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Player scores 161 BTC single spin jackpot in Cloudbet's bitcoin casino

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Posted on 21 May 2019 by "T".

Cloudbet, the leading bitcoin casino and sportsbook, has reported another huge casino winner. The lucky player walked away with an eye-watering 45 BTC in profits (nearly €210,000 in today's exchange rates) from a session in their Multifruit 81 bitcoin slot.

The winning spree included a 161 BTC from a single spin, a massive jackpot equivalent to €740,000. 

Multifruit 81 is a no-nonsense slot game with a retro look and simple rules. Its straightforward approach is especially appealing to people who value action over complexity, without sacrificing high-yield prizes.

This is not the first time Cloudbet's bitcoin casino has produced such a huge win. Their hall of fame for massive bitcoin winners includes another 160 BTC slot jackpot and a 50 BTC prize from a single spin of their high-octane bitcoin roulette.

About Cloudbet
Established in 2013, Cloudbet is the world's leading bitcoin sportsbook and bitcoin casino platform, fully licensed and regulated with satisfied customers in over 100 countries.

Cloudbet offers exceptional value odds and unrivalled bitcoin betting limits, while new customers also receive a generous 100% deposit bonus up to 5 BTC/BCH.

Follow this link to visit the Cloudbet website:

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20 comments on "Player scores 161 BTC single spin jackpot in Cloudbet''s bitcoin casino "

 victor09621/05/2019 14:12:12 GMT

It would be fantastic to be able to win at least half of that. I always lose completely. It would be nice if they put in the time it took to get it. It's great for the one who won it. Congratulations to the casino for their good prizes.
 CALICUL21/05/2019 17:55:08 GMT
The enormous sums that can be won in some casinos in the world like this Cloudbet. I do not understand what is the final amount won by the player but he is a very lucky player and very happy at this moment. I notice that: in some casinos, bigger amounts are gained in recent years and because of this casino industry is successful. Smile
 dule-vu22/05/2019 11:41:46 GMT
well this is story that can be or cant be truth!its big win and can be something that is for promotion of this site!as we can see they also offer something for registration on their site in this news!its big win,no matter is it at bitcoin or money,so be careful with this kind of news!
 Mober22/05/2019 12:12:40 GMT
He did win 161 bitcoins, but only got away with 45 bitcoins in profit.
That says something about the amount this player was betting.
But even with the 45 bitcoins you can say he made a small fortune.
The question is if he had lost another one, before winning in this session Smile
 pajalnick22/05/2019 13:17:47 GMT
news of course, only for people to play in this casino .... everyone can get a jackpot even from just one spin .... of course a very wonderful win .... a person secured himself for some time with money .... he does not need to work for some time and he can safely rest ... or buy something he has long dreamed about but could not afford
 Gerimantas23/05/2019 09:44:05 GMT
To me personally it is not good option to play for Bitcoin i not have them and it is so risky to have because not know what is worth one day or next day, so you can win 10 percent of bankroll and next day lose same amount because Bitcoin is lower values
 bowie198423/05/2019 23:27:52 GMT
Posted by Mober:
He did win 161 bitcoins, but only got away with 45 bitcoins in profit.
That says something about the amount this player was betting.

I bet he wishes he could have won this a year or two ago when BTC was at all time high.
'Poor guy' Big Smile Big Smile
 CALICUL24/05/2019 17:43:06 GMT
This man played a lot to achieve this gain. This is true but before. After that he won this great prize 161 bitcoin with a single spin. This player had a great wager and if he continues to play, risk to losing everything. It's a little weird. There may be something dubious here but we can not know how true it is. When we hear of big gains, sometimes we are pessimistic about that, but many gains are real because in my neighborhood a few times has earned sums of 30k, 40k, 50k dollars. In my city were higher amounts of $ 50k.
 antonis32124/05/2019 19:57:24 GMT
Congratulations to him for his win . I can never stop playing when I win big , you have to stop the session at once from my experience (my total losing sessions experience Big Smile.... Sad) But if I won a jackpot , I cannot think myself not anymore satisfied , but maybe I would keep on playing a little more for fun , burn some money .
 CALICUL26/05/2019 18:19:43 GMT
These players are addicted to these games and they deposit a lot of money to make a jackpot or win a big amount of money. It's not easy when you're running you have higher chances of winning. Some people have earned a lot of money when they made a small bet but now it also depends on luck.

 Mober28/05/2019 10:17:44 GMT
If they could put all the numbers down, with what everyone is winning and losing.
Then the amounts people are losing are nothing compared to the ones they win Smile
Yes the jackpots or the wins seem huge, but how many dollars these machines have eaten,
before giving something bad to the players Smile
 Nightkid28/05/2019 12:22:26 GMT
congratulations to the winner and hopefully one day I can also appear in the news as all I always see taking a beautiful awards but well that will only say the time hahaha because whenever I go to the casano I see that others win and I want to stay forever Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 bowie198428/05/2019 12:41:01 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Yes the jackpots or the wins seem huge, but how many dollars these machines have eaten,
before giving something bad to the players Smile

Dunno, probably not a house's worth much like how big of an amount this guy won... But you could be right.
 CALICUL28/05/2019 17:57:54 GMT
This is true but casinos must also win something. They have workers and pay bills, taxes or salaries. Honestly to be the winnings are too big for casinos and the winnings of the players too small. This strategy has always been used.
 Mober29/05/2019 10:42:42 GMT
How many employees an online casino like that can have?
Their expenses must be limited if it is an online only with no live play.
Cause if they have live games like blackjack and roulette, then you can say, that they need lots
more staff to run the business. I doubt they have more than five employees running it Smile
 dule-vu29/05/2019 12:48:13 GMT
they will be in profit on every way,no matter do you play in real casino or at online casino!so thats why I dont believe in this kind of jackpots so much!maybe when some site make one news in year,but like bitstarz have every month some big jackpot,I dont believe!
 Mober30/05/2019 11:34:21 GMT
We cant know the exact figures of course, but given it is the biggest casino online,
that uses bitcoin as a currency then it is possible of course.
The are lots, that have made fortunes with crypto trading.
And its price going up again, almost at 9000 usd again, whcih means even bigger payouts
when converted.
 Nightkid30/05/2019 15:27:31 GMT
I never really won a great prize that we say but I would like some time to have or at least know the currency called BTC I in my country do not see what are the dollars or euros unless you have enough money and do not be a poor pelagatos like me hahahaha Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 CALICUL30/05/2019 19:26:53 GMT
It is very hard to win a jackpot or a big amount of money. There are many happy players and they won impressive amount. Is true, most players lose and this is the situation, but those who earn nice money they will remember this for the rest of his life f they do not have any health problems to make them forget.
 pajalnick30/05/2019 23:25:40 GMT
Of course, the jackpot is won by very few people .... this is a great success .... it is bypassing me so far .... there has been no jackpot in my life .... but I hope that I still have everything ahead and when Something I can get some decent jackpot and increase my welfare .... because if you don’t play, you won’t win ... so I play

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