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2019 WSOP Event #73: $10,000 Main Event won by Hossein Ensan for $10 Million

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Posted on 17 July 2019 by "T".

After 10 grueling days of around 12 hours per day of play, a winner has now emerged in Event #73: $10,000 NLHE Main Event - World Championship of the 2019 WSOP at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

With a buy-in of $10,000 and the player entries reaching 8,569 in total, the entire prizepool built up $80,548,600, with the last man standing to get the lion's share of a whopping $10 million!

Day 10 of the Main Event was won by Hossein Ensan, a 55-year-old German poker pro whose biggest cash prior to his $10 million windfall was for placing 3rd in the €5,300 NLHE EPT Main Event in 2014 for €652,667 ($860,091).

The chip leader for Days 7, 8, 9 and 10 (starting from the final table of 9 until the final day), Ensan maintained his massive lead and tightened his grip even more on the position, and when it's time for three-handed play, he was holding 63% of the chips.

It took him around 9 hours to be able to claim the Main Event title and the $10 million cash prize. He defeated both Alex Livingston and then Dario Sammartino across almost 200 hands of play.

He described the experience of overcoming a field of 8,569 in just one word, "unbelievable."

Ensan said with a big smile after the event, "It is the best feeling I have in all my life. I am so happy I am here with bracelet in hand."

Ensan said about Sammartino after the event, "Dario is a friend of mine. He's a very good player. But short-handed you need cards. You need hands, and for sure luck. And luck and hands were on my side. Otherwise, I'd be runner up."

The final hand was played just before 1:30am local time on Wednesday morning. It took hours of heads-up play to determine a winner between Dario Sammartino and Hossein Ensan: 

Hossein Ensan's winner interview:


2019 WSOP Event #73: $10,000 NLHE Main Event - Final Table Results






Hossein Ensan




Dario Sammartino




Alex Livingston




Garry Gates




Kevin Maahs




Zhen Cai




Nick Marchington




Timothy Su




Milos Skrbic




Robert Heidorn




Here are the past 10 Main Event champions of the WSOP

This is only Ensan's third time to cash in at the WSOP, and the 2019 Main Event is the first time he has ever made it to the final table. His total WSOP earnings are worth $10,003,276.

This is the second time a German player has won the Main Event, and Ensan is the oldest Main Event champion to be crowned in 20 years (Noel Furlong was 61 years old when he won in 1999).



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12 comments on "2019 WSOP Event #73: $10,000 Main Event won by Hossein Ensan for $10 Million"

 Mober17/07/2019 13:14:48 GMT
Another wsop is over with new millionaires.
The player that won the first place, cant say he had any impressive wins so far,
not that, that third place for almost 700k euro is a bad one of course Smile
And from the ten players in the final table, only four of the were from the usa.
 dule-vu17/07/2019 14:34:09 GMT
another WSOP main event is finished and even its not record main event in history,its still one of biggest with number of players and prizes that players got!its 50th main event and thats why it was so special!
I can just imagine that feeling when after so many days you finish on first place with 10 millions in pocket!congratulations to all winners!
 pajalnick17/07/2019 23:08:04 GMT
Well, in general, it happened exactly what was supposed to happen .... Chip Leader won this tournament .... but it seemed to me that the player who occupied the second place was not very far behind and could impose the fight for the champion title .... but Apparently this person had a card that day was not very happy and as a result Chip Leader became another millionaire .... $ 10 million This is of course very cool
 CALICUL19/07/2019 13:32:33 GMT
I did not want the German player to win this prize but he has proven that he is a very good player and has managed not to lose all chips in front of other players. He defeated and managed to become a great champion. Almost 200 hands play in 3 players demonstrates that it is not easy and poker is a sophisticated game. Congratulations to the Champion of the WSOP 2019.
 dule-vu20/07/2019 11:48:20 GMT
even it was 50th main event and everybody expected that will be record number of players,it wasnt case!still it was second best number of players and they had also 10 million for first prize!dont know will interest for main event grow up in next years or maybe be lower then in last years!
 pajalnick20/07/2019 12:47:44 GMT
interesting cards with which he was able to win ... these are Two kings that is a pretty cool card .... usually with the final distribution of cards a person wins with some not very interesting hand ... but here Two kings of course confirmed his unconditional Victory in this tournament ... a cool tournament ... a great ending .... very interesting
 CALICUL20/07/2019 13:38:42 GMT
Yeah. You have to be lucky in some situations, and this is happening rarely or often for certain tournament winners. I think this German which is not German and has been a chip leader long time worth to win this tournament. He knew to protect his stack and won. This is a good skill...
 bowie198420/07/2019 14:45:16 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
I did not want the German player to win this prize but he has proven that he is a very good player and has managed not to lose all chips in front of other players.

I am not sure what his nationality has to do with poker.
 CALICUL21/07/2019 14:07:24 GMT
Maybe Hossein Ensan is upset because has not been presented and with its true origin. Some people do that and even if he lives in another country with the citizenship of that country, for them it matters to be recognized as their ,,true origin''. I think many of us know that. The thing is that: i did not refer only to this thing in that comment.
 dule-vu21/07/2019 14:46:54 GMT
it same thing how people live in america or they are born there,but they are from whole world and they dont even have papers other then american and dont go in their countries from where their fathers are!so this case can be with this player,no matter that his name say that he is not german!
 CALICUL22/07/2019 14:17:23 GMT
We must not insist on this point of view. It's just an opinion and it was mixed up among my other opinions in that commentary. He knows best what he likes to be because some persons prefer to give up forever to the old citizenship. Anyway, he did a great game and beat a group of over 8,000 players.
 Tony_MON7ANA15/09/2019 07:48:54 GMT
$10 million lump sum is great, of course, but I would prefer $1 million a year for 10 years. I am not assessing the future value of money using inflation rates here.

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