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2019 WSOP: Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw won by Dan Zack for $160,447

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Posted on 04 June 2019 by "T".

It is a truly memorable Monday for one poker player - he has always managed to get into numerous WSOP final tables already, but never fortunate enough to finish the race on top - until now.

2019 WSOP Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw
Buy-in: $2,500
Date: June 1 to June 3, 2019
Entries: 296
Prize pool: $666,000

Daniel Zack outlasted a player field of 296, claiming his very first WSOP bracelet after a fantastic comeback to bring home the bacon worth $160,447.

A resident of Princeton, New Jersey, the American mixed games specialist managed to finally earn his very first dream bracelet, but it wasn't a walk in the park for him during the tournament because he got by with almost no chips for 2 and a half days. He said, "This whole tournament, I was not above average until I literally came to the final table with seven left."

He revealed he always sent his brother updates on the game during each break, saying that it was getting pretty monotonous. "It has been 'yeah, I'm in dead last'. Just over and over again."

Final Table Action
Although things were not looking good for Zack, he was able to squirm loose from the short stack grip and on the final day, he was 10th out of 13 in chip count.

He said as he was rising up the ranks despite the odds against him, "I've played a ton of short-handed triple draw and badugi online, and the mixed triple draw event was tailor-made for my abilities."

Onto three-handed play, Zack made a fantastic comeback with 80% of all chips on his side. His friends from the rail started congratulating him during dinner break, but he knew it wasn't over yet and thinking about it, he began to feel nervous.

Things really went well for him as it didn't take long for Zack to finish off Brayden Gazlay (3rd place for $65,217). He then made a swift blow to first-timer Sumir Mathur who settled as the runner-up in this event for $99,153. Mathur's performance here was notably impressive considering the fact that he had no prior live cashes to his name upon entering this tournament.

Finally securing the very first golden bracelet of his life, Zack felt relieved and happy, "This is a relief. I was starting to question if I was doing something terrible at every final table that I made." Zack became the butt of jokes for having the second-most WSOP final table finishes without ever making it to top 3, just like Tony Cousineau.

Now that the nasty stigma has been lifted, he can now focus on a goal he set 3 years ago. He said, "I always came in for the first week or so with the plan to do that and that if I didn't do anything in the first week I'd usually end up in cash games."

Zack's latest WSOP score now brings his total lifetime earnings to $871,698, according to The Hendon Mob.

2019 WSOP Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw Final Table Results




Prize (USD)


Dan Zack




Sumir Mathur




Brayden Gazlay




Jon Turner




Jesse Hampton




Jake Schwartz






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11 comments on "2019 WSOP: Event #6: $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw won by Dan Zack for $160,447"

 dule-vu04/06/2019 17:51:17 GMT
event after event and we already have news from 6th event at this years WSOP!this one $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw isnt so popular as maybe would be some holdem event,but still amost 300 players and nice prize pool!dont know much about this type of poker,but as we see people can win big amounts and bracelet is on hand!
 CALICUL05/06/2019 08:13:49 GMT
6 players and all from United States. Many Wsop final tables for this player and this time he was lucky for him. Ambition matters a lot because he did not win coins for a good period of time and when he had the opportunity he played very well. A real talent.
 pajalnick05/06/2019 11:06:12 GMT
It is very nice to be at the final table of a cool tournament .... But of course the best impression of the Victory in this tournament .... and finally he managed it .... if you try for a long time to succeed ... he does it proved .... My congratulations on the first victory .... Perhaps this is the beginning of a series of victories
 bowie198406/06/2019 22:58:58 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
and finally he managed it .... if you try for a long time to succeed ... he does it proved .... My congratulations on the first victory .... Perhaps this is the beginning of a series of victories

Mixed Triple Draw is really that novel of a pokerplay that not many players doing it regularly, should be easier to beat the field here than in hold'em...
 CALICUL08/06/2019 10:29:08 GMT
A mixed game is something, but triple mixed you will probably have to watch when it changes on a different game. Not all players have the focus to play this game but i hink it is not very difficult. Everything is to understand this game and to play with much concentration.
 Sandmanilo08/06/2019 11:03:37 GMT
Congratulations to Daniel Zack for his first WSOP win, it's a common situation in tournaments when you are not doing so well until the final table and then manage to win it. Hopefully he'll be doing great in his next tourneys.
 Mober08/06/2019 11:25:23 GMT
You cant say that the buy in was that high, but with this variation,it was normal
the participation to be that low.
Not a choice of many.
And again the winners list, for one more time is full with players from usa.
Black friday or not, they are still dominating the lists...
 CALICUL13/06/2019 13:31:32 GMT
Players in Sua dominate the lists for one reason. WSOP 50th anniversary had to be done through multiple satellites in poker rooms, for all their tournaments. This has not happened and for this reason the list is smaller. It is not right and they did not think about how to attract more players.
 Sandmanilo13/06/2019 14:24:32 GMT
As far as WSOP is held in Las Vegas, no wonder that the majority of players present that country. Also the trip to the US is not cheap for most people in the world, as well as travel expenses and buy-ins. 888 poker, and probably other rooms for years are running satellites for this amazing series, but number of participants there is relatively small.
 pajalnick13/06/2019 20:37:08 GMT
Of course, this kind of poker games are not as popular as for example Hold'em or Omaha .... But if you learn to play this game well, you can achieve great success .... because the game is quite exclusive and therefore there are chances to win something big or interesting .... there were very few players .... Therefore, sometimes non-popular games are much better than popular
 CALICUL15/06/2019 15:20:17 GMT
This is about simplicity. If the countries that have free circulation with Sua or where the entry visa would not last so long, then things would be much faster and more players on World Series Of Poker. Poker rooms could make more satellites but they did not think of a good strategy. One year is enough to bring a lot of players in WSOP.

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