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Phil Hellmuth to Host Free Master Class at partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America

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Posted on 15 March 2019 by "T".

The 15-time WSOP bracelet champ Phil Hellmuth is going to host a poker seminar at the upcoming partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America festival, and the best thing about it is that it's absolutely free and open to everyone!

The MILLIONS South America - Phil Hellmuth's Seminar

When: March 18, 2019 at 7pm, the night before the Main Event
Where: Belmond Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is actually the Poker Brat's first time ever to play in South America and as a way to celebrate this new first in his poker career; he's agreed to host an hour-long master class session in Brazil.

Everyone who's going to the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America fest is invited to attend Hellmuth's seminar on March 18, 2019, 7pm at the Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro where he will happily share tips, tells and secrets based from his poker journey that has spanned for over 30 years. He said, "In my primer class in Brazil, I'm going to show the attendees how to cash in a big tourney like Millions South America. Then we will discuss winning strategies!"

He's ecstatic to go to Rio to play at the Main Event, and has been promoting it on his social media accounts since the start of the year.

What also makes him excited about going to Rio is that he's looking forward to seeing the ‘Carnival' with his wife.

Hellmuth to Play in the $5M GTD Main Event
The 54-year-old poker pro shall be joining in on the fray in the $5M GTD MILLIONS South America Main Event, along with other online qualifiers as well as the likes of team partypoker's own Renato Nomura and Joao Simao, with the former having won a $12,000 package after only investing $109 in the MILLIONS South America satellites.

If the $1,050 buy-in is out of your league, you can win a seat into the final via the $109 buy-in Phase 1 satellites just like what partypoker ambassador Renato Nomura did. These are held daily at 22:00 CET and you get to play for 26 levels. At the end of the 26th level, players with chips in front of them shall move on to the next available final. Players can join as many Phase 1s as they like, but they can only take their biggest stack through to the final (all other stacks are forfeited).

Watch this promotional video:

Ready to join the party?
It only takes $3.30 to play a MILLIONS South America feeder tournament which runs daily on partypoker. Bring your A-game, keep on winning and you can work your way up to a satellite final where there would be ten $12,000 packages guaranteed to be won every Sunday. 

If you don't have a partypoker account yet, you can get €8 Free from!



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10 comments on "Phil Hellmuth to Host Free Master Class at partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America"

 doubletop77716/03/2019 07:29:43 GMT
What a fantastic opportunity for people to be able to meet and play with the legend that is Phil Hellmuth. The guy is probably the most famous poker player in the world and it would be a pleasure to meet him one day
 damosk16/03/2019 08:13:59 GMT
HMM! Its probably a good thing that I won't be in South America to try and benefit from this following my last post about his poker gaols as he would probably show me the door! Anyways, a really nice opportunity, no doubt he will be flogging his book there too! Good luck to him and all of you who join him! (I like him really!)
 Mober16/03/2019 10:41:24 GMT
The introduction, says it all. Fifteen times WSOP winner Smile
Who wouldnt want to attend a seminar with this player.
Maybe not the poker pros that are on top of the list Smile but there are way too many
wannabes out there, that would like to reach his performance, even a small
percentage of it Smile
 CALICUL16/03/2019 11:02:15 GMT
This is very good and South American fans of Phil Hellmuth, if they have the opportunity to get there should do it. It is to be praised that this seminar is free without any charge. This is rare and should not be missed because you do not meet often with that. Good job Phil and much success with this thing.
 Nightkid16/03/2019 13:42:18 GMT
Well I see another news where one of the great ones is on, but it is another one that the great Phil Hell: D is good to see people like that and I see that he will be nothing more than a host in the LIVE MILLIONS South America festival organized by partypoker: D llevenme plisss !!! Cool Cool Cool
 Gerimantas16/03/2019 15:29:33 GMT
He he i personally think it is seminar about how to talk bad words to your opponent when you lose any hand when play poker. Of course it is fun seminar to be in when you play this tournament, this is just binus for free
 Nightkid17/03/2019 13:48:16 GMT
Leave if you do not want to send them to hell when you have a good hand and the other throws with bullshit and you win, or when you have the 5% chance of winning or less and gives it back on the river gives you desire to kill you and to bardearlo not tell you hahaha Angry Angry Angry
 bowie198419/03/2019 19:22:04 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
He he i personally think it is seminar about how to talk bad words to your opponent when you lose any hand when play poker. Of course it is fun seminar to be in when you play this tournament, this is just binus for free

I mean yeah. Like how many minutes will it take for him to be worked up on some nonsense to have a meltdown in front of the class. Would be fun to watch.
 Mober20/03/2019 12:29:02 GMT
It will be hard to have a break down in the seminar.
It i not going to be a game, where his money is in, so he can be more calm with it.
Unless there will be a person making it a goal, to drive him crazy, just so to lose his temper.
If you know where to hit, that wont take long Smile
 Gerimantas20/03/2019 17:28:53 GMT
Also it is good for many people because phil hellmuth is interesting person to listen and maybe ask some questions. I think it is good time for all people who visit this seminar. And phill hellmuth of course get some food money for talking

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