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Weather the SPINSTORM and win up to $1,500 at partypoker

Tags: partypoker.
Posted on 19 March 2019 by "T".

partypoker is offering once again a new different kind of spin in its SPINS games, where players can win worth up to $1,500 in cash!

SPINSTORM runs from March 18 (Monday) through April 21 (Sunday), and as its name implies, the series is about their exciting SPINS games where prizes range from one ticket to a $2,000 SPINS Freeroll up to $1,500 in cash!

Each time you play in any of their SPINS games, you earn Cashback points. Earn points on multiple days during SPINSTORM and the prize you get at the end of the promo shall increase in value. The more points you earn on multiple days, the better your SPINSTORM prize will be.

SPINSTORM payouts:

Play at the tables to earn one Cashback point from SPINS games on five different days, and partypoker will award you one ticket to a $2,000 SPINS Freeroll. Earn cashback point on 30-separate days and five of these tickets are all yours!

Cash prizes are also given and may range from $15 if you earn 10-cashback points on 25 days up to $1,500 for those who will be able to earn 500 cashback points from SPINS tournaments on 30 different days.

Why is SPINSTORM an even better value than most? It's because players will receive up to 40$ Cashback each week from the points they earn in this promo, and even more if they are a Diamond Club member!

There will be five $2,000 SPINS freerolls scheduled daily from April 24 (Wednesday) to April 28 (Sunday) at 19:30 CET. Each freeroll as $2,000 worth of SPINS tickets in the prize pool, which gives players more chances of spinning their way to becoming a millionaire in mere minutes!

SPINSTORM Terms and Conditions:

  • The promoter of this promotion is GVC Services Limited, a company registered in Gibraltar with company number 112454 and whose registered office is situated at Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar
  • The SPINSTORM promotion will run from 00:00 CET 18th March 2019 until 23:59 on 21st April, 2019 (35 days total).
  • The SPINSTORM is an opt-in promotion. Players must opt-in during the above promotion period to claim a prize.
  • Only points earned on SPINS games will qualify.
  • Players must play SPINS games on at least 5 separate days and earn a minimum of one point during the promotional period to qualify.
  • In cases where players have earned different point amounts over various days, we will always award the highest cash prize based on total number of points earned.
  • Players can only earn one prize each.
  • The SPINSTORM $2K Freerolls prizepool will be made up of SPINS tickets totalling $2K.
  • Unused SPINSTORM $2K Freeroll will expire. No cash alternative will be awarded.
  • By taking part in this Promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.




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12 comments for "Weather the SPINSTORM and win up to $1,500 at partypoker"

 doubletop77719/03/2019 08:49:45 GMT
Another very enticing promotion from Party Poker and they really are making their site very exciting indeed. I often play on there and i will be looking to win a few dollars in the near future
 Mober19/03/2019 09:39:09 GMT
They are keep running good promotions in party poker.
For the ones that were regular playing these games, this must be an exciting
addition for them.
But with the cash back they are having lots more will try their luck.
Didnt see any info though, about the points. What is the cost to get a point?
 Nightkid19/03/2019 10:36:10 GMT
good every time more promotions from partypoker people and the truth is very good this ... as you can see that they are wanting to attract people to their games by putting more and more new things every time Cool Cool Cool
 dule-vu19/03/2019 11:34:30 GMT
they just dont stop with promotion and push players to play more and more and to play different type of games!they want that players dont go from their site and its very good!I dont play much poker in last two years,I more at casino sites,but this is great for every player to have it!
 pajalnick19/03/2019 15:46:34 GMT
Probably this is a good offer for those players who play at PartyPoker ... but I play rather rarely at poker party ... only when I withdraw funds from this site at PartyPoker ... then I have a game for some time there ... and so basically i play 888 poker
 bowie198419/03/2019 19:09:30 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
Another very enticing promotion from Party Poker and they really are making their site very exciting indeed. I often play on there and i will be looking to win a few dollars in the near future

This is a rakeback connected promotion - like most things on Party. It's really not that great nor unique.
 CALICUL20/03/2019 11:08:19 GMT
It's an interesting offer where Party Poker will win and the players who run the most, some of them, they will also earn different amounts. You produce rake but you can also earn money, if you play more games during this period. Every poker room tries to modify certain things and to invite players to play and this is logical. Smile
 Gerimantas20/03/2019 17:17:44 GMT
Yes of course it is more good news to party poker players, i personally think this promotion is good special for players who already play spin tournament on party poker, because they ppay many games with or no promotion, so to them this is extra money
 bowie198423/03/2019 18:03:10 GMT
Every room is using rake as a device to lure you into coming back to their site, connecting your rake into tiers and giving you different levels of material via these promotions. But party/bwin are the ones who are don"t give anything away to players without generated points/rake, so there's that.
 damosk24/03/2019 09:08:57 GMT
Weather the storm? Sounds like its a risk that many people will take as an enticement to spend more to earn more chances of winning big! I personally haven't taken part in this but am wondering if any of you guys have and what your experiences of the format and promotion are? Is it worthwhile? Is the an optimum approach to it? Let us know!
 Mober24/03/2019 11:34:31 GMT
There are lots of players, that are playing exclusively such games in all the sites.
So the specific promotion, may have drawn players from other sites too,
besides the regular ones in party poker.
It is a good promotion, no doubt about that and some will get a nice reward.
 Nightkid24/03/2019 12:45:56 GMT
Well this promotion the truth that if I liked it a lot ... it keeps getting involved partypoker with good promotions for what I see: D and I continue as always with the salt of never being able to win something nice or like to say I'm happy Sad Sad Sad

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