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Former Valet becomes Regular Poker Winner at partypoker

Posted on 28 October 2020 by "K".

For those who decided to try becoming a professional poker player, they will find that partypoker is the best place to be for first timers.

Let’s take a look at this budding player, Raphael Eduardo de Paula – he has experienced the finest moments of his short career as a professional poker player over the past week. The Brazilian native, who turned professional just this February 2020 has enjoyed two wins within 48 hours. The second and biggest was from a partypoker Daily Legends event.

On October 16, playing under the alias “FueLLeduardo”, the grinder claimed a $1,554 prize for winning The Headhunter. This amount represents his career-best score so far.

Raphael, a native of Avaré (a small city in the State of São Paulo), currently plays low-stakes tournaments and affords an average buy-in of $4.87. Day in and day out, he grinds hard, in an attempt to make magical weeks like the one he just enjoyed become regular occurrences.

From being a Valet to a Winning Regular

About a year ago, Raphael dreamed of becoming a professional poker player, but he wasn’t sure if that could ever come true. Back then he worked as a valet in a parking lot, a modest job he is thankful for as it gave him some financial stability at a crucial time of his life.

At 27 years old, he was married to a woman named Thais, and together they have a two-year-old daughter to raise and lots of bills to pay at the end of every month. For him, starting a career in poker from scratch was indeed a difficult decision to make.

He said, “I realized that I really liked the game itself. I started playing some home games with friends and then I moved to the live circuit and got some cool results. I thought to myself: I can make it. But it was not an easy decision. I have financial commitments each month, but something told me that I could be really successful, and I still think I can.”

For someone who already has a stable job, it was not easy for Raphael to trade the stability and steady income for a life at the poker table playing tournaments, but still, he took a leap of faith and decided to become a grinder. At the beginning of 2020, he received an offer to play for Forex, a team specializing in developing new poker players.

He said, “I joined (Forex Team) in February 2020. They provided me with the best content, software, reviews and database analysis in addition to coaching services so I could be the best version of me and play my A-game. Without any doubt, the most remarkable moment of my career so far was being asked to join Forex. It showed me that I was on the right track”.

On the Right Track

In addition to getting chosen by the team, Raphael’s results over this past year show he is on the right track. Some of his impressive results at partypoker include victories in the Bounty Hunter $2.20 2K GTD for $325 in July, and one in the Powerfest 7.5K GTD in May for $802. His recent Headhunter win trumped those results.

These amounts of money may not look like a lot in the eyes of high-stakes rollers, but these are quite impressive achievements already for a humble beginner trying to develop his skills, to build a bankroll, and move up the various stakes.

Daily Routine

Thanks to diligent studying, Raphael has started out well during his first few months of playing professional poker. He dedicates more than 12 hours each day to grinding and studying in order to achieve these results.

He said, “I start the day by reviewing some specific spots that I had doubts about the previous day. We also have a few days during the week where we studying strategy, both in a group and individually. I work very hard.”

The Daily Legends schedule of tournaments, which have limited re-entry, reduced late registration and finish at a reasonable time, were designed to offer the best possible structure for budding players like Raphael who want to enjoy playing poker tournaments and to improve their game. Raphael is a big fan of MTTs and partypoker is definitely the best place for these!

“I have been playing all the Daily Legends regularly and there is not a single tournament I say is my favorite because I enjoy them all. With these new structures, every partypoker MTT is completely satisfying”.



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22 comments on "Former Valet becomes Regular Poker Winner at partypoker"

 dule-vu28/10/2020 23:27:25 GMT
this will be big promotion for party poker as site,because they will show to all new players how can anybody win by playing poker and no matter what job you have,that you can be good in poker!on other side I am glad that somebody who have hard life and who work this kind of job for his family,that he could find himself in poker and that he can earn more money that on regular job as valet!nice one raphael!
 CALICUL29/10/2020 22:32:16 GMT
I tried same thing 10 years ago after a year of training with free poker or low stakes tournaments. Pokerstars is one who shattered my dreams, because ''their style'' was too difficult when it offered cards for my opponents when they needed... Some players are lucky like this gambler, others are not but this is the fate.
 dule-vu30/10/2020 10:34:00 GMT
if he play poker so good,probably we will read great stories about this players and we can say that he is still young and that he learn a lot about poker!doesnt mean that he will great if he try poker on bigger stakes,but I just can wish him luck in his play and that he will earn enough money that he dont have to work jobs like this anymore!
 CALICUL30/10/2020 23:33:21 GMT
Professional poker may be more appropriate for him, if valet work was not so profitable. He knows best this thing and in some places you can easily make some dollars with your luggage and other times with games. Now it remains to be seen if he will last long as a pro with profit.
 dule-vu31/10/2020 12:34:26 GMT
now probably party poker will offer him some deal,to have better rake or to be in some team,because they see how he play,he win some amount and that he have future in poker with 27 years!he also must have some skills now,when he and his wife are sure that he can earn enough for his family,that they can live normally!
 CALICUL02/11/2020 12:20:47 GMT
Party Poker offers bonuses for each player according how much they he plays, because has a regulation of rake, bonus points and everything else. You must to be an ambassador there for some advantages. It is not normal for them to receive without giving or playing.
 antonis32105/11/2020 11:37:38 GMT
He succeeded and managed to have some good results , some winnings , some first positions , so he decided to leave from his previous job as a valet and start grinding daily at partypoker .
He is successfull ,why not . Headhunter tournament , ther he had his bigger win , I had played it some times , I also like it very much, I hope some day to win it as well , good luck everyone
 CALICUL05/11/2020 15:48:04 GMT
Even valets have brains to act accordingly and that made this man a professional player along with his achievements. There are many people who have a brilliant mind, but in real life they do not do well financially. Sometimes they have ability to succeed in life.
 antonis32106/11/2020 23:11:34 GMT
There in Brazil this amount of money is very good , amonthly salary the headshuntermoney he won some months salaries , I believe he has some other profits from online poker , who knows maybe also from online casino , these two things , poker and casino most of the times go together , , I can assume he saw his talent and capability to extract mo0ney from the prizepools of the partypoker tourneys or promotions cashback .
This is always the best way , to have a job and only if you see that you can make more or a lot more leave the job , or elsejust keep the job and play poker on your spare free time , een if this means very little poker and very few tourneys Smile And of course always very good bankroll management .
 CALICUL07/11/2020 18:11:56 GMT
Brazil has strong players from the online environment and dollars in South America have some value, because there is a lot of poverty. When you earn a good amount can get a whole life there, if you are modest of course. Anyway, this man plays well.
 antonis32108/11/2020 19:45:57 GMT
Yes Calicul , Brazil has indeed many good players , I do not understant the why , but the fact remains that they are very good in poker . And yes , definetely yes , dollars there have a lot of value , so winning the headshunter tournament , if it means 2 basic monthly salaries for my country Greece , for Brazil sure it means something more .
Anyway , he seems like a guy with a plan , not a gambler who leaves everything to luck/chance , I am sure he is a player with capabilities , he knows what he is doing , that's why he left his job , these winings are only the beginning , I am sure we will hear of him in the future Smile
 geseco1209/11/2020 00:21:11 GMT
The reward always comes after so much effort, also if you dedicate time and effort, and are disciplined, things will be given to you, study is always important, congratulations to the pro player, it is difficult but not impossible, always to give everything to poker ..
 CALICUL09/11/2020 22:50:46 GMT
I would like that these rewards to come online, but here is many dubious bad things. Software is much to your detriment... when play with others in advanced stages, or these bots. Two disadvantages ruin your chances of winning something good.
 antonis32110/11/2020 02:40:20 GMT
When you have a big win , like he had in the headhunter tournament , you havea big bankroll , you can pay some bills for 1-2 or more months , stress leaves you and you can focus on the game with strategy and bankroll management , so as to defeat other loose subordinate fish or to avoid a lot of losses vs other more skilled players or players with advanced programs and shove/fold charts . Cause stress leads to tilt , and tilt to bad decisions , for games or for life decisions .
 dule-vu10/11/2020 08:22:44 GMT
he had big stress because of playing poker,because if he leave job as valet,he isnt sure what money he will earn and what he will have for his child and wife!so it wasnt easy situation for him and must give him big respect because of this move!I am glad that he have now enough to play even on bigger level!
 antonis32111/11/2020 14:54:42 GMT
This stress is minimised or even overcomed , in my humble opinion , if you have a feling of how good you really are , player , and generally lol . So downswings , bad beats , coolers , will not terrorise you , making you to abandon poker , you know where you stand , and it's a matter of time results to come and prove your value . The results are coming for this player , so he has everything to know so as to try a change in his life . Good luck with it , may it prove profitable .
 CALICUL15/11/2020 09:46:23 GMT
Many people have dreamed of becoming professional online poker players but this has not been the case for most. How to become a grinder can take you more than a decade. There are many recreational clients who have constant earnings but few can live on this money. It is very difficult to get big.
 dule-vu15/11/2020 21:53:38 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
This stress is minimised or even overcomed , in my humble opinion , if you have a feling of how good you really are , player , and generally lol . So downswings , bad beats , coolers , will not terrorise you , making you to abandon poker , you know where you stand , and it's a matter of time results to come and prove your value . The results are coming for this player , so he has everything to know so as to try a change in his life . Good luck with it , may it prove profitable .

besides good play on tables,you must have some luck in life and to know when to start playing poker!somebody hit bigger amounts on start and then have enough for playing,somebody start with bigger amount and then make something from it!this man have something that all poker player want,its just question on what way he will use on his poker career!
 antonis32116/11/2020 03:29:13 GMT
The most important thing in poker is stack , the biggest stack has many options , either it's a bounty tourney or not , but ofcourse also the good knowledge of shove-fold hands , strategy and yes , luck , you need then luck . I guess our frind here had all these factors by his side , and he played just fine . Then poker is very enjoyable Smile
 CALICUL17/11/2020 09:52:14 GMT
The stack is a very important thing for us little players, but for professionals this doesn't really matter too much, because they manage to grow it very easily. If i play with a few dollars in cash, fight to make a profit, but can lose all money. They enter with same money but have a good profit after a while.
 antonis32117/11/2020 14:41:04 GMT
I like when I have stack and it can absorb then the bad beats or many times my own mistakes , so tgen I have a second chance , with crippled stack , but witha tournament life still at stake . Or else I am out , it sucks one hand to dudge the tournament life , big stack can give you the chance to lose 1, 2 or more flips and still be in the game . I will registering earlier in some tourneys , and I will be plaiying more loosely near the end , blind out is the worst when blinds increase a lot and the blinds levels last 7 minutes or less. At least for my game ,all these are true . Smile
 CALICUL18/11/2020 11:51:47 GMT
With a big or smaller stack we can lose at any time... as long the software is against of us. Many players tell me in the past that didn't know how to play, but my style was good, only that my luck missing with 80% compared with they (turn, river destroy my chances). In this way you can make money only very hard.

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