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partypoker Boosted Daily Legends Extended until November 5

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Posted on 23 October 2020 by "K".

If you want to gain great value from your tournament session, then look no more, as Boosted Daily Legends has been made just for you!

Over $164,000 given away last week and partypoker is extending this promo until November 5th!

The tournament action continues at partypoker and they’re ramping it up even further with a full month of boosted tournaments!

Boosted Daily Legends by partypoker

  • Duration: September 24 to October 22, 2020 – extended until November 5!

  • Mechanics: Play one of their selected ‘Daily Legends' with a buy-in of $5.50 or more, for the chance to land an additional daily reward. Players could be rewarded for the first tournament they finish playing every day.

  • Prizes:

  1. $1,000 Daily Freeroll ticket

  2. $5,000 Weekly Freeroll ticket

  3. Over $900,000 worth of Daily Legends tournament tickets

How to Join

First things first, sign up for a partypoker account through The BankrollMob.

After that, you simply fire up the partypoker client on your computer or mobile app, and register for one or more of the Boosted Daily Legends.

Daily Legends tournaments include: The Flash, The HeadHunter, The Magnificent 7, The Target, The Blade, The Terminator, The Predator, The Triple Barrel, The Gladiator, The Magnificent 77, The Masters, The Five Diamond, The Clásico, The Ocean's, The Mini One Shot: or any “super” variation of these tournaments. Always check their site as eligible tournaments might be added or removed.

After you’ve finished playing in your first Daily Legends tournament each day, you’ll receive a message telling you whether you’ve won a prize.

partypoker is Home of MTTs

At partypoker, there are more chances of finishing in-the-money as they provide quality, authentic tournaments.

Also, Boosted Daily Legends give a little extra, but all their Daily Legends tournaments give you better chance of finishing in the money. Here's how:

No HUDs or bots: partypoker's strict policy on HUDs and the elimination of bots means the only tool they can rely on is their own brain.

Limited late registration: Limiting late registration means value hunters can't jump in right at the climax point and try to sneak their way into the money after you've been grinding away at the tables.

Limited re-entries: Limited re-entries also mean you no longer have to face opponents who can afford multiple buy-ins. Thus, everyone has equal, limited chances as the next player.

There has never been a better time to play MTTs - Good luck at the tables!


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16 comments on "partypoker Boosted Daily Legends Extended until November 5"

 dule-vu23/10/2020 18:23:29 GMT
party poker know how to use their chance and to offer players something that they play a lot!now they see how it is big success with this promotion and they will offer until 5th november and probably players love this kind of system and tournaments where you earn tickets again on this kind of gtd tournaments!nice that they follow and listen players!
 Rogerio1024/10/2020 07:53:59 GMT
Nice promotions. Maybe i will try some micro mtt's, didnt use my one time in a while now Big Smile.I am glad to see that party poker is getting more and more promos to their players. With right managment and a software improvment i think they can grow even bigger.
 antonis32124/10/2020 23:20:58 GMT
It was a matter of time to take this decision , it seemed to be one of the best promotions , giving away free tickets , free chances to the players to win a part of many juicy prizepools , as for ex the Sunday's Headhunter's tourney or the terminator's tourney . They extended it for 2 weeks more , so players can win more tickets now . Good luck everyone
 CALICUL25/10/2020 14:24:36 GMT
very interesting this promotion offered by Party Poker for its customers. You have the chance to win something beautiful and after that for trying to earn a lot. I believe that this poker room should be used by us with great confidence.
 antonis32128/10/2020 22:36:07 GMT
An extra rakeback , players that play many tournaments are going to love it . I think only one ticket you can get as a gift each day and maybe one freeroll ticket if you fail to win with the gifted Boosted Daily Legends ticket , but I am not sure , I remember the $22 ticket I got it when I was busted when I played the ticket $5.5 they had gifted me some days before , the same moment , instead of a daily legends freeroll ticket , they gave me the $22 ticket , so you don't have to play with your own money , you can also play with the ticket they give you and they might give you one more if you bust early , or didn't it happen that way ?? Oh man , I do not remember well , hahahhaha , memodrin 750mg twice per day suggested by the doc , lol Smile

 dule-vu28/10/2020 23:41:47 GMT
so you played tournament with 5,5 $ ticket which was gift and then after you lost it,they gave you another ticket,but this time with even bigger value?thats strange promotion from them,but on other hand great for you,that they give second chance for players and this time with even bigger ticket!
 CALICUL29/10/2020 22:20:40 GMT
Another week to play because it's ''so funny''. Party Poker is great and has good things for its customers, but that doesn't matter so much... if we don't make good money in every year. Now it remains to be seen what you will do in games and promotions of this room. Good luck
 antonis32131/10/2020 20:00:11 GMT
I guess when I win and I go for withdrawal , they will say we have to detuct minus 50$ for the gifted tickets mr antonis , lol , man , just imagine these gifts in the real world , to go somewhere in your employee's wife's birthday , to buy her a birthday gift , then to detuct it from the wager of he husband , lol , just kidding . If you play poker a lot , you wager money , so no problem , also you don;t need to play these tickets ,thes are some extra rake back as I see it , if you want you take it , if you don'y , you leave them and they expire , or am I wrong ???
 CALICUL01/11/2020 10:10:55 GMT
From my point of view everything is going well for Party Poker and with this formidable series he has shown that is able to climb in top. Now the question is: how long will it take until they reach on number 1 in the world? There is good professionalism and it's very nice.
 antonis32102/11/2020 13:00:33 GMT
It is 4 more days for this great promotion , then it's over I guess , I don't think they 'll give another extension , so players have 4 more days to get extra great value and cashback , especially I repeat players that play a lot many games tournaments .

By the way , speaking of PartyPoker tournaments , not relative to Boosted Dalily Legends , I had Aces BU , 20 blinds , he had 66 15 blinds UTG+! , 7min blinds deep ITM , blinds increase in 2 min , he shoves 66 , I say to call or to reshove my 20 bigs , I reshove , 6 on the flop , set , my Aces cracked . I remembered AK reshove , AA just call , lol . Later I gain with flips again a stack , . I had 44 with 14 blinds MP+! , I didn't shove , later I was blinded out in this 7min $1 tournament . Fate .

I waish they bring a bad beat or bad luck legends promotion , awarding tickets for these occasions , that you lose and get busted with KK or AA or QQ very close ITM or FT , lol , that I wouls like very much ,(maybe all players , why not ???Or imagine a gift for stack suckouts to stupid hands like this that I mentioned before , my AA to 66 set , let's say a 0.11$ sat ticket , it's sthfrom nothing , why not ??lol
 CALICUL03/11/2020 13:23:24 GMT
I like it when the poker rooms offer something free and beautiful for his customers, because they made wager with that rewards. In this way have many chances to win something good. Sites has commissions of wager/games and some players won money with that gifts.
 antonis32103/11/2020 21:09:22 GMT
Yes gifts are always welcomed by plyers , extra money back , rakeback , extra opportunities , sometimes completely fre without wagering conditions (rarely ) . I have liked the clicked daily cards in partypoker/bwin , the bonuses I get from the wheell on 888poker , specifically the casino bonus which I like to wager , but last time I failed to stop and continued and lost the profits , lol .
 dule-vu04/11/2020 13:24:56 GMT
party poker always have something new for players or at least some bonus that you earn just with your regular play!new leaderobards also give chance to get extra money if you are on top!but their promotion section is never empty,no matter how they boost their promotions and how they keep players on site!
 CALICUL04/11/2020 15:00:47 GMT
Tomorrow is the last day of promotion and you have to watch for next one... that will come this month or in December. Party Poker has a good year and there is no need for contradiction, because things are clear. That's how it works.
 antonis32105/11/2020 11:44:46 GMT

It'salways nice to bring sth new for the players , a new promotion , a new offer ,a new opportunity to make some extra money , I look forawrd to the new offer that aregoing to bring this new month , I am sure it will be awesome ,and on December as well , the best best month of the year must have the best promotuonof the year Smile I see they have some good sats in the micros for some of their tourneys , I have started playing them, have to improve a little my shove fold decisions lol , but they have good guaranteed tickets especially the 20 or 30 tickets guaranteed for the Jab sat , but also the 10 GTD tickets for the Monster series , the target tournament has very good prizepool it worth the money , I have started playing them , good luck eveyone Smile
 CALICUL05/11/2020 15:40:42 GMT
One thing is for sure: we can win some money if have the opportunity to play in Party Poker. Unfortunately, some of us don't have it and it's a shame because can't play in a big room. Promotions and games are good but they have to re-enter in certain countries.

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