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Patrick Leonard Analyzes your partypoker Monster Series Hands

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Posted on 10 November 2020 by "T".

Last week, Team partypoker pro Patrick Leonard asked players to send in some of their hands from the current Monster Series that they wanted some advice on, and he would choose some to analyze. Below are the hands he has chosen and the winners will be credited a $33 Monster Series ticket to use during the final week of the series. "Good luck to all and hope this helps", says Patrick Leonard.

Hand 1 - @Lammie87399562

The hand:

My thoughts:

Very interesting hand, I think pre flop, we should likely be 3betting here, we will be making villain fold hands with good equity vs us, we build a pot for when we make a big hand that won't be too transparent, by 3betting in this position we make the button/cut off fold hands like KQ, AT, even TT/JJ are in a terrible spot. We can expect the opener to play quite passively vs our 3bet too, likely they will just see a flop with AK for example. On the flop, I think that we likely want to start with a slightly smaller raise, we're multi way so we dont want to put too much money in with our range, we are also aiming to fold out hands with 25% equity, we aren't trying to bluff here and vs the range of hands that continue we don't do so well, so we want to risk as little as possible. On the turn, I think betting or checking are both reasonable, I think that we can bet/fold though, because our hand is weak vs the hands that will go all in, I just expect villain to x/c a hand like A5 for example, because we will have a bet/fold range here, I would bet smaller, so that our bet is more efficient.

Hand 2 -  @cortadolover

The hand:

My thoughts:

Pre flop flat call is a little loose, but I like it, vs the squeeze, again, loose, but I don't mind it. On the flop vs the cbet, I think shoving won't do too great, he likely won't fold AK or 2 over cards and if he has a value hand he will never fold. By calling, we allow ourselves to manoeuvre on the turn or river and take a line that can look like a slow played monster, or a hand going for thin value.


Hand 3 - @Holdsaradamn

The hand:

My thoughts:

I think pre flop, vs a guy min raising, 3bet isolating as wide as KTo for value is a good exploit, well done. Otf, I would start with a very small bet of around 20% pot, he will never fold a better hand than K high on Q44 and we don't really want to bluff much later, the point of our bet on the flop, is to just fold our some hands like 98s that have low equity, so our sizing here can be really small, on the turn we can start using different sizings. On this turn, I think again, we have no fold equity, so would play passively. On the river it seems ambitious to try and make villain fold our better. I would choose a hand like 65s to just go crazy with, blocking some full houses, unblocking K/A highs and unblocking flush draws. KT is a little too strong and you don't block any of the pocket pair full houses (TT/KK will play more aggressive pre flop).

Hand 4 - @rye_ez

The hand:

My thoughts:

No, sometimes we just die! It's good you at least consider it though. An actual effective strategy when 250+bbs deep is to open jam AA, people often struggle to fold TT/AK and it's very profitable! Especially in reentries/rebuys.


Hand 5 - @rasmusFrie

The hand:

My thoughts:

Yes I would shove. If you were in the sb and the button shoved I would fold. You want to be the aggressor always in bubble icm spots.

About Patrick Leonard:

To date, Patrick Leonard has accumulated more than $2.5 million, almost half of which he won during a five-day Las Vegas heater in July 2017. The English poker pro outlasted very tough fields and took down three separate high-stakes tournaments, taking home over $350,000 in each event! Despite this success, he spends most of his time playing online and has over $1 million worth of cashes in partypoker's flagship POWERFEST tournaments. He signed up as a partypoker ambassador back in April 2016.



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6 comments on "Patrick Leonard Analyzes your partypoker Monster Series Hands"

 dule-vu10/11/2020 10:51:35 GMT
another way how party poker reward players and want to make popular their social networks,same as poker site!nice way to give players free tickets!
 antonis32111/11/2020 15:12:31 GMT
First hand a crazy hand , was it a bounty tourney I would undersgtand it , cause many very loose players , especially in the micro limits , play very loose for bounties , especially early . 8j to play like this is crazy even for my abilities , and he didn't shove on the turn , he almost shove , as an attempt to block the other player's odds/cnahcesto win or to force him to go all in and maybe hit an 8 or J on the river . 8J to play like this OOP is crazy . The 99 guy , , despite the advice to 3bet , I do not know , I have seen too much in online , he wasn't on the BU , not even in CU , I would also call preflop , not 3bet to avoid crazy moved from the other one , that would forse me to fold 99 preflop .
 geseco1213/11/2020 04:33:50 GMT
good initiative of the pro to analyze hands that can help us how to play it to get value out of our hands, thank the poker room for the great promotions that there are and thus generate bankroll, the reward is considerable to begin with, you also win because the check for free and so we will be able to know better
 CALICUL14/11/2020 09:00:27 GMT
This professional player will help a lot of people who will try to ask questions and that is very good. The important thing is how they will remember all answers in their memory and after that how to use them. Everyone understands what they want but few of them will use it correctly.
 geseco1229/11/2020 04:57:21 GMT
Patrick Leonard is a great player and it is always good to listen to the advice and analysis of the hands of the great poker professionals, and this is not the exception, it is a great initiative for others who are just starting out and who sometimes need an exhaustive explanation to be a poker craks.
 CALICUL29/11/2020 21:58:53 GMT
I like his style of play. He doesn't want to stand out. He is at the tables to earn money and of course to make many best games possible. I haven't seen him to talk too much and that proves it. Anyway, he has work to do if he wants to win some trophies or bracelets.

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