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partypoker's Latest Promotion will Have You Hoping for a Bad Beat!

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Posted on 24 July 2019 by "T".

Bad beats in poker are awesome to witness but absolutely no one would want to be at the losing end of that situation. The simplest description of a bad beat is when a poker hand that is a favorite to win initially, suddenly loses to an underdog hand that catches up and surprisingly beats it.

While getting a bad beat will certainly ruin any poker player's day, you may be welcoming that scenario to happen to you just this time only with this nice offer - partypoker's latest promotion will be awarding the lucky winner a $109 MILLIONS Online satellite seat!

The bad beat promotion is running now and it will ensure that you're rewarded for enduring a bad beat in any POWERFEST-related tournament. All games you choose are valid so whether you are playing at No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Progressive Bounty tournaments, satellites, SPINS, or any of the POWERFEST events, in the event you get a bad beat you will have a chance of receiving a $109 MILLIONS Online satellite ticket.

When you lose with at least four-of-kind-deuces , tweet a screenshot of it on partypoker's official Twitter account using the hashtags #BadBeat and #MILLIONSOnline. Their social media team will peruse through each entry and see which one had the worst bad beat of the day, and that poor but ‘eventually lucky' soul shall be awarded a $109 MILLIONS Online Satellite ticket.

MILLIONS Online is partypoker's biggest, richest online poker tournament of the year. It is like the online version of the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS tour. With a buy-in of $10,300 and a massive guaranteed prize pool of $20 million, the 2019 MILLIONS Online is a tournament no poker player would ever want to miss.

Bad Beat Terms & Conditions

  • The Bad Beat promotion (called "the promotion here on in) is only open to partypoker customers with real money accounts.
  • The promotion runs daily from 00:00 CEST to 23:59 CEST. The winner will be chosen the following day and informed via Twitter.
  • Only POWERFEST events, satellites, and SPINS are eligible for this promotion
  • Players must lose with four-of-a-kind twos or better to qualify for the promotion.
  • Players must tweet at partypoker on Twitter with a screenshot of their bad beat, including the hashtags #MILLIONSOnline and #BadBeat.
  • The worst bad beat, determined by standard hand rankings, will receive a $109 MILLIONS Online satellite ticket.
  • In the event of a tie, partypoker will award all winners a $109 MILLIONS Online Satellite ticket.
  • Tickets won will have an expiry date. No cash alternative is available.
  • partypoker reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion with no prior notice.
  • The decision of the partypoker management team is final.
  • Standard partypoker terms and conditions apply.


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11 comments on "partypoker''s Latest Promotion will Have You Hoping for a Bad Beat!"

 CALICUL24/07/2019 14:24:18 GMT
I am not a player who accepts this. I do not get along with the situation because if it counts the number of bad beats i received is much higher to what i won. The scenario has happened too often for me in the past and because of this i quit playing in other room with many bad beats.
 Mober24/07/2019 14:34:41 GMT
If you think how hard it is to get a bad beat, then the prize they are giving is not that big.
A progressive jackpot is always better, but they may have one already.
The tournament of course is a big one, so you may end up, winning big money
from the actual game. That if you manage to get the itcket from the satellite Smile
 dule-vu25/07/2019 08:30:48 GMT
they try to make so many promotions for players and to find different ways to award players even when they lose money!maybe this want be big amount for some players,but if some play on low buy in-s get something like this and who what can make from this 109 $ ticket!
 pajalnick25/07/2019 14:59:09 GMT
I have seen such promotions in other poker rooms and now PartyPoker also decided to hold this promotion .... Of course, when you have the best hand from the start and you hope to win it is very sad When you end up losing ... this prize Certainly very good help such situations .... It is probably good that PartyPoker is conducting such a promotion
 Mober27/07/2019 12:46:57 GMT
Besides the facte that they do not award any money for the bad beat,
like other sites do with the jackpot, they have a limitation in the games where
you can get one and be eligible for it. Powerfest, satellites and spins.
So probably the ones playing spins, will have more chances for one.
 CALICUL27/07/2019 14:33:48 GMT
There ( in online poker ) are players who win more hands with bad beats and they have an exaggerated luck. Why they are lucky and many players are not lucky? When this happens, you can no longer trust in the fairness of these games. For me, i have no luck very often to beat the players with bad beats and and i am part of the group of players, who do not have this bizarre luck. Hmmm.
 Mober28/07/2019 13:28:16 GMT
Do you call a bad beat luck. You can say that when there is a side prize to it.
Unless there is it is just bad luck.
And after that it depends on what the prize for the bad beat is.
If it something less than the hand you just lost, its silly. Better
Like in this case with the tickets.
 CALICUL29/07/2019 16:19:02 GMT
All players who win with absurd cards after the turn and the river, they have a great luck. Bad luck is only who lose with bad beat. Unfortunately, for me i'm a part of the grup who lose with bad beats. I have no luck on the turn and on the river in important situations. It's online poker where i'm not favored, as other players...
 pajalnick29/07/2019 18:49:58 GMT
In my poker career there were very different results .... there were games when I won initially with the worst hand and in the end I was lucky and I won .... but there were also opposite cases when I initially counted on Victory But one ridiculous card that turned out to be on the table I spoiled the whole holiday .... therefore, a similar promotion of course will please some of those who lost initially winning
 bowie198401/08/2019 16:52:02 GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
I have seen such promotions in other poker rooms and now PartyPoker also decided to hold this promotion .... Of course, when you have the best hand from the start and you hope to win it is very sad When you end up losing ...

That is not what they call a 'bad beat'.
 gufra2006/08/2019 03:21:36 GMT
This promotion is great. Although I do not understand that of losing with 2 or 4 of its kind. Losing with a bad beat and ending up playing a super tournament is something expetacular. That's why, as I said before, the promotions that Party Poker has are excellent and its million-dollar prizes tournaments too Good luck to you all See you at the tables...

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