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888poker promo Rake or Break smashes the Standard Tournament Format

Tags: 888poker.
Posted on 22 March 2019 by "T".

888poker brings players yet again a brand new promotion called Rake or Break in which players only have to meet the prize pool target and then the next week it goes up 10%. No worries if the target is missed because all fees will be refunded!

888poker's all-new Rake or Break Sunday tournaments will definitely leave 888poker players craving for more weekend action they're looking for. They have created two more ways for players to profit by playing a specially-crafted tournament on 888poker every Sunday, starting on March 24.

Rake or Break mechanics
Simply join in any of 888poker's three weekly Rake or Break events every Sunday, with target prize pools reaching up to $100,000.

If the target number is hit, then great! Participants get to play for a share of that giant prize.

If the target amount is missed, players compete for the collected prize pool and 888poker will refund all players their fee, and that includes any re-entry fee they made. That's a full rakeback to each player in the tournament!

And there's more - if the prize pool threshold is met, then 888poker will increase the amount up for grabs by 10% on the next Sunday.

Thus, each week, players shall have the opportunity to get a portion of a bigger prize on the table.

Here's the tournament schedule:

Jump in and be a part of this Unique Opportunity
It's not every day that a poker site creates a tournament that gives a WIN-WIN situation for players, but 888poker just went ahead and did it this time!

888poker will cheer you on as you go out there and participate to meet the target amount, crush your opponents along the way and enjoy a 10% increase on the next Sunday's prize money.

If ever the target amount isn't met, players still win as they will be refunded their buy-in fees.

You can check the Rake or Break Sunday schedule on the site's client lobby under Tournaments > Rake or Break.

Are you ready? Which Rake or Break event would you play this coming Sunday?


Don't have an 888poker account yet?
Sign up here and enjoy some rake-free tournaments this coming Sunday!

+ Get $88 cash bonus when joining 888poker - no deposit required! Players residing in the UK will receive a £20 Bonus Package instead.

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14 comments for "888poker promo Rake or Break smashes the Standard Tournament Format"

 Gerimantas23/03/2019 07:20:23 GMT
Interesting situation here about this 888 poker promotion, i think many players who register want to see numbers not go to need and then they get buyin back and play tournament. Of course not many chance this become real i think,
 doubletop77723/03/2019 08:57:38 GMT
I do like these innovative suggestions and i think that these tournaments are going to be a great success. I cannot see them falling short of the expected prize pool but it will be interesting to see
 CALICUL23/03/2019 11:12:08 GMT
This is not a very good strategy and i do not think this decision will attract players. The number of players who register in tournaments it's too small and late registration he brings a plus, but often the players does not equal the guaranteed prize. Something must be changed here and it would be good if there were more satellites in every day. Blink
 Nightkid23/03/2019 12:17:26 GMT
I mean I did not like this much that the poker players did888 but well, I do not know what else to say about this ... but I'm going to tell you if this is really going to make people come to your site that is the only thing left to see Confused Confused Confused
 bowie198423/03/2019 17:47:16 GMT
In my honest opinion it won't be smashing anything anytime soon if they only offer this format for buyins 55 bucks and above. Most players are playing at levels waaay below that, it just doesn't make sense present this as a revolutionary tool.
 dule-vu23/03/2019 17:55:11 GMT
yeah its not cheap for lot of players and this will not bring so many of them on this kind of tournament!they want to present something new for their players and something that you cant find on other poker sites,but I dont think that this is something so good!
better for them will be to change poker software and make something better from it,then this kind of promotions to offer!
 damosk24/03/2019 09:04:07 GMT
So! Today is the BIG day when 888 Rake or Break hits the tables for its first session of big games. It certainly looks like a win win situation for players and a nice and innovative way for 888 to entice more players to the site. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes down, but won't be playing , even with the possibility of getting my buy in back.
 Mober24/03/2019 11:11:11 GMT
Another new game, this time form 888poker.
The buy ins are not for many players though, since they are starting at 55USD
So there is a chance that the whole thing may not be successful .
Sunday today, so we are gonna have news for it real soon Smile
 bowie198425/03/2019 17:46:59 GMT
Posted by Mober:
The buy ins are not for many players though, since they are starting at 55USD
So there is a chance that the whole thing may not be successful.

Yeah honestly I have no idea who is the target demographic for this move, I can presume their majority of players are not usually playing on buyin levels like these...
 Mober26/03/2019 13:51:18 GMT
I dont see any news here for this new game.
Not that i was expecting many brm players to participate with these buy ins,
but you never know Smile
Arent there any freerolls with tickets, or any satellites for these games?
I wonder if they were successful and the target was reached.
 dule-vu27/03/2019 09:55:31 GMT
in some situations poker sites behave like this and think that they are only there for bigger players with bigger amounts on their accounts!ofcourse there is always satellites,but thats not same,they should give more of this bigger tournaments with lower buy in!
 CALICUL27/03/2019 11:28:38 GMT
Is not something satisfying because it is an absurd marketing decision. More than that, they have many disappointing satellites with 10 cents foar a $12 ticket where there are 20 players or maybe 25. I'm not happy with these tournaments Sad
 Mober27/03/2019 14:04:38 GMT
Well they are not making the money from you playing micro buy ins, now and then.
So, why all their plans and they marketing decisions should be revolved, around
your tastes...
Not to mention that 888poker is making good promotions so far from what i have seen
in here. And im talking about promotions for the freerollers...
 bowie198428/03/2019 23:01:05 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Well they are not making the money from you playing micro buy ins, now and then.
So, why all their plans and they marketing decisions should be revolved, around
your tastes...

They are not making much money off microgrinders but at the same time those players also paying the rake everytime they register 4 a tourney or sit down to a cash table. Any normal room should not choose a preferred demographic to exclusively serve or they going to loose more players than they will gain in the end.

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