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Donate Mob Points (Money) For The Australian Red Cross!

Tags: Australia, bankrollmob.
Posted on 27 January 2020 by "T".

In case you've missed it, Bankrollmob.com is trying to raise some money for the Australian Red Cross to help out with the disastrous situation due to the wildfires.

You can donate mob points until the end of January 2020 and BankrollMob.com will then match the entire amount received!

According to Reuters's latest news:

  • 33 human lives have been lost
  • Millions of animals have died
  • An area almost as big as Greece has burnt


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11 comments for "Donate Mob Points (Money) For The Australian Red Cross!"

 3pokeronly27/01/2020 11:30:39 GMT
Sr Thom can you add >> click link << sort of thing
 CALICUL27/01/2020 16:52:37 GMT
This is an opportunity for every member of this site to donate 1 dollar, 5 or more for the disaster that was in Australia. I believe that reputable people in this world should take action and to offer money for this cause. It is a human thing and maybe in the future such disaster will not happen.
 crankmuppet29/01/2020 17:42:02 GMT
At least 32 people have died.

More than 10 million hectares have been scorched and more than 3,000 houses destroyed.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians displaced.

Long-term damage to many sensitive ecosystems and more than 1 billion animals have been lost, with more expected due to starvation and lack of shelter.

Imagine the extreme stress of losing homes, livelihoods, pets, and property.

This is a disaster of "end of world" proportions for the country and the end of their fire season is months away.

(Admin edit: Fixed your image embeds)
 CALICUL30/01/2020 09:41:58 GMT
Many people do not understand this tragedy if they live in other areas of the world and they have no problem with fires. In Amazon, Australia, Greece and even Russia they fighting with the fire in their forests. Something is dubious here and many say it's a criminal hands... but what matters here is that people from the world to help with money for a good cause.
 Smilie31/01/2020 18:58:06 GMT
Done. Used, My Points. Every little bit helps. Smile Thank YOU kindly BRM, with, helping me, get points, by the AWESOME tourneys, on each, poker site. GREAT TEAM and work, on BRM Forum site. Smile good luck on, the Felts, EVERYONE. Cheers Smile
 dule-vu01/02/2020 11:14:27 GMT
hope that money will come to people that really need it and who lost everything!I know that is very bad when you lose something that you had whole life,but worst thins for australia is this fields and animals!you cant make now that three or plant grow up on that part of country,you make animal to live there!this is very bad thing!
 CALICUL02/02/2020 13:12:29 GMT
Dear members of this group, i have a request to you: Try to be good people and donate for this noble cause. I think you have 1 dollar, two or more in your account to help. What was in Australia is painful and those peoples went through hell. Good luck.
 kraemer02/02/2020 18:41:39 GMT
This is definitively a cause to support and i like it that bankrollmob is running these "points for charity" events when there is some sort of disaster happening...

Respect to crankmuppet for actually donating $50 !!!!

Makes me feel a little bad about having donated only $5... But in a huge community like this one we can raise a lot of money if many people give a little...

So in case you didnt... Follow the link top left on any bankrollmob page and donate a buck or 2...
You will make a lot more in poker and casinos because of your increased Karma, so it's a win win situation Blink
 dule-vu03/02/2020 12:42:54 GMT
every member who is not active at forum,now is chance to write posts on forum and then to make donation for Australia!just 10 post will give 100 mob points and then you can make donation!this will small gift,but if lot of people do this,number will be big on end!come on people,we can do it!
 antonis32103/02/2020 18:23:28 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
every member who is not active at forum,now is chance to write posts on forum and then to make donation for Australia!just 10 post will give 100 mob points and then you can make donation!this will small gift,but if lot of people do this,number will be big on end!come on people,we can do it!

You are absolutely right . This is sth great that BRM decided to do . It might seem litlle money , but every cent is needed and it wil come in handy for sure , for some food , supplies , any other simple thing that is needed right now or in the future for the peolple that suffer , and everything else that need urgently help or protection ( for example the animals that were hurt in these wildfires ) .
I wrote a review for 888poker where I have been playing for years , and donated the amount . More simple it couldn't be done .
Thanks to all BRM members that contributed for this cause , it's really very cool Smile

You can also donate via many other ways , there are fund raising and donation campaigns for Australia Wildfires woldwide in almost all countries Smile
 dule-vu04/02/2020 15:14:24 GMT
antonis321 I totally forgot on this option,that you can write one review and then you also get points,more then you get by posting on forum!so with few reviews every member can donate small amount,but on end it will be big,when BRM collect every dollar from us!come on people,write,give,collect,its important!
if I could choose,I would like that this money go to some organisation who care about animals or plants!

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