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Win a Share of €1M in the Irish Poker Masters Main Event at partypoker for just 1 Cent

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Posted on 19 October 2020 by "T".

The 2020 partypoker LIVE Irish Poker Masters was supposed to take place at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, but this time it has been moved to the online stage.

The massive €1 million guaranteed Irish Poker Masters Main Event will kick off on December 6. Get the chance to win your way in to the €1,100 buy-in tournament for as little as 1 cent!

Irish Poker Masters Main Event at partypoker


Time (CET)


December 6 (Sun)


IMP #02 Irish Poker Masters Main Event Day 1A

December 13 (Sun)


IMP #02 Irish Poker Masters Main Event Day 1b

December 14 (Mon)


IMP #02 Irish Poker Masters Main Event Day 2

December 15 (Tue


IMP #02 Irish Poker Masters Main Event Final Day

  • Buy-in: €1,100
  • Satellites available!

The Irish Poker Masters Main Event is going to be great - it has limited late registration, only two starting flights, and one re-entry allowed on both Day 1s. This means everyone has a good chance to at least make it into the money places, as it does not give advantage to those who can afford to buy-in multiple times.

Win Your Way into the Irish Poker Masters Main Event for Just 1 Cent!

The Irish Poker Masters satellites kick off from October 17, with buy-ins starting from a humble $0.01.

All Irish Poker Masters Main Event satellites are phased tournaments. They have buy-ins ranging from $0.01, €1.10 and €11. You can buy into any of the phases, which feed into a weekly final, but there's no direct buy-in to those finals.

This means the most anyone will pay to win their €1,100 Irish Poker Masters Main Event seat is just €11!

The daily Centrolls guarantee to award at least 10x €1.10 Phase 1 tickets.

Phase 1s run daily and last for 18 levels. Have even just a single chip in front of you at this point and you progress to the next available Phase 2.

These Phase 2s last for 22-levels. Make it through here and you'll be playing in the weekly final, which take place every Saturday, where 10 Irish Poker Masters Main Event seats wait to be won.

You can play in as many Phases as you like, but can only take your largest stack through to the next phase if you progress more than once.

Use Tournament Dollars to Buy In to the Main Event

You can also win tournament dollars and spend them on the Irish Poker Masters Main Event buy-in. Tournament Dollar satellites play like any other tournament except they payout in tournament dollars instead of currency and seat. These tournament dollars can be used to buy into any partypoker tournament, giving you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to choosing what and when to play.


Tournament Name


Tournament Dollar Sat: $10 GTD


Tournament Dollar Sat: $20 GTD


Tournament Dollar Sat: $50 GTD


Tournament Dollar Sat: $100 GTD


Tournament Dollar Sat: $200 GTD


Tournament Dollar Sat: $500 GTD


Tournament Dollar Sat: $1K GTD

Grab your chance to get a share of a prize pool guaranteed at least €1 million with just 1 cent!


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17 comments on "Win a Share of €1M in the Irish Poker Masters Main Event at partypoker for just 1 Cent"

 dule-vu19/10/2020 10:10:43 GMT
more and more things are moved or closed because of this situation with corona and as we can see they already know that they need to have online tournament in december and that anything live cant be done!they are sure that we will have it for months and who know what new restrictions we will have!probably anything live,like football games,concerts and other things will be without people or will be canceled!
 CALICUL19/10/2020 20:52:45 GMT
Again satellites starting at the tiny sum of one cent. What a beautiful feeling it would be if we could qualify with 3-4 dollars for a 1100 euro tournament. The important thing is to play. You must achieve this beautiful ticket because it can be beneficial.
 antonis32120/10/2020 00:09:59 GMT
With this corona virus crisis many tournaments and live series of tournaments heve been played and run/hosted online , this also will take place on partypoker , the same as some others . It seems many phases and sats will take place and give the players the chance to win their seat very cheap, that's very nice , to keep the balance in your bankroll .
 geseco1220/10/2020 05:32:09 GMT
big tournaments at partypoker we play more for coronavirus, well something positive in this world tragedy.
 dule-vu20/10/2020 13:11:30 GMT
everything that is live,no matter poker,football,concerts are in big problems!we can see every day in news that some country made decision to close some city or whole country or not to allow people to go in pubs or restaurants!
its same as for game in europe league in thursday between napoli and az!az have big problems with corona and napoli as city dont want to allow them to come in their city!who know what will be next game that they will cancel!
 CALICUL21/10/2020 07:52:20 GMT
I don't agree with you because we don't play for Coronavirus and this is not a world tragedy... because it is a big lie. I said that several months ago, and we must be realistic to see the truth. More than that we must to play more poker... if governments have brought this offense which is called covid 19 on us. Good luck, guys
 Rogerio1023/10/2020 11:12:38 GMT
Haha for 1 cent this online tournaments are getting crazy becouse of almost nothing big is playing live now. And i always like those satelitels and story how some amaterus from few bucks satellite bink his one timer. Gl if everyone is playing.
 dule-vu23/10/2020 18:41:05 GMT
its worth to invest biggest amount on this satellites,this 11 e and to try to win this main prize for main event!if you need to start from just 0,01 $,then you will need lot of time and nervs and probably you will play 100 of them and who know till where you will get!invest this amount,if you want to play on this kind of big tournament and maybe you will win main package!
 antonis32123/10/2020 19:37:56 GMT
It will take place on December 6th online on Partypoker , and not in Dublin this time due to this virus crisis , so players have a lot of time to play satellites and qualify very cheap for this event . You can use tournament dollar , or play phase satellites starting from one cent and you progress from one phase tourney to the other if you have chips when you reach the final level of he phase tourney , easy enough and entertaining procedure , and as I said there is a lot of time for the players to play poker for this event until the Day 1 flight begin Smile
 CALICUL24/10/2020 10:41:32 GMT
Play guys, because big tournaments are a phenomenal chance to win bigger money. Small games do not offer this possibility and if we do not take advantage when necessary it is a sin. I like something like that but don't qualify there ( only 109 or 215 dollars very rarely ).
 antonis32128/10/2020 22:21:25 GMT
It will be a good opportunity and result if a recreational and novice player gets his seat very cheap through one of the many sats that run , with the buy ins very low . The starting flights are scheduled for the December , so there is a lot of time until then for everyone to try his luck . Good luck everyone Smile
 CALICUL29/10/2020 21:48:11 GMT
You must to invest a few dollars per week with satellites, because in the end main goal is for play tournaments where is good money. When there is no possibility to buy directly, then second variant is this excellent opportunity.
 antonis32102/11/2020 13:35:53 GMT
Yes , a player with a very good knowledge of NLH , or very big bankroll and monehy or no time to wasgt for tourneys , will not play all these phases starting from the centrolls . He will play the last or the pre-last phase or sat or even register directly at the $1.100 tourney to be qualified for the Final Day .

But foe smaller bankroll players , or smaller grinders , novice players , freeroll players ,micro players , phases and sats are very important , It's for the best in the poker ecosystem to have tnhe nano stakes , but only to feed the upper stakes with more money and increase the prizepools for everyone . in my opinion ofcourse . That means to feet tickets for upper , higher buy in tournaments or sngs .

So , there are these $T tournaments , but they begin from $1 , I thing they should start even from 0.10$. Now they have added some tickets starting from that price , that's in the right right direction , so that more try to build their bankroll , or plauyers that lose or lose a lot , to keep on trying to start again their attempts to win sth . To most 0.10$ is a rediculous amount , but I think I think its good for the ecosystem. The same as the freerolls . As long as they feed the higher buyin games as $T or as tickets (888poker does this with the step tickets for very long time successfully )
 dule-vu02/11/2020 19:33:56 GMT
I know that lot of players will try luck on small satellites,but if you can invest something,its much better to start from bigger levels!you will lose so much time on this small tournaments,where people will play on every card that they got,because they dont have much to lose and you will have all in hands on silly hands!
nobody say that you will win for sure something on bigger amounts,but you will avoid lot of donks!
 CALICUL03/11/2020 12:46:09 GMT
It is important to create a chance and try something beautiful, even if is very difficult because professional players do not increase your stack too much. Sometimes miracles can happen and after that you make a very good tournament.
 geseco1210/11/2020 05:13:45 GMT
Satellites play an important role in games it helps to be playing with little money it helps those who are just starting out in poker, well big prizes are played and that is fun because there is more excitement and adrenaline because the pot is big, but we must always participate to be enjoying those games with great players.
 CALICUL10/11/2020 23:01:28 GMT
Satellites always play an important role, because you don't invest too much. This detail is very important. The second is to qualify and third to hit. Players should to keep in mind this thing and sign up more. Will be good for all who catch places.

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