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partypoker Latest Promo - Christmas Wheel

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Posted on 16 December 2020 by "T".

Get into the Christmas spirit with daily prizes at partypoker, as they're adding some extra joy to the festive season!

partypoker Christmas Wheel promo

  • Duration: December 15 to 31, 2020
  • Prizes: up to $500 cash, cash out restricted bonuses, freeroll tickets
  • Mechanics: Earn just 1 point in a day by playing SPINS, cash games, or fastforward. You'll then get the chance to spin the prize wheel!

Don't forget to sign up first for a partypoker account through The BankrollMob!

Easy two ways to fill your Christmas stocking:

  • Earn 1 point
  • Head to ‘Christmas Wheel' under ‘Promotions' in the desktop client or via the ‘Offers' section on mobile


  • Head to the wheel
  • Spin to win!



No opt-in required!

This promotion will run every day for 24 hours; 12:00 (CET) until 12:00 (CET) the following day.

Cash out restricted bonuses will appear in your balance, and can be used for any poker game. You will only need to earn 10 times the bonus amount if you'd like to withdraw.

Take note, the highest cash reward of $500 is instant - no strings attached!

So get involved with the festive fun -every day until this year ends!

PLAY partypoker
€8 Free
T&C applies
€8 Free bankroll + $30 Free Play & 100% Up To $600 when making your first deposit + up to 40% cashback every week + access to freerolls, promotions and much more!

18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly - &

PLAY partypoker
£/€/$30 Free play + 100% up to $600
T&C applies
$30 Free Play & 100% up to $600 when making your first deposit + up to 40% cashback every week + access to freerolls, promotions and much more!

18+, New Customers Only, Min. $10 Deposit, 100% up to $600 generated as cash, $30 Free Play generated as tickets, 7-day ticket expiry. Gamble Responsibly - &

Terms and Conditions
To participate in this promotion, Eligible Players (as defined below) must spin the Christmas Wheel found on ( the "Christmas Wheel") for the chance to win a reward. The Christmas Wheel can be found under the ‘Promotions' section in the desktop client or the ‘Offers' section on mobile.
Players must:
be over 18 years old;
be registered in a country in which we accept registrations; and
be a new or existing real-money player with (the "Website").
(an "Eligible Player")
Eligible Players will be able to earn one (1) spin of the Christmas Wheel on each Promotional Day in which they earn (1) one partypoker loyalty point.
The loyalty points can be earned by playing SPINS, Cash games or Fast Forward games. For more information on how to earn partypoker loyalty points, see
Maximum one (1) spin per player per Promotional Day.
Maximum one (1) prize per player per Promotional Day.
For each spin of the Christmas Wheel an Eligible Player will have a chance to win either:
one (1) "instant win" cash reward of $500 (the "$500 Cash");
a cash out restricted bonus of the following values: $5, $10, $25 (the "Bonus"); or
one (1) ticket to either the 1K Daily or the 2K Daily Freeroll Events ("Freeroll Events").
$500 Instant Win Cash Reward
The $500 Cash shall be automatically credited to Eligible Player's Cash Balance and shall be immediately available for withdrawal with no restrictions.
Cash Out Restricted Bonus
The Bonus will be cash out restricted i.e. Bonus funds shall be available to play with but cannot be withdrawn until the player meets the Requirements (as defined below).
The Bonus can be used to play any Poker product on the Website.
The Requirements are as follows:
an Eligible Player must collect the equivalent of 10 times the amount of the Bonus in reward points (1 point for every $1 raked) (the "Reward Points");
Reward Points can be collected on all poker products.
The Requirements must be met within 7 days from the date the Bonus was placed in the account (the "Time Limit").
The player shall lose the Bonus amount if the Requirements are not met within the Time Limit.
Once the Requirements are met, the Bonus shall be available to play with in full and shall be withdrawable.
$1,000 Daily Freeroll:
The $1,000 Christmas Daily Freeroll ("$1k Freeroll"), will start every day at 19:00 CET during the Promotional Period.
Full details of the $1k Freeroll will be provided in the tournament lobby before entering the $1k Freeroll.
This $1k Freeroll is a single-entry tournament. Only one entry will be permitted to each $1k Freeroll each day of the Promotional Period.
Each $1k Freeroll has a fixed prize pool of $1,000 cash. All prizes will be paid in cash.
$2,000 Daily Freeroll:
The $2,000 Christmas Daily Freeroll ("$2k Freeroll"), will start every day at 20:00 CET during the Promotional Period.
Full details of the $2k Freeroll will be provided in the tournament lobby before entering the $2k Freeroll .
This $2k Freeroll is a single-entry tournament. Only one entry will be permitted to each $2k Freeroll each day of the Promotional Period.
Each $2k Freeroll has a fixed prize pool of $2,000 cash. All prizes will be paid in cash.
Freeroll Events Tickets
To enter each Freeroll Event, Eligible Players must register their participation via the ‘Ticket' section in the Eligible Player's account.
Freeroll Events Tickets:
will automatically be credited to the Eligible Player's accounts once won;
will only be valid for 2 days after being won; and
cannot be exchanged for cash.


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37 comments on "partypoker Latest Promo - Christmas Wheel"

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» partypoker Latest Promo - Christmas Wheel

 Rogerio1019/12/2020 07:24:09 GMT
They already told you it's not roullete haha. You could actualy not play allot of spin, it would be nice if you get spin for every 1 point, but you can get only 1 spin per day. For now i get 2 freetolls tickets and one 10 dollar bonus, Have time till 1st january to actiave it then grind micros like crazy lol.
 dule-vu19/12/2020 11:29:18 GMT
you are right rogerio10 and thats what I talking about his posts in every thread,especially in christmas calendar thread!
in this thread all posts are almost same,he say in every how good is promotion,how you need to earn just 1 points,even that know everybody,but hewrite whole time!he dont read posts from other member,he dont answer,he just prepare 5 posts before and then post them in after 24 hours!
then I get thumb down and I am crazy,but he dont bring anything new on forum!
in christmas calendar thread he write every day how promotion in fantastic,good,magnificent!on one day he write that he got some prize,but tomorrow he write new post in same thread and say that he got many prizes Confused Shock !so what is truth,dont write just to collect points!
 CALICUL20/12/2020 00:51:03 GMT
Play as you can to enjoy this party poker bonus, or if you don't like it... then play with real money. I guess it's not hard and you have a good opportunity here. When a room is adequate in many ways we don't have to think twice. Good luck, guys.
 geseco1220/12/2020 03:38:46 GMT
to play a lot of spin ultra to earn points and thus play roulette and win great prizes that are very good prizes with many dollars at stake. I hope I am lucky and one of them wins, so I will be very happy, well, more Christmas promotions to have a full schedule and enjoy poker, which is a very exciting juice, there is no other that can overcome it.
 dule-vu20/12/2020 11:12:45 GMT
again he and his roullete thing,even this is wheel and even we want to learn him something!
yesterday didnt had luck to get something normal and got just deposit offer 50 % up to 50 e,which isnt something and will not use,but today 8 free spins on solar flame (something like that) and didnt got much,only 0,55 e!
 CALICUL21/12/2020 01:03:55 GMT
The prizes are less attractive than the winnings, but it is important to take some money every few months to be happy with that. Casinos can offer this things, if you are a connoisseur of slot games. What you need to do is to choose the games you like and to be lucky. Good luck.
 geseco1221/12/2020 04:36:54 GMT
a 1 rake point you can win a spin on the partypoker roulette, which this time is very nice without great prizes all the month of December, you always have to play to have the opportunity to win cash prizes, to play the spin always with two great prizes.
 Rogerio1021/12/2020 09:10:32 GMT
Haha this is getting ridicolous now. I too almost all the time writte for points, but when i do i try to stick to the topic at least or write something useful, just like Dule said. I am not hating or anything but cmon man. Btw not anything what spins is the roullete lol.
 dule-vu21/12/2020 12:15:02 GMT
rogerio10 you are right 100 % and thats what I am talking for last couple of days!we all write to collect some points,but come on,at least change your post,write something usefully,something new,that all member can read!he only change few words and its again same post!he dont read posts from other users,he dont reply to anybody,he just make posts and dont care what other members say to him,even he write wrong things!
 CALICUL22/12/2020 01:18:28 GMT
You don't have to waste much time noticing that Dule has a lot of uninteresting comments but the accuses others of such a thing. More than that he can't think. All you have to do is to take advantage of the promotions gifts or bonuses with or without deposit through BRM. The important thing is for make money, if we are lucky... and not to give importance to what an angry user says. Play on Party Poker and have a lot of success. Good luck, mobsters.
 geseco1222/12/2020 05:34:28 GMT
great prizes in roulette, with just one point you can play and spin the roulette for great prizes, well that is a great promotion for everyone, there are prizes of up to 500 dollars in cash, well I hope I am lucky and take it, but trying not I lose, good luck to all and win many prizes this Christmas.
 Rogerio1022/12/2020 06:07:22 GMT
Was roulette nice to you this day my friend? Big Smile Did anyone notice that tha prizes get worse, at the beggining there was 7-8-10 bucks no deposit now 5 is the highest. There is is another great promotion on casino called spin for spins. For 25$ played on spins you get one 5$ ticket for 1 milions spin and go, can get up to 3 tickets per day. Can be used on fast or normal spins. Got already 6 tickets all from playing free gifts. Dollar
 CALICUL23/12/2020 01:26:47 GMT
Party Poker i think has best promotions and after that i think 888 and pokerstars. It is not difficult to choose this poker or casino room because it is worth it. You have so many options that will not get bored. About inconvenience from Croatia:
Rule number 1 on this site should be that: subject must focused on thread and let us avoid the dule-vu when he attacks us. You realize that this man is not someone to be friends with him, especially since he is frustrated by the points we make.
 dule-vu23/12/2020 02:19:47 GMT
2017:"I do not play casino games"...
"I do not understand them"....
2020:"When i was younger i had more ambition to play but now less often of course"...
 Rogerio1023/12/2020 17:38:38 GMT
The freerolls are not to hard to get in the money, nice promotion must say.
 CALICUL24/12/2020 01:39:31 GMT
Do not pay attention to him. He does the same thing but have accuses for others. I have impression that he does not think logically or is malicious. Your party poker job is important and need to focus on that. You have many possibilities there and try your chances. I wish you more succes with your games.
 geseco1230/12/2020 01:15:52 GMT
good value for the roulette, you can win great prizes, and I think it would be good to increase the bankroll, I hope you are lucky, but if you do not just have to continue, partypoker always brings great promotions with its roulette wheel and doors to earn money, this Next year there is much more for new players to enter the world of poker.
 CALICUL30/12/2020 22:15:06 GMT
dule-vu, how frustrated you are? it's because then i didn't have a computer and i couldn't play online and when i went to the casino i played american poker 2 and very rarely slots. More years later I couldn't play online because i didn't trust it. Confidence... You are a man who does not even deserve attention but i like to write just for you to become angry... : Cool
 geseco1202/01/2021 02:20:24 GMT
good promotion of partypoker, because with a single accumulated point you can spin the roulette and win cash up to 500 dollars, it would be good to win it, but you have to try, hopefully you are lucky, so far I have not been able, but you have to be persistent , Roulette has great prizes, and it costs nothing to try, good luck to all.
 DinGo!02/01/2021 10:53:15 GMT
I think this is a pretty good promotion, especially if you are a low stakes player, so you can build your bankroll with this promo so well. I,ve checked those freerolls and it,s really not so many players are playing it. I think it,s really pretty easy to make this 1 point dollar in rake and to be able to spin the wheel for that. By the way at the beginning of the promo it was a very small field of players in the freerolls. Anyway you still can take cash or any other prize.
 Rogerio1002/01/2021 10:59:38 GMT
Is this promotions still going on? It was nice, if you play anway you just get freeshot on that 500$, freeroll or bonus. The freerolls were hypers which is great in my opinion couse i guess no one want's to spend much time on freerolls. Bonuses are not too hard to wager either, if you regular and play allot this is just more free money among all other promotions.
 CALICUL02/01/2021 11:10:12 GMT
Each promotion has a duration, established by each casino, poker room, sports bookmaker etc... Research in the party site and see how much time you have to take advantage of this thing. Anything free is very good and must be accepted.
 dule-vu02/01/2021 12:16:24 GMT
rogerio10 this promotion is over and it was from 15.12. to 31.12.,so they dont give it anymobre,but some members write about it like they sitll give prizes and how this promotion is great,no matter that they cant use it and they have nothing from,which show that they didnt even use it before!
whats most important they still call it roulette!
 geseco1204/01/2021 03:06:17 GMT
With only 1 point, you can win cash, there are great prizes, we must be aware of it and accumulate daily points to win more, if you try to win those 500 dollars in cash that would help a lot. Although so far I have not managed to win the jackpot, but if I have won some small ones, sometimes it is a matter of luck to take it, but we must always try.
 dule-vu26/12/2021 12:41:12 GMT
now they dont have wheel,but still they have lot of free promotions!
today I used my 25 free spins,but got only arround 40 points and this isnt enough for anything!
on second promotion my pick was on second gift and I got 1 $ spins ticket!will use it later!

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