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888poker Latest Promo - All-In Made to Amaze Freeroll every Sunday

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Posted on 14 December 2020 by "T".

888poker has launched their new mobile poker app - Made To Play - and they have marked the momentous occasion by celebrating it with $1 million in prizes up for grabs!

Officially released at the end of October with its slogan "Made To Play", players will get used to the new 888poker mobile app pretty quickly as the poker site will give away $1 million starting on November 11 until January 10, 2021, through various promotions including Happy Hours, Special Gift Drops, and of course Freerolls.

Let's check out another new freeroll they've cooked up as a way to celebrate their new mobile app - the weekly All-In Made to Amaze Freeroll!

Starting November 29th, 888poker will host the All-In Made to Amaze Freeroll. Every Sunday, this freeroll will have different yet exciting prizes!

888poker All-In Made to Amaze Freeroll

  • Date: Every Sunday from November 29 to January 10, 2021
  • Time: 22:15 GMT
  • Prize: Varies weekly, announced before the start of each promotion freeroll

How to Join:

1. Sign up at 888poker through The BankrollMob

2. Make at least one deposit

3. Register for the freeroll (no ticket or password required)

4. No need to take part in poker action because the event is carried out in the format of an automatic all-in

5. The winner takes the main prize



All-In Made to Amaze Freerolls - The Prizes so Far

Here's what happened so far on the previous Made to Amaze Freerolls

Date: November 29, 2020 (Sunday)
Win 3 x two-hour sessions with 3 Team888 ambassadors

Date: December 6, 2020 (Sunday)
Win Free tickets to EVERY event in their XL Winter Tournament Series

Date: December 13, 2020 (Sunday)
Win Free $1 Blast Tickets
Winner gets their birth year in $1 BLAST Tickets!

For example, if the Winner was born in 1990, the Winner shall receive 1,990 Tournament Tickets of $1 worth to use in the Site's Sit & Go Jackpot, BLAST.






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14 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - All-In Made to Amaze Freeroll every Sunday"

 dule-vu14/12/2020 15:31:06 GMT
they want to give something new to players,that other poker sites dont have and to make more interesting freerolls on sundays and you will not know what kind of prize pool they will give till you start playing!this prize to get blast tickets in number of your birth year is very interesting and you would have so many tickets to play it for months!
 CALICUL14/12/2020 21:05:58 GMT
I have no idea how to win in this Amaze Freeroll, because this is just about luck and you can't move. Software distributes cards, after this period throughout game... ant until the end of tournament he decides everything. Anyway, good luck.
 geseco1214/12/2020 23:23:48 GMT
Good promotion of the 888poker room, thanks to them we can be a bank, in addition to that every Sunday there are free tournaments, for the jackpot, good initiatives of the room to win great prizes, which started from October and runs until January of next year.
 antonis32115/12/2020 00:51:24 GMT
Awesome gifts and promotions by 888poker to celebrat mobile app , which imo is one of the best if not the best I took part in one of these , not sure about the last all in to amaze freeroll . Having said that , I have and a 888poker club $5K ticket , all in , for Chistmas , let's see my uck , lol .

 Vascaino01715/12/2020 17:08:45 GMT
888poker is a great option for those who don't have a bankroll. The website offers many promotions and freerolls. Good luck to all of us and Merry Christmas!
 dule-vu15/12/2020 17:34:07 GMT
I think that we never had freeroll or tournament like this,where you dont know before you start playing what can you win and what prizes they will give!its kind of interesting what next offer they will give,but as we see from last one,prize is very good and something that you can use long time!
 CALICUL15/12/2020 21:57:49 GMT
That's how it is. 888 poker has many prizes, promotions, bonuses and other benefits, but for that we have to make wager. We can't just wait for free. Must respect, and they must to earn commissions. After that we hope for something good of course.
 geseco1216/12/2020 00:35:09 GMT
1 million dollars in prize money for the entire promotion, that is magnificent also, that every Sunday there is a freeroll with great prizes, this 888poker application is great, that initiative to get hooked on the application, to play it always, thanks to the room for the great promotions, so it makes you want to play it, and it does not require a ticket or password that is gennial.
 CALICUL16/12/2020 22:30:13 GMT
Magnificent no, but it's pretty good. I would like for them to have stronger tournaments in the near future and to have many players there of course. 888 poker can do more good things, and must to make all games universal, because at that moment is not.
 geseco1217/12/2020 01:11:15 GMT
The 888poker application has come with great promotions all this month, it offers you great prizes for the application in addition to great freeroll, where you will have the opportunity to win big cash prizes, the application is very good with a good interface, where it makes you want to Play it always, it is very fun, I hope they continue to improve, and providing security that is the most important thing in all poker rooms.
 CALICUL17/12/2020 22:39:24 GMT
It is very difficult for catch something good and it is better to push a little deposit. Some dollars is not too much and after that to play satellites.I know that freerolls are nice, but to be fair, it's worth going to our wallet. Good luck.
 CALICUL26/08/2021 16:07:56 GMT
There in 888 is a $ 5 entry tournament in every Sunday with guaranteed prizes of $ 10,000. I think it is necessary to play herem because we can get a good place with some luck and the prizes are good. That game is a good one in 888 poker and that's why we shouldn't avoid it.
 CALICUL26/09/2021 16:15:25 GMT
today in about two hours this game is again and has a buy-in of 5 dolllars. I will register, to hope for some money or an extra prize... I played a few times before on Sunday and won small prizes. However, we can take some money if we get to ITM. Good luck, mobsters.
 CALICUL23/10/2021 15:48:36 GMT
last Sunday i finished in money and made a profit of 9 dollars and 95 cents. Tomorrow i don't know if i will play, because i have other games that could make me concentrate there, but you can try, because it is a pretty good tournament with acceptable chances. They will also give some extra prizes at some tables.

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