be reserved solely for victims.
 MobsterJames04/12/2019 20:30:17 GMT
You see this. Bots, colluders, super users and now this.
 Tony_MON7ANA04/12/2019 22:02:52 GMT
Lol. I love playing with Danish aggro-donks/fish/whales at the table.
It seems he fu*ked himself this time. Good luck in jail.
 dule-vu05/12/2019 13:48:29 GMT
as I said this whole story need some more informations,its not like we have everything in this news and that only proof are words from his friend!?I know that denmark is normal country and have good laws,but still its only words from other person!they still need something more,something from his computer or server!
 CALICUL05/12/2019 16:32:05 GMT
Unfortunately, these problems are everywhere and because of this, the customers of these poker rooms, lose their confidence. It's not normal what happens. This Danish player could very well to stop playing a period, if he was smart. He could withdraw $ 3 million and the amount confiscated by the authorities, would have been much smaller.
 roeish309/12/2019 13:53:24 GMT
I always try to convince myself that all the games are clean even when wierd things happen. I tell myself - well, this is poker...
But everytine I hear about cases like this it makes me a little more uneasy with playing online
 sirkosun09/12/2019 20:36:49 GMT
interesting case!
for sure he was consumed by greed
and a sense of impunity. why tell others about your scam?
lost a large sum of money and several years of life
Swedish laws are quite lenient

interesting case!
for sure he was consumed by greed
and a sense of impunity. why tell others about your scam?
lost a large sum of money and several years of life
Swedish laws are quite lenient
 GIRFIED25/12/2019 01:53:07 GMT
The ways to cheat and fraud in poker have evolved in great strides, this is an interesting case that should make us reflect on all the time it took to discover the culprit, the actions of this man negatively affected other poker players during Six years, and no one suspected anything, it is a difficult job for poker rooms to maintain security and it is also the responsibility of governments to enforce laws that protect poker players.
 shaded25/12/2019 17:50:04 GMT
What is this bullsheet story? he admited to someone he cheated em out of that much money, that he could see their cards?? Why would he do that, also arent those programs easily trackable to his computer. Or did he actually get sentenced based on them saying he did it...

 CALICUL27/12/2019 11:48:13 GMT
There are many bots in the poker rooms and it is not easy to catch them, if someone is not looking for them. When a cheater is found it, they will check much easier certain things, that incriminate him. That's fine, but it's a shame that there is no police to investigate and observe for bots.

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