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partypoker Latest Promo - SPINS Ultra $T8.5K Daily

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Posted on 15 December 2020 by "T".

partypoker is giving players daily chances to win a share of their daily prize pool of T$8,500 by just climbing in their daily SPINS Leaderboards!

Simply earn points at the SPINS tables to climb the prize leaderboards.

There are five leaderboards - Micro, Small, Low, Mid, and High - which are based on buy-in levels, starting at just $0.25.

  • Micro ($0.25 & $1)
  • Small ($3 & $5) 
  • Low ($10 & $20)
  • Mid ($50 & $100) 
  • High ($250 & $500)

The more points you collect, the higher your chances of finishing in the money!

Daily T$8.5K prize pool guaranteed

partypoker has boosted the amount of prizes you can win - up to T$8.5K every day!

All prizes are paid in Tournament Dollars (T$), which gives you lots of flexibility to use them to play SPINS, SPINS Ultra, SNGs and even MTTs.

There's a daily T$8.5K prize pool guaranteed across the five leaderboards. And with buy-ins suitable for all bankrolls, every player has a shot at winning a prize!

Leaderboards run from 00:00 CET to 23.59 CET every day, so make sure you don't miss out on the action!

Leaderboard prizes shall be added to players' accounts 24-48 hours after the completion of the daily leaderboard.

How do I earn Leaderboard Points?

Leaderboard Points = (buy-in - rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier

  • Buy-in = cost of SPINS tournament buy-in
  • Table multiplier = Upon starting the tournament you will be prompted with a multiplier for that game

They have updated their formula!

Points = (buy-in - rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier

Payouts worth T$8.5K

Here's the full list of payouts:

Terms and Conditions:
Leaderboards will run from 00:00 CET - 23:59 CET daily
Play on regular SPINS games will count towards the regular SPINS leaderboard only.
Play on SPINS Ultra games will count towards the SPINS Ultra leaderboard only.
Leaderboard points are awarded upon exit of the SPINS game
Gameplay in regular non-SPINS Sit & Go tournaments or SPINS Ultra games will not count towards SPINS leaderboard points
Winners will be paid within 48 hours of each leaderboard completing
Leaderboards points do not count towards the weekly cashback programme
Prizes are paid out in Tournament Dollars (T$)
Prizes are non-exchangeable
LEADERBOARD formula: Points = (buy-in - rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier




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14 comments on "partypoker Latest Promo - SPINS Ultra $T8.5K Daily "

 dule-vu15/12/2020 17:27:58 GMT
another daily spins leaderboards and chance to win T$ and nice prizes for different buy in-s!for every buy in you can win nice amounts,but its strange for me that for biggest buy in first prize is sam as biggest buy in,but for others you can get much more then original buy in for that level!would expect much more,but good luck to all no matter on what level you will play!
 bowie198416/12/2020 00:18:31 GMT
The micro leaderboard seems to be great value to me if you are able to keep your play at breaking even over the period of the game. I'd definitely not play this with buy-ins over $15-20 but more or less people used to play ABC poker in this game at most levels.
 geseco1216/12/2020 00:30:49 GMT
Spin go's are very fun, playing them a lot gives you the opportunity to win a lot of money, in this case the accumulated sediment that goes from 8 thousand upwards, playing them will always accumulate many points in the table in addition to winning prizes for playing it, I always like it play them because they are fast, and effective, and the best thing is that there are for all levels, from the lowest to the highest.
 CALICUL16/12/2020 22:34:52 GMT
This year i read here many Party Poker latest promos and i think they came immediately one after another. This is quite promising for many smaller players who hunt for free winnings but the wager of their earnings must be good for both.
 geseco1217/12/2020 01:05:36 GMT
Winning money playing spin ultra is very fun and exciting, while you play to win money, you accumulate points in the classification in tables to win other prizes that partypoker offers, that makes me want to congratulate the room because it cares about its players that they always have the best benefits playing online poker, always keep it up and don't stop surprising us with promotions.
 CALICUL17/12/2020 22:34:45 GMT
You have an ambition when win more Spin games, but unfortunately it is not so easy. Most games are difficult to finish in 1st place, because of time that passes and after... the software take command. Anyway, is funny but in final we play for money of course.
 geseco1218/12/2020 01:43:25 GMT
The modalities of poker at partypoker are fun, now you can win by accumulating points every time you play the spin, that's very good for everyone, because there will be other money coming in if you are among the first, with an accumulated deposit of more than 8 mi dollars, that is magnificent.
 antonis32118/12/2020 20:44:01 GMT
If I want to play spins , i will choose Ultra spins , fast versions of spins , finish the game fast and more luck in the process . Now with these leaderboards , p;layers have extra reason to play more games , as they will be rewarded from the leaderboard with $T ,then use it again for more spins or other games of their choice . Good luck everyone .
 CALICUL18/12/2020 23:04:52 GMT
I want to catch the day when i will play in this poker room, but at the moment i can't. There would be two solutions because i do not use VPN. One is for them to return to my country and another is for me to go to far away... Spins here is attractive.
 geseco1220/12/2020 03:41:23 GMT
The prizes continue in partypoker, it is my favorite room, I always play there I hope it grows and it is the largest poker room in the world I like it a lot, that it is always happy with its promotions, and now it has great prizes accumulated playing spin and with a large pot of over 8 thousand dollars, sounds exciting and good to play a lot of poker at night.
 antonis32120/12/2020 15:03:22 GMT
The problem with VPN , CALICUL , is what happens with identification procedures , ofcourse if you have a buddy in this ountry or if you win a lot of money you can go in this country and do some things so a to prove you played there and receive the money . They want to see if you played from that counry , not your ethnicity , so with the identification paper want be a problem . I think you can trick them , but you need to do this for many hundreds od dollars or thousends , or have a friend there to help you . It's not a scam , I have money , I deposit , I hae identification paper which is real and proves I am ok person , the only thing I trick is the place I live , nothing wrong , as governments are behind these fake restrictions and fake legistration rules .

The proble is with some sites hat they catch instantly using VPN , and they won't allow you create an account (GGpoker) , or some might leave you , then deny you the withdrawal . I played on PartyPoker , deposited twice , the idiot stated Germany as country of origin , Germany has strict rules , now stricter , they demended papers , I was forced to tell them the truth , they sent back my last deposit and closed the account , lol .

Anyway I have Bwin , but then again my options to play with VPN shrink a lot , I think VPN form me , for my cpabilities , as i described them earlier , I cannot do or i do not have these things , so VPN becomes useless , maybe I will cncel subscription in the near future , most probable . This totaliarian fake freedom/economy we live , now ''mask-version'' , lol , absolute control , f**** .
 CALICUL21/12/2020 00:58:56 GMT
There is no more freedom. We entered in a dictatorship all over the planet and it is difficult to recover anything, if humanity does not fight these puppets who are politicians of course. We in Romania can't play poker with too many good tournaments, because a lot of them have been eliminated by rooms. That means i don't have to mess with a VPN anymore.
 geseco1221/12/2020 04:39:07 GMT
These promotions are very good at partypoker, because you play pooker with several objectives, in addition to playing to earn money, you accumulate points to also compete for other prizes, I think that is exciting for everyone, because of the great deposits that are accumulating in poker, and thus play it and win it.
 CALICUL22/12/2020 01:07:07 GMT
Any promotion is good and if you win something can multiply later if you will have a little luck. I don't know how lucky you are but sometimes can make a nice bankroll starting from the bottom. Here don't have to refuse any chance to win something.

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