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partypoker Closes 67 More Bot Accounts in June 2019; $24,257 and €8,888 Seized

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Posted on 11 July 2019 by "T".

In a continuous effort to enforce fairness and security for all players on the site, partypoker revealed that it has successfully closed 67 more ‘bot' accounts in June 2019 as well as they seized $24,257 and €8,888 to be redistributed to players.

There were 63 dotcom (.com) accounts closed during June 2019 and in the process the partypoker Poker Fraud Team seized $24,257 in player balances, in which will be redistributed to affected dotcom players.

Meanwhile on the same month, the fraud team discovered and closed 4 rogue doteu (.eu) accounts coming from their European-based sites, and in the process they seized €8,888 in associated funds.

Some of the closures were thanks to players who reported these suspicious bots.

partypoker strives to continue in maintaining the safety of its players, and so a specialist poker fraud team was created, composed of a group of former poker pros whose main role is to investigate suspicious activity and help partypoker in kicking out these dodgy accounts. The website promises to update their valued players regarding the account closures they make every month.

Team partypoker pro Patrick Leonard said, "Two years ago it wouldn't have been possible, but after seeing the security department first hand, the team working there and the tools they are using, I'm very confident now that they can tackle people trying to play against the rules. In my opinion it isn't worth somebody trying to bend the rules because, in the words of Liam Neeson: ‘They will find you, they will catch you and they will.. ban you!'

Suspicious activity has many faces. It can be a collusion between two or more players, or it could be somebody using bots or other illegal software designed to give players an unfair advantage.

partypoker players noticing the suspicious gameplay of such accounts are encouraged to report it to partypoker's fraudster team at [email protected] partypoker promises to investigate all incidents reported.



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16 comments on "partypoker Closes 67 More Bot Accounts in June 2019; $24,257 and €8,888 Seized"

 dule-vu11/07/2019 13:27:01 GMT
we can see that party poker continue to clear all bots from their company and to back lot of money to players that have lost against this kind of "players"!its good that they do this thing and every month they clear their software from this players!nice move from party poker!
 Mober11/07/2019 14:15:08 GMT
The party goes on in partypoker Smile It is still a big number this 67,
considering we are talking for one month only.
Their staff must be working like crazy, preventing all these accounts from running.
From one point of view, you know they are doing whatever they can to ban them,
from the other though, it makes you wonder as a player, if your opponent is real or not...
 pajalnick11/07/2019 16:20:29 GMT
of course this is great news ..... you need to clear the ranks of the players from the scammers .... interestingly the figure of 8888 euros was withdrawn from the accounts .... somehow they managed to reach this interesting figure .... I hope that there will be scammers at PartyPoker less and less .... and the money will be returned to those people who fell under the influence of these scammers
 Serpang12/07/2019 03:29:32 GMT
Will be better if PP also explain what kind is suspicious activity so that we recognize when we play there are something suspicious or not and we can help them with report. I don't play there but maybe useful for me when play at other site. So far I didn't find it...or I am so stupid about that Sad Sad Sad Sad and no information about that from others site, even PS.
 copyyy2k12/07/2019 09:44:10 GMT
No problem they are gonna go on 888poker/Pokerstars to earn some free money Smile
 CALICUL12/07/2019 13:12:13 GMT
This is the third thread in a relatively short time in which bots are caught because Party Poker a war started with these criminals, who is trying to play with illegal programs. I hope to catch everyone if possible for there to play the right people.
 TheMachineQC12/07/2019 13:54:24 GMT
I wonder how people come up with all the fake names, addresses, proofs ect. it takes to create fake accounts and withdraw money. It must be very time consuming for these guys to rob us of a couple of dollars. Surely they would make more if they just went to work but they're too dumb to see that. I'm sure it all happened to us without knowing because they are on every sites, colluding or botting.

Scammers are thieves. People that lack empathy and weren't raised well by their mothers basically.

GL on the tables!!
 Mober12/07/2019 14:42:16 GMT
We havent seen that many announcements from any other site regarding this matter.
There are not bots in the other sites, or they are doing nothing at all with them.
If this is happening in party, imagine what can be happening in smaller rooms,
where they probably dont have means to deal with the subject.
 bowie198412/07/2019 15:03:57 GMT
Posted by copyyy2k:
No problem they are gonna go on 888poker/Pokerstars to earn some free money Smile

There are still thousands upon thousands of them out there on party, don't worry - they all been bought from the same russian bot factory on the darkweb.
 damosk14/07/2019 08:00:22 GMT
This is a huge challenge but i don't see any other sites promoting how many bots they have found and disposed of. This appears to be good marketing from PartyPoker, firstly acknowledging that they have a problem, but more importantly that they are actively doing something about it. PartyPoker really seem to be working for the good guys to clean up their site and make poker fair for the masses. Well done PartyPoker.
 erru910714/07/2019 08:40:51 GMT
This is certainly a good thing. I'm sure there are at least 1000 times more bots still out there, but at least this shows that they take it seriously and are actively working on shutting these bots down. Good for them, hope they keep it up!
 dule-vu14/07/2019 12:13:25 GMT
yeah,probably there are lot of them still,but at least they doing something to clear their software and to remove all of them!maybe isnt big number,this 67 bots accounts,but if they will remove this number every month,party poker will be better place for playing!
 CALICUL14/07/2019 13:16:25 GMT
I do not even know how they can withdraw that money but i would like like all the poker rooms from the world to forbid totally transferring money between players. In this way many people who use bots will lose the chances to transfer funds to other accounts. Smile
 Mober14/07/2019 14:36:31 GMT
When they are finding out that someone is using a bot, dont you think they are checking
all their transactions? Not much of a difference there, if they can make transfers
from player to player.
From the moment they can verify their accounts, they will be able to cash out until
they get caught.
 pajalnick14/07/2019 20:55:04 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
I do not even know how they can withdraw that money but i would like like all the poker rooms from the world to forbid totally transferring money between players. In this way many people who use bots will lose the chances to transfer funds to other accounts. Smile

I think the transfer of money between players is generally very wrong ..... because if for example some hackers could enter my account, they can transfer all my money to my account .... And after I see it I doubt very much that I will be able to return this money .... Therefore, it is very risky to keep money on the poker room account
 CALICUL15/07/2019 13:38:57 GMT
In Romania after online poker has been legalized in 2016 i noticed such as Pokerstars, 888 Poker, Full Tilt, NetBet and another Romanian poker room they have forbidden the transfer of money between the players. We do not have this option neither now and it's very good. This rule has to be imposed all over the world.

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