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888poker Adds $40K More on Made to Play Celebration Freerolls this Christmas!

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Posted on 21 December 2020 by "T".

888poker is not done yet on celebrating their new Made To Play app, and this Christmas, they're doubling the prize money in their Celebration Freerolls!

888poker is doubling the prize pools in the Celebration Freerolls to more than $40,000. That amount is absolutely double on what's currently on the table for these exclusive events.

From December 18 to 27, players can take advantage of this special offer!

Are you a fan of their regular cash freerolls or BLAST freerolls? Here's your chance to grab a slice of that pie - double the size!

Naughty or Nice, 888poker spreads Christmas Cheer

This amazing offer will be available for all players - no ticket required. (However, freerolls are only open for players who have made their first deposit to the site).

Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, no challenge or deposit is necessary - just come and play! (T&C's apply)

888poker Christmas Deposit Bonus Offer

Aside from doubling the Made To Play prize pools, you can get an amazing deposit bonus!
From December 22 to 27, 888poker players can receive a bonus of up to $20 in three ways:
Deposit $30 or more with the following promo codes and receive a bonus to

  • Promocode Casino - XmasCBonus - max $20
  • Promocode Poker - XmasPBonus - max $20
  • Promocode Sport - XmasSBonus - $3 free bet





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32 comments on "888poker Adds $40K More on Made to Play Celebration Freerolls this Christmas!"

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» 888poker Adds $40K More on Made to Play Celebration Freerolls this Christmas!

 geseco1223/12/2020 13:02:25 GMT
Very good what 888poker is being to add more than 40 thousand dollars in its freeroll tournament, the players are more than happy for these big bags of money, so it makes you want to play all day, but hey this Christmas is crazy there are quite a few promotions and very good gifts that make you happy for these holidays, keep it up and don't stop giving away great prizes.
 CALICUL24/12/2020 01:25:47 GMT
I like freeroll games at 888 poker except for some that are too fast. Sometimes it is good for few free tournaments to be with blinds at 10 minutes. I think this is better especially for these with level 40 or above. It's not really ok to be in a hurry for almost all games.
 geseco1224/12/2020 14:22:09 GMT
40 thousand dollars more in freeroll is great to always be able to participate, now the prizes are bigger, very happy with 888poker, that they always follow those types of promotions to participate and that the room grows exponentially, this room must always continue to grow so that the players come in too, good luck at the tables.
 Rogerio1024/12/2020 14:44:37 GMT
Great stuff from poker 888, they add another 40k to their usual frerools. If somethin that poker 888 is good about that is for sure some freerolls where you cant earn easy dollar or two. Now on holidays the add it up like they usualy do. Godd job poker 888.
 geseco1225/12/2020 14:34:17 GMT
I really like freerolls because they help you get free banking, and thus train you as a poker professional, but it is useless that you are going to improve your game, it is only by having banking, but in reality when you level up you will realize that You have to study a lot, and 888poker is increased to 40 thousand dollars in prizes for its players, I like that a lot, it is exciting, to have many prizes.
 CALICUL26/12/2020 11:57:48 GMT
We can only play many freerolls, as much is possible and to win a few dollars, but at the same time need a bankroll so you can sign up for other games. After that try to win something good. Need free but also real money games. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
 dule-vu26/12/2020 15:53:44 GMT
you geseco12 must write another post where you will say how its great and how you like when they give 40 K or thousands in freerolls and its important that you write that in single post,not to try to make some other facts!
it would be good to hear from some member,did anybody played this and how much they give per one freeroll and what can you win for first prize!?
 geseco1226/12/2020 18:37:21 GMT
dule-vu I write what I think of this, and do not ask nonsense, I think you can find out by going to the tournament lobby and you will see the prizes there are for the first one, and others, and do not try to question my answers that you look like a fool Clumsy, I think he thinks according to what one thinks, and not what the other thinks, worry about yourself friend.
 CALICUL27/12/2020 17:52:19 GMT
I played a few games and managed to make about 10 dollars or more, and if you know how to manage them, can make a wager and after that to earn something for witdhrawal. I don't know what could be better than making money from nothing.
 geseco1227/12/2020 21:37:22 GMT
This is brother CALICUL, you have to take advantage of these situations with the freeroll, and now that they have put more than 40 thousand dollars in the tournaments, the thing is better, I think how you say having money without investing anything is good, and the most profitable thing would be to accumulate Bank until you feel like you're ready and compete to grow, and become a long-term winner.
 antonis32128/12/2020 06:40:40 GMT
Nice these double awards for the freerolls , especially the Sunday big freeroll with the juicy x2 prize . A lot of mmoney to grab , I think now it's the normal prizes in the lobby , why ?? New years eve doesn't count for Holiday ??lol Good promotion , and good money , hopefully everyone got his share .
 CALICUL28/12/2020 19:27:17 GMT
Take advantage now, until these games are over... because these holidays will end and after that must have a small bankroll, to play with what you won for more money. We can resist more in the face of problems, if we win from free games and that's is very nice.
 geseco1228/12/2020 22:19:57 GMT
The 888poker room is very nice, add almost 40 thousand dollars more to these freeroll, it is very good, almost free money and very good, for the players, but I think it will be difficult since more players will come to play it, but it is worth it because the tournament is great with great prizes, good luck to everyone at the tables and may they win.
 CALICUL29/12/2020 19:36:05 GMT
I see that 888 poker offers good money for freeroll games but something annoys me a lot. Many players are sit out and this disturbs my concentration if i play at other tables. That speed with which play in 3-4 players, does not compare with maximum 9, that the table has
 geseco1230/12/2020 01:11:21 GMT
I hope he wins something with those freeroll, I think that now and it is worth it, adding to the pot more than 40 thousand dollars is a lot of money, I think that if there is luck he will win a lot of money, for beginners that is enough, and I think they will increase profit if they manage to enter lucky prizes to everyone at the poker tables.
 antonis32130/12/2020 02:29:24 GMT
Good strategy is to play these freerolls , especially the ones with the big , enhanced prizepools like the $1K in the evening everyday or the weekly $10K , then play these freerolls winnings aggressively in satellites for tickets or very good games directly to win a lot more and multiply winnigs and profits and give them rakeback a lot as much as it's needed for these winnings . Bad strategy mine , to go and play directly the freeroll winnings or the money earned in poker with this winnings in the casino , I always lose them all , total bankrupt , lol .Better have a small proportion of the bankroll for casino , strictly scheduled and controlled , if reach the max amount leave casino , or else you lose conrol . These extra freerolls or bonuses are cool to win extra money , also the bonuses for sports or casino are cool if you play carefully . Good luck everyone
 CALICUL30/12/2020 21:55:19 GMT
I managed to make a small bankroll and must to play more satellites for medium tournaments. To play for the big ones i will have to submit something, because sometimes need a rebuy or add on. When i make a deposit i will have to try.
 geseco1203/01/2021 03:11:43 GMT
It is noticeable that 888poker wants to bring more players to its room because adding more money is increasing the players' profits, which because of the initiative to win more for free is interesting, for any player who is starting in this world, hopefully it is not the the first time, nor the last, they do big tournaments for free.
 antonis32103/01/2021 08:42:57 GMT
The good thing is to play freerolls during rush hours when the freeerolls are the most , also some satellites , the very cheap like the ones with the cent buy-in , or the 2cent or 10cent buyin , int he afternoon or the eening or t night , be all the time online , then you get a prize drop , it might be a $1 blast ticket , then go play this and some more you have won the same way in some step 3 tourneys that run in the afternoon , 16:00-18:00 Greece time are the ones with the most prizes , that means ten more or less , so you get $5 blast ticket , to use them in blast game and win $10 minimum , $15 or more , or play them on step 4 for $16.50 ticket or directly on $5 tourney , 3 with $1K or $1.5K there are daily ,

As for the freerolls prizes , this is the cherry on the cake , extra prizes , maybe go and play part of the winnngs , maybe $5 for every $25 of winnings on the casino slots , on the book of dead 1cent bet one line to generte rake slowly and level up 888poker club level , and pay some rake Smile

Good luck everyone .
 DinGo!03/01/2021 11:29:23 GMT
Of course, freerolls are always good. I just think that in past they had better promotions with bigger prizes. And it was easier to win something more then a few bucks. Hard to understand, why so many people now are playing this freerolls, maybe because of winter and many people are staying at home then to go outside somewhere. Anyway this freerolls are running daily, and we have a big $10 000 freeroll on sunday, which can help you to win some money, for sure if you will play tight and don,t risk too much.
 CALICUL03/01/2021 12:35:43 GMT
I played a little, won a few dollars from these games and now my bankroll has grown to $ 65. I don't know what more interesting satellites i can find on 888 poker but i will focus on playing with this money and i hope do something nice, and after that to make a withdrawal. Good luck, mobsters.
 geseco1204/01/2021 03:15:45 GMT
This Christmas was very good with respect to the prizes of different poker rooms, especially 888poker, which added a similar prize of 40 thousand dollars in free tournaments, it only remains to thank the initiative of the room, and that this year it is tripled in money for that the prizes are bigger, and that users can enjoy it.
 CALICUL04/01/2021 12:44:23 GMT
888 poker has his strategy but i would like to run more money in this room. My bad luck in sports betting makes me not to have notable performances, because if i won more often... i would invest that money in poker tournaments or casino, for more wager or good withdrawal.
 DinGo!04/01/2021 16:58:38 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
I played a little, won a few dollars from these games and now my bankroll has grown to $ 65. I don't know what more interesting satellites i can find on 888 poker but i will focus on playing with this money and i hope do something nice, and after that to make a withdrawal. Good luck, mobsters.

You can play any cheap satellites you want and you still will have enough money to withdraw. I,ve heard many stories, how people start with this cheap satellites and after that step by step they continue to win a big tournament tickets. Of course, you anyway need to play good the key tournament, because otherwise everything was uselss. But i,m pretty sure, it,s possible to make a big win in a tournament starting just with a few cents satellite. Everyone can do this and this is possible.
 CALICUL10/01/2021 23:30:57 GMT
I believe that there will be a decrease in player traffic, when the promotion of 888 poker ends but it is not excluded that another will follow immediately. Some people are stingy and only want freeroll games. Why they don't make deposits more often, because it would be better.

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