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New Additions to the MTT Schedule at partypoker

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Posted on 05 October 2020 by "T".

Check out these new additions to the MTT schedule at partypoker!

Recently, the poker site has launched the new Daily Legends Tournaments with affordable buy-ins from $2.20 to $77, reduced late registration, and limited re-entries.

Eight new high stakes tournaments await you in the tournament lobby right now!

During the recent WPT World Online Poker Championships, one of the most popular tournaments was The Weekender, so the folks at partypoker decided to add it as the first new item to their tournament schedule.

Boasting a guaranteed prize pool worth $200,000, it features three flights including a turbo last chance Day 1 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Late registration is only open for eight levels that are 15-minutes long (10-minutes for the turbo), and there's only one re-entry allowed.

As its name implies, The Tuesday 500 is scheduled at 20:05 CEST every Tuesday and has a $530 buy-in. You can also win your way in via tournament-specific satellites or use tournament dollars (T$) you've won during the week. A $100,000 GTD prize is up for grabs in this wonderful event, which features a 500,000 starting stack, 12-minute blinds and a single re-entry.

If you feel luckier on Thursdays, then The Thursday 500 is for you! This is quite similar to the Tuesday 500 - the main difference is that it's played to a Progressive Knockout (PKO) format.

Sunday Fun Day

The remaining new additions take place on Sunday, giving you the chance to focus on your A-game while having fun with poker on a weekend.

Start your Sunday with The One Shot at 18:05 CEST, a $215 buy-in freezeout tournament with $100,000 GTD. As the name suggests, you only get one shot here and that's it. The 100,000 starting stack and 12-minute clock starting at 250/500/65a means that your one and only bullet could go a long way.

Starting an hour later on Sundays at 19:05 CEST is The 300. Featuring a $320 buy-in, this event starts with 300,000 chips and the chance to win a slice of the $200,000 GTD prize pool. It is a PKO event so you have the chance to win cash without even reaching the payout places. Late registration is limited to only 8 levels and you can only fire two bullets at most.

In the Big Games category, there are three of them to suit all skill levels and bankrolls.

  • The $55 Mini Big Game - it has a $75,000 guaranteed prize pool. Even though the September 27 edition had a $50,000 guarantee, it hit $77,860. It ended in a three-way cut with first and second place each getting $10,000 and the third-placer taking home $8,155. Jump in at 20:05 CEST each Sunday.
  • The Big Game - it has a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. The buy-in is $530 and is also held at 20:05 CEST each Sunday.
  • The High Roller Big Game - it has at least a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool with a $5,200 buy-in.

You can actually buy in to any of the three Big Game tournaments directly on Sunday, or you can try your luck in the various Phases and satellites held throughout the week. The Phases cost 1/10 of the target tournament's buy-in and you can take your stack through with you to Sunday's event if you progress from them.

partypoker listened to their valued players who asked for more exciting additions to the tournament schedule, and they delivered. The limited re-entries and reduced late registration mean you have more chances than ever before to take home a big prize!

Do you have what it takes to reach a final table? Join in and find out!



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18 comments on "New Additions to the MTT Schedule at partypoker"

 dule-vu05/10/2020 15:46:16 GMT
as I said yesterday,probably we will have next week some new promotion from party poker and already today they give something for their players!maybe its not for every players,because of big buy in,but at least they try to give something new!from 55 $ to high roller big event 5200 $!good luck to all hight stakes players!
 CALICUL06/10/2020 10:41:15 GMT
Party Poker is doing well, because everything that will be useful to them or players must be implemented, for things to go well. I like it when things get simpler and people do their job, in trying to make money. Good luck, guys.
 antonis32106/10/2020 13:31:30 GMT
PartyPoker listened to its players voices and scheduled these games , with less late registration time and less re-entries , exellent news , high stakes players will like thes new games . You can advance to them simply by playing sats or phases or bying directly the entry with $T . Also there are normal speed , turbo format , PKO , you can choose and play the one you desire , the day you want , Tuesdays , Friday , Saturday or Sunday Smile
Good luck everyone Smile
 dule-vu06/10/2020 18:12:04 GMT
people in party poker who work on top position,know that people are lot of time at home in last months and that they gamble a lot,so they want to offer more and more promotions to them and that they dont go from online gambling!so this people at PP do very god job and they know how to keep players on tables!
 CALICUL08/10/2020 11:43:59 GMT
It is a very nice scheme to eliminate certain inconveniences and bring their setting for a general normality, depending on how the customers like these tournaments of party poker room. Nothing abnormal... everything is fine here.
 antonis32110/10/2020 00:24:10 GMT
The gamesin the news are mid and high stakes most , but ofcourse you can qualify for them playing sats or phases or playing to win $T and use them to pay for the entry . Also I have discovered tournements with same structure in the micros that I play , very satisfactory to me and to all plahyers in the micros nano stakes , so PartyPoker vrings sth to satisfy all players at every stake these days with these changes .
 CALICUL10/10/2020 14:19:56 GMT
Necessity makes them do some calculations and pay attention to lobby, for simplify certain things. Party Poker is changed now and no longer has that software from the past. It has grown a lot in front of some competitors and has many clients. Is very nice for them.
 antonis32111/10/2020 15:48:32 GMT
The only thing I would like PartyPoker to bring back is the tourneys on the nano stakes , the ones on $0.11 , $0.22 . It has now PLO , not NLH , it brought them back only for one month during the poker mini boom era due to corona virus , then it took them back . I know for most players they mean nothing , I know also that most players playing them have the annoying habbit to withdraw profits instead of building their bankroll and using them for the next buyins , and I guess that's the reaason some poker rooms , like partypoker or pokerstarts , recently ACR took them back/away , but to players like me are importnt , I use them for the next levels of buyins games , not for withdrawals .

A very very nice proposal !!! Why not make these tourney bucks tourneys also for lower bankrolls with more prizes fewer times per day instead of more times with less prizes . The ecosystem would be benefited alot that way Smile $0.11 buy in 10 $1T , they should have though of it ,Instead they put these 0.11$ PLO , which gable games , puregamble , olive in the fire . Pokerstars used also to have tourneys in the nanos , gradualy took them away , for the same reason, now it has on the micros a few ($0.55) .

At least PartyPoker has these micro tourneys ($o.55 or $1.10) , which I can play , and i play . I played recently , mixed results , I would prefer nano stakes , from 0.11$ , to climb the ladder gradually , from the bottom , of the ladder , of the pyramid Smile Such a bad player I am , lol Smile
 CALICUL12/10/2020 17:44:54 GMT
I like satellites for tournaments because there can achieve something more, if manage to qualify. It's not easy, but with some games you can't do others good things. We must have money. At the end of month or more must to be profitable.
 antonis32116/10/2020 04:04:09 GMT
Saturday Sunday I am playing tickets Smile Good luck to me . What an idiot I was , I lplayed some tickets durinf weekdays , the last day before they expire . A mistake , the best prizes are on Sunday , boosted prizes , some tousands more , why not , a clear mistake , won't happen again in the future . I'll play this Sunday , one freeroll and it's over most probably Smile
 CALICUL16/10/2020 10:05:07 GMT
Unfortunately, all of us make major or minor mistakes when play or opt for something. We are not able to understand certain things at first if do not research them. Our brains are running at low capacity and that is the situation.
 dule-vu19/10/2020 10:35:41 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
Saturday Sunday I am playing tickets Smile Good luck to me . What an idiot I was , I lplayed some tickets durinf weekdays , the last day before they expire . A mistake , the best prizes are on Sunday , boosted prizes , some tousands more , why not , a clear mistake , won't happen again in the future . I'll play this Sunday , one freeroll and it's over most probably Smile

at least you play something and you did try to make something from it!if you say that much better prizes are on sunday,then you should save some tickets for this days and to try to pick up better prizes!probably they give better prizes,because people are most at home on sunday,even this who works for 6 days and they want to have as much as they can players on this tournaments!
 CALICUL19/10/2020 20:25:55 GMT
You have a multitude of satellites/tournaments to play here, because they have many offers and acceptable buy-inns for every player who makes a deposit or who wins something small in freeroll games. Good luck, guys to earn money.
 antonis32120/10/2020 00:57:39 GMT
This unday played many tickets recklessly , I was on tilt , ost a lot , couldn'thit a could preflop hand and get a cll with it post flop . Anyway , on Sunday prizes are better , so if I have to play only one or two tourneys and Sunday is available on ly schedule , ofcourse I will choose this day , with the more prizes , although maybe theopponents might be tougher , maybe ...
 dule-vu20/10/2020 13:39:09 GMT
yeah,you will have better chance to win something on sunday,just if you will store this tickets till sunday,but I know that is hard to wait and not use them,when you know that you have every day this kind of tournaments where you can use them!wish you luck on sunday and to get some better prize,which you can use later also!
 CALICUL21/10/2020 07:59:51 GMT
My advice is to choose 2-3 large poker rooms where you can play many satellites, after making small deposits. Nothing is more important than playing for the chance to qualify for a big tournament, where you can win an average or large amount of money. Good luck with that.
 geseco1215/11/2020 13:50:33 GMT
I like the partypoker calendar, there are good prizes and also the tickets are not very expensive, I think there will also be satellites and that would be good for people who have little bankroll, those game systems make poker more fun and so more people will be there plugged into the game.
 CALICUL18/11/2020 12:12:29 GMT
I know a lot of mobsters who play in Party Poker with pleasure, but do you have any good winnings? Manage to earn easily a few hundred dollars in every month? or not? I'm a little disappointed that they stopped working in my country but maybe they'll come back.

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