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partypoker closes 277 Bot Accounts, Redistributes $734K Funds between December 2018 and March 2019

Tags: partypoker, Patrick Leonard, poker bots, poker fraud.
Posted on 10 April 2019 by "T".

In a continuous effort to enforce fairness and security for all players on the site, partypoker revealed that it has successfully closed a total of 277 ‘bot' accounts between December 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 as well as they redistributed $734,852.15 in associated funds.

Bots are computer programs that have been designed to play games against human opponents or other pieces of software. When activated, a poker bot shall play a game that follows certain mathematical concepts with the aim to make profitable long-term decisions. Also, what makes poker bots so formidable is the fact that they can play online poker for long hours.

partypoker strives to make sure the safety of its players are prioritized, and so they established an expanded specialist Poker Fraud Team comprised of former poker pros who have the experience and knowledge to investigate suspicious activities and help partypoker in taking out these dodgy accounts. Starting December 1, 2018, around 75% of account closures were thanks to the new fraud team's efforts. The partypoker site shall continue to inform the public on a regular basis as to how many more bot account closures would be done.

Team partypoker pro Patrick Leonard said, "Two years ago it wouldn't have been possible, but after seeing the security department first hand, the team working there and the tools they are using, I'm very confident now that they can tackle people trying to play against the rules. In my opinion it isn't worth somebody trying to bend the rules because, in the words of Liam Neeson: ‘They will find you, they will catch you and they will.. ban you!'

Suspicious activity has many faces. It can be a collusion between two or more players, or it could be somebody using bots or other illegal software designed to give players an unfair advantage.

Players can contact the fraud team directly if they find any suspicious activity going on at any of partypoker's online tables via [email protected].



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38 comments for "partypoker closes 277 Bot Accounts, Redistributes $734K Funds between December 2018 and March 2019"

 CALICUL10/04/2019 13:01:03 GMT
Because of these bots i can not make money and because of the software who destroys me with ugly bad beats or with bizarre situations. I knew this was happening a lot but many players said it was not true. I would like these guilty persons to be captured and punished with jail. Blink
 dule-vu10/04/2019 13:26:35 GMT
this is very interesting news and this is something that will be very good for all player,especially if they continue to watch accounts from all players and to stop something like this in future!didnt know that they watch so much this kind of accounts and players who do this!this is large number of players that are closed for good!
 Mober10/04/2019 17:24:00 GMT
That shows how serious the issue is with the bots.
Now imagine how many more they might have missed, along with how many bots
can exist in other sites, where they dont have the means, to deal with it.
Good thing to see, that a site is taking this matter seriously.
 pajalnick10/04/2019 23:50:15 GMT
the presence of bots in poker rooms is of course a big trouble for everyone .... it’s very good that PartyPoker somehow learned to identify them and now accounts are being removed and their funds are redistributed .... I had a situation at PartyPoker when I lost in a row very much many sit and go tournaments to some Hungarian players .... maybe it was a similar case? ... or is it my bad game? Confused
 doubletop77711/04/2019 07:52:52 GMT
Well done to Party Poker for doing this and they must be applauded for doing this. You always get a suspicion from time to time that one of the people at the tables are bots and it is good to see them being stopped
 CALICUL11/04/2019 13:31:49 GMT
I received a minus vote again when i'm right. The men who votes does not even know my bizarre situations when players call all in after flop with nothing or after river with one ugly pair and they won. In these situations it is clear that something is wrong and here it exists only two guilty bots or the poker room who does not want to make money. Duck Poker is one of them ( now is disbanded ) but there are a few more who are active but i do not want to give their names because of the rules.
 bowie198411/04/2019 16:39:56 GMT
Now, imagine if they did not catch even 5% of the active bots they have on their site. Because I am prettg sure they did not. So the rest is still there outsmarting casual players on a daily basis because that is just how the math works out...
 Mober11/04/2019 18:55:02 GMT
There will always be bots in the poker world and not only.
And this is because the new generations are into the "whole game" internet, programming
Whilst it was harder some years ago, now it becomes easier and easier to make your own
Most of the kids now almost have a screen attached on their eyes Smile
 Milos75312/04/2019 00:42:54 GMT
holy 277 bots and 734k :O Maybe I played against the bots myself. Will PartyPoker give back some money for this, I doubt it. PartyPoker has to deal with software security as well as all other poker rooms. There are many bots in all rooms, and for that reason a lot of players stop playing online cash games.
 Mober12/04/2019 20:05:34 GMT
It is important for a site to be credible, and to get such matters seriously.
Not like some others, where after repeating messages and online chats with their
support, about some obvious collusion in sng's they were doing nothing about it.
How more obvious can it be when you see two players sitting in more than
one tables at the same time, using the chat of the poker client to tell the cards
to each other and play accordingly... Smile After about a month with support i gave up. But they were still up and playing Smile It was an ipoker skin back in the days Smile
 pajalnick13/04/2019 02:53:37 GMT
scammers in poker will always be of course .... some play tell each other cards ... some use various illegal programs or some other software that makes a game against these players senseless .... of course the poker rooms struggle with it but how It seems to me to catch a fraudster quite difficult ... but it is good that the poker rooms are dealing with these problems
 CALICUL13/04/2019 13:46:48 GMT
I am disappointed because there is no program to detect these bots. If there is no such thing then one should be invented because customers are the most important. This is inadmissible and many upset players he does not play online poker anymore for this reason. Sad
 Gerimantas13/04/2019 14:20:10 GMT
It is of course good news for players from party poker and to me personally because most my play of poker is in this room. To me also interesting that poker bots beat players most times, it show how bad many players play, because bot play always same rules so if beter player it is not so hard to win i think
 bowie198413/04/2019 19:38:10 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
... of course the poker rooms struggle with it but how It seems to me to catch a fraudster quite difficult ... but it is good that the poker rooms are dealing with these problems

Are they really struggle though?
Feels like it's not that hard to find these kind of activites among 'players' since most bots follow certain pattern of behaviour etc. but sites have less incentive to throw them out because they pay the rake just the same, so why bother with them in the first place?
 demodawggy14/04/2019 05:49:37 GMT

... Big Smile< ...I always knew that there were game playing bots,...but I never really believed that some crooked bad guys could actually slip them into any of the poker sites...!

.... Big Smile< ...This thread has shown me that I have been totally wrong... Confused

... Big Smile< ...Actually,...a few folks have suspected that I play like a bot and actually was one...!!!

... Big Smile< ...heheee....
 CALICUL14/04/2019 13:48:33 GMT
Think about 277 bots and how much money they've earned, until Party Poker detects and confiscates that money. Then think that they did not manage to catch them all. Unfortunately, the one who votes with minus is parallel to reality, because this news is real and if it was a fake one, then i agreed with his votes. In this situation, i do not agree. Sad
 pajalnick15/04/2019 07:27:33 GMT
Of course, rake is very important for poker sites ... if it were not for rake, as if they would have a profit ... in any way ... but on the other hand, if there are obvious signs of bots, then you need to do something about it ... otherwise the players will leave this poker site .... go to another where the fight against bots is made .... Here’s such a dilemma for poker sites
 Mober15/04/2019 11:34:23 GMT
If players that get affected get the money back after all, or at least a portion of it,
then it is fine. Now talking about the rake, for a site like party poker, doesnt really make
any difference.
With the amount of players and games they have, the rake is the same for them,
either with bots or not. It is not and advantage for them, having them, in any case.
 CALICUL15/04/2019 13:54:30 GMT
277 is too much. Think about how much money these bots players played and how much they managed to withdraw. Nobody makes a complaint to the police and of course the Party Poker they should but they do not do it. This is horrible and is not normal.
 Milos75315/04/2019 15:52:16 GMT
Yea this is not normal and this is big robbery from PP. They need to return that 734k to players who lose from this bots, I think its not hard to check bots cash game history and every players who lose from them need to get money back. Big big robbery from PP. Gl
 CALICUL19/04/2019 14:12:22 GMT
Yes, but i do not understand why these bots are not being complained to the police? They will try again and until they are discovered will earn money again. It's a terrible chaos in this internet and those who have to lose are generally those who lose money in poker. Sad
 bowie198419/04/2019 23:24:51 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Yes, but i do not understand why these bots are not being complained to the police? They will try again and until they are discovered will earn money again...

Again - any bot discovered in this scheme was just a 'regular paying customer' two weeks ago from the casino's standpoint. They pay the rake just the same so these places won't care until you make them care.
 dule-vu20/04/2019 10:00:24 GMT
ok,beside this closing account,but do they pay some players,beacuse they lost money against this bots or everything is over!if they close this account,then every game that is played from this account isnt regular and other players should get money back!
 Mober20/04/2019 10:34:15 GMT
The article says "redistributes" which probably means, giving money back to the players
that were affected by it.
It would have been silly for a site like party poker just to confiscate all that money
and leave their players, that had done nothing wrong, with no compensation at all.
There was another example of this in the past wit a site returning money to the players,
but cant remember which one was it. I think it was poker stars...
 Serpang20/04/2019 10:51:43 GMT
Wow..really worst condition ..someone know how about PS and titan ? I didn't play at Party.
But like someone said above that got call with nothing on flop but won cause they got it on turn or river, sometime should be hit both and got it Sad
 CALICUL20/04/2019 14:30:58 GMT
Peoples find methods very fast to create other accounts and to use illegal programs. I read in the past more about this. Even Justin Bonomo was caught with multiple accounts in 2006. It is very difficult for us to be successful, if the poker rooms have too many bots. Sad
 dule-vu21/04/2019 10:55:27 GMT
for me would be strange that they will check every hand and every table,tournament or whatever for every single player from this bots and then to see who losted against them and to payback to this player!this would need weeks for something like this!
 Mober21/04/2019 11:10:48 GMT
I doubt it is that complicated. They will have to check who has played against them,
the buy ins and the result after the end of the game.
And they must be storing more information than the players, get from their own history.
No matter what, they are having the personnel and means to do it.
And they have to after all, since they went out with this announcement.
 CALICUL21/04/2019 14:46:25 GMT
It's not hard to do that but perhaps Party Poker is not very interested in tracking these bots in every day. If there is such a quick detection program, then it must always to be used. We can not protect ourselves. We do not have this talent to find bots. Only poker rooms can do it.
 Mober23/04/2019 07:49:49 GMT
The only thing you can do is track your games and players.
If you are regular in a sng game for example, at some point you will bump to the same
players. You cant avoid them here.
In cash games though, you can avoid sitting on the same table with some specific players,
that you are suspecting their play is not normal.
 dule-vu23/04/2019 08:55:14 GMT
first is question do they want to track every hand and every tournaments from this bots accounts and what will be from this cases!maybe they have in their rules,that they dont have to pay money after this kind of problems and other players dont have to know about it and to know names of this bots!
 CALICUL23/04/2019 15:13:02 GMT
The only guilty in this case are the ones who deals with the laws. A hard law for bots which would start from 10 years of imprisonment or more will stop this phenomenon in most cases. We have to make a request for a law like this and this law to be adopted. Blink
 Mober24/04/2019 10:01:57 GMT
Well this was a big mess up. I had two threads open, read both of them and replied on the wrong
one Smile
And i have done the same mistake in the past also Smile
 CALICUL24/04/2019 15:13:59 GMT
Very rarely i made this mistake. I think one or maybe twice from the fall of 2017. Instead, i've seen a lot of the wrong moves in online poker and of course... the software offered to other players the right cards and they win on the turn and river. I lost dramatically many strange hands and it is clear that: I played with bots and many do not understand this. I also receive minus votes on my righteousness.
 Mober25/04/2019 11:33:12 GMT
The thing that you have played games and you got some "strange" cards on turn and river,
doesnt mean you were playing against bots.
It is not normal, for a real player to make the wrong moves ?
There are all sorts of players out there, and everyone is playing the way they want
Especially on low limits you can see everything from real players Smile
 CALICUL25/04/2019 15:12:14 GMT
I played against bots many times. I can swear with precision and their moves say everything. I'm not talking about the beginning of the games. I'm talking about tournaments and after 4-5 hours they had strange moves. Even beginners do not make these moves. No, it's not normal for them to make these moves. You can not pay all stack, after the flop, my all-in with nothing. I'm sorry because this google translate is execrable but there are other strange moves and it's not normal. Anyone who knows a little poker knows these things.
 Mober26/04/2019 12:15:19 GMT
And what makes you say this.
You mean the normal play, for all players is the one that follow your guide lines? Smile
So everyone else outside them is either a bot or doesnt know how to play? Smile
AT the end if you still think so, just take the time and contact the site you are playing.
Not hard to give them the heads up. Why arent you doing this, since you are so
sure about it...
 CALICUL26/04/2019 15:12:57 GMT
You do not understand. I can not explain well if we do not speak the same language and this translate is too weak. What i want to explain is: These things is what you see only in movies or as in the final with Isildur1 and Pavel Plesuv from Moldova ( last hand ). Nobody plays in that way, except bots. Sad

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