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partypoker becomes Tour Partner as Triton Poker SHR Returns to Montenegro in May

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Posted on 09 April 2019 by "T".

The Triton Poker High Roller Series returns to the Maestral Resort & Casino in Montenegro from May 5 to 17, 2019 with a record-breaking ten-event schedule! This time, it's made even better as partypoker becomes the official tour partner of the Triton Poker Series.

Montenegro is one of the favorite places to go to for most high-stakes poker players.

About Triton Poker
Malaysian businessman, philanthropist and poker player Richard Yong felt that the poker scene lacked something exciting, an exclusive tournament series for affluent businesspeople and high-end pro poker players that is set in some of the most prestigious venues in the world, all in the name of charity; and so, Triton Poker was born. Funds from Triton Poker events have helped fund charitable organizations such as the Red Cross and Project Pink.

Previous winners of Triton Poker events include the likes of Daniel ‘Jungleman' Cates, Dan Colman, partypoker ambassadors Timofey ‘Trueteller' Kuznetsov, Fedor Holz, Jason Koon and Mikita Badziakouski, Timothy Adams, John Juanda, Justin Bonomo, and Phil Ivey.

In 2017, the Triton Poker Series in Montenegro was an all-German soiree, with Fedor Holz taking down the HKD 250K NLHE 6-Max event - he defeated a player field of 41 to grab the $444,893 top prize. The HKD 1 Million Triton Montenegro Main Event was conquered by Manig Loeser - he defeated a player field of 52 to win $2,162,644!

In 2018, the series obviously doubled in size, and they had included for the very first time, live Short Deck tournaments.

In the HKD 250K Short Deck Ante-only event, Phil Ivey outlasted a field of 61 to win the $604,992 prize.

Mikita Badziakouski dominated a player field of 63 to win $2,499,184 in the HKD 1 Million Short Deck Main Event.

Jason Koon emerged victorious on a field of 103 players to win the first prize worth $3,579,836 in HKD 1 Million Short Deck Ante-Only.

Jason Koon, who became one of the most successful Short Deck live tourney players at Triton Poker, said he can't wait to return. The Team partypoker pro and recently Triton Poker ambassador said, "I could be biased because I ran really well last time, but Montenegro maybe my favourite poker stop in the world. I would wake up daily, and the sea was 15-feet from my room, and I could walk down and jump in before I played. It was also wonderful having the poker room being so close; everything is so convenient, and on top of that you get the old world beauty that's hard to find anywhere else. I really look forward to going back there and playing again."

Here is the full schedule of the 2019 Triton Poker SHR Montenegro

Watch the official trailer here:

partypoker as Tour Partner of the Triton SHR Series
As part of the tie-up, partypoker shall enjoy branding exposure at all Triton events and both brands will team up to deliver quality poker content across the tour.

Jason Koon said, "When it comes to playing live poker tournaments there is nothing like going to one of Triton's stops. The action is endless, the stakes are the highest in the world and the players are treated with an experience second to none."

"I signed with partypoker because I truly believed in their direction and their vision of a brighter future in poker. partypoker and Triton partnering up is another giant leap forward for the high rollers and for the poker world in general."

President of partypoker John Duthie said regarding the team up, "This is such a great and potentially rewarding partnership! When I first saw Triton's events and the quality of their streaming, I just knew we could work really well together. You can just tell that they see things the same way as us and that it's not all ‘business'. This shared love of the game will create something really, really special and I can't wait to see the outcome!"

Founder of the Triton Poker Series Richard Yong said, "This is a great and natural collaboration and another big step forward for the Triton Poker Series. We look forward to them kicking off as a tour partner in Montenegro and expect their pros to put in the usual strong performances! Maybe someone can stop Jason this time though!"




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22 comments on "partypoker becomes Tour Partner as Triton Poker SHR Returns to Montenegro in May"

 CALICUL09/04/2019 12:36:45 GMT
This place begins to become known for many players who play big amounts and here is not just tournaments. It's about other closed-circuit games or many games. These series make even more publicity and that's why the series was scheduled for 10 tournaments. If it is successful, it will probably be 12 tournaments in the next year.
 dule-vu09/04/2019 13:18:16 GMT
another festival from triton poker and another great series in montenegro!this start to be traditional and for sure lot of big names will come to play it!we know what happend last year and probably this year we will have even bigger prize pool for players!nice to see that this kind of poker tournaments is close to our contries!
 peronibar09/04/2019 15:17:30 GMT
Wau nice Smile Pua was bought hotel Maestral where this happend, and i think he have our passport or he will get.
 Mober09/04/2019 15:49:38 GMT
It is nice to see that triton poker continues, and money from this series goes
to charity. There are lots of different buy ins from what i cans see, with the highest one
being 100k euro. I think that the super high roller says it all, although there
are tournaments with much higher buy ins than that Smile
 pajalnick09/04/2019 23:32:40 GMT
as I recall last year, the same series was held in the same place .... PartyPoker the sequence of their decisions .... and of course They will be as partners at the maximum number of big tournaments ... to popularize their poker room .... which seems to me no longer needs advertising
 doubletop77710/04/2019 07:45:34 GMT
Party Poker seemed to be involved in a lot of partnerships of late and it is nice to see them doing well. They have always been my preferred poker site and it is nice to see them giving something back
 CALICUL10/04/2019 13:00:46 GMT
That means live poker is successful and tournaments are very appealing for powerful players. This poker game has changed the lives of many people, around the world and they lost a lot of time, to try to win a good tournament live or online. Casinos have started making more live tournaments and tha is very good. Smile
 damosk11/04/2019 13:00:56 GMT
WOW! I’ve just watched the promotional trailer for this event. It is produced to a really high quality and is done in the style of an exciting movie trailer. Great sound track to it developing and building the anticipation and excitement that will be on offer at the event, including the luxurious surrounds in which it will take place. If only I had the odd 100k euro to take part (in one event!)
 CALICUL11/04/2019 13:44:05 GMT
It's a great atmosphere to play live poker in casinos but many games are high stakes and our pockets do not allow for that. I missed the chance to play today at a live tournament in Bucharest and i would like poker rooms to make more satellites for live games. Big Smile
 dule-vu11/04/2019 15:13:00 GMT
10 bif events in 13 days is something special and would be interesting to see how many of them will every players play!lot of big stakes and you have to have few millions on bank account to play this kind of tournaments!will be interesting to see videos from this series!
 bowie198418/04/2019 21:01:57 GMT
Maybe they are trying to establish themselves as the Monaco of the Balkans, who knows what are the real goals here - promoting this country this hard. I would assume plenty russian backed moneylaundering casinos operating in their vicinity...
 dule-vu19/04/2019 09:01:37 GMT
probably they offer low taxes or maybe no tax for this kind of gambling for players and this is something that every poker or casino player will take!you can imagine what kind of tax they pay in other countries,so montenegro is probably great for this!
 Mober20/04/2019 10:58:12 GMT
If you go to a foreign country to play poker and win, in some tournament,
you are not getting charge with taxes i believe.
As an individual you are paying taxes to the country you are a resident, and you have
a vat number. So all the winnings are tax free when you go to a tour, if
i am not mistaken Smile
 pajalnick20/04/2019 12:16:20 GMT
taxes are paid to the country whose citizenship is in the winner of the tournament .... Well, or in any other person who received prize money from the tournament .... in any case, this is paid to the country that has the citizenship of the person .... if taxes were paid on affiliation of the country of the tournament .... held in the countries of the tournament with the lowest tax
 CALICUL20/04/2019 14:26:34 GMT
Every country has some taxes and it is best to play where they are small. I do not like the American style or something like that where taxes are 50% and sometimes this number increases. I've seen in this site and this is not normal. The American government does not help you with nothing but have claims to rob you. I'm sure Montenegro is not like Sua. I'm glad because there are countries with a more normal taxes.
 bowie198422/04/2019 15:31:46 GMT
Posted by Mober:
If you go to a foreign country to play poker and win, in some tournament, you are not getting charge with taxes i believe.

You will pay taxes on any kind of winnings especially one with a paper-trail as easy to see as a five/six figure large poker tournament winning.
But only your country of residence will gonna require that, not the place of your winnings, but you will have to pay after your winnings regardless of your residence...
 Mober23/04/2019 07:41:12 GMT
I really doubt that. If you win money in some other country and then you dont transfer
the money in the country you are resident and get taxed, then you dont pay a single thing.
Why do you think everyone is transferring money out of their countries.
Because they dont want to get taxed..
Not easy to tax money deposited in foreign countries.
 dule-vu23/04/2019 09:15:53 GMT
why would you pay tax in country where you live,if you win money in other country?its same that you win bigger money at online casino or poker site and then you just transfer money on your bank account and nobody ask me from where I got that money and I dont pay anything!so why should be different if I win at live tournament and then they send me money on my bank account!?
 CALICUL23/04/2019 15:08:03 GMT
I can not know exactly how does that work with these taxes but if i won a tournament in Sua, i would definitely be taxed with their percentage, i think. Same result in other countries. Even if you have or not the legal right to work in other countries, you must to pay the taxes with these live games. Sua, Montenegro, China, Mars... Smile you must to pay the taxes. You are obliged by the law.
 dule-vu25/04/2019 10:09:03 GMT
but why would you pay tax in your country,there is no sense for that!if you must pay tax,then you pay in country where you got money on gambling and your country has nothing with that!it that case when they transfer money on your account,you would pay tax two times,which is silly!
 Mober25/04/2019 11:41:57 GMT
Are you looking on what is logic with taxes or not? There is no logic.
They will try to get your money no matter what.
Why you are paying taxes, for winnings that you have made online,
in a site or a company if you like, that is based abroad?
Does it make sense? Was that the case few years back? No.
And yet this is how it is right now...
 CALICUL27/04/2019 15:33:54 GMT
The laws differ from country to country. You do not have to be surprised about this. My country has over 5 million people working in Europe or on other continents. They do not pay taxes for my country. They pay taxes where they work. My government can not ask for taxes, from them, because they destroyed millions of jobs... Anyway, i think there are some jobs who have no fees, in the respective countries. Confused

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