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partypoker $10M GTD KO Series Returns on February 2 to 16

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Posted on 29 January 2020 by "T".

A total of $10 million guaranteed is in store for KO Series players!

partypoker is pleased to announce the return of one of their popular events, the online KO Series.

partypoker $10M GTD KO Series

  • Schedule: February 2 to 16, 2020
  • GTD prize pool: $10,000,000
  • Number of tournaments: 230
  • Buy-in: from $2.20 up to $2,100

Played entirely using the popular PKO format, a collection of game types shall be available over the championship fortnight to cater to all poker tastes including 8-Max, 6-Max, Mix-Max 8-6, Mix-Max 6-4 and ‘Battle' in NL format, alongside PLO events available in 6-Max and Big Ante.

The final day (February 16) is scheduled for the following key events:

partypoker still has the fee waived on the bounty element of PKO tournament buy-ins, which means even greater value for the tourney players, while the special-edition KO Series SPINS games will enable players the chance to secure their seats in the festival for just a fraction of the price, thereby complementing the partypoker's regular satellite program.

Kristen Bicknell of Team partypoker said, "The KO Series gives players a great chance to get off to a winning start in 2020 and is a series I always look forward to. The knockout style format means you win more money for every elimination you make, favoring an aggressive style of play."

Joao Simao, also of Team partypoker, added, "I'm excited to play the upcoming KO Series, which provides something for everyone with lots of tournaments available in a range of buy-ins and different game types on offer."


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16 comments on "partypoker $10M GTD KO Series Returns on February 2 to 16"

 dule-vu29/01/2020 16:40:13 GMT
another series from party poker with 10 million GTD dollars and 230 tournaments!so we can say something for everybody,from lower buy in to big one!who is regular at this poker site,probably will try his luck on some tournament!14 days of big poker tournaments!good luck to all!
 erru910729/01/2020 19:26:43 GMT
I've tried a few KO series before and I really like that format, however the format doesn't seen to like me very much since I always end up with a loss. I could probably play just for the fun of it but due to my family situation I can't spare the time for an entire MTT. I'll have to stick to my DoNs.
 CALICUL30/01/2020 09:36:17 GMT
This is something very important. 10 millions of dollars in 14 days of Knockout tournaments is very good and who has a good bankroll or wallet must to play for his chances. These series offer the opportunity for success and you can be a winner of a good money.
 damosk30/01/2020 11:12:27 GMT
Partypoker is once again pushing the boat out in terms of guarantees and a huge pool of money for this promotion will certainly see plenty of players turning up ty the site to get a piece of the action. I look forward to reading stories from mobsters who satellite into tourneys and win big money from little or no buy in. Of course, you could play in the Christmas Freeroll and use your winnings to buy into one of the tournaments. Good luck everyone.
 maragatero30/01/2020 16:13:11 GMT
What a good Tournament! I remember, not so far in the past, that the main event of any poker´s room was a Million or a half (like Party Poker in 2018). But know, the prizes are really big. And this mode of playing, with the knock out accumulated prizes, are better. You can keep some money despite not having been "in the money".
 CALICUL31/01/2020 10:36:55 GMT
This series is also made by Party Poker and if you are a good player you can't lose a lot of money here because you recover through eliminations against less fortunate players. More than that you have the chance to win other dollars when finish in the money.
 antonis32131/01/2020 17:20:22 GMT
I am happy that this series is coming back Smile I will try my luck in some of the tournaments in , I hope they give some satellites with many tickets guaranteed to be able to grab some tickets and play more events , as it happened in the previous series . Smile gl everyone
 maragatero31/01/2020 17:31:36 GMT
Surely there will be a lot of satellites, I don´t know yet if there will be freerolls to get the cheap ticket of $ 2,20, but is very probabily. I don´t understand the propose about 230 tournaments and a collection of games. I feel that I missing something for my poor english... Confused
 bowie198401/02/2020 14:56:28 GMT
I have no idea what are the reasons for doing the 'mix-max' tournies, if you really can't decide you want to play either the 6max or an 8max variant then just make a tourney for players who prefer full ring tables as well. No need to exchange them up within the game.
 maragatero01/02/2020 23:29:57 GMT
Yes, I think like you bowie1984. I don´t understand why the poker´s rooms in general, are trying to force to us to play the variants that they invent without giving us the option for traditional games. Finally I have to think that they are study all the details and in this way they won more money with our play...I don´t know Confused
 Mober02/02/2020 20:01:39 GMT
That is a lot of tournaments they are having in this series.
And the good thing is that the buy ins start from 2.20 USD which can you
say is an affordable amount for most of the players.
I dont see anything about satellites though...
 antonis32106/02/2020 00:03:15 GMT
I also don't like the mix max , I have never understood the introduction of such a game . I don't like them , i won't play them in the future .

I am sad to see no low buy in satellites for the games in my lobby , such as for the 2.20$ tourneys .only one sat for 20 tickets with $0.55 buy in for event 67L , a 5.50 for 67M , 5.50 for 68M plo , 15x 109$ tickets , some 33$ tickets for very expensive but very few tickets , 55$ for 530$ tickets . If they don't appear , I will play very few games very low buy in , with max value/prizepool offered .

Does this happen only to Greeks or everywhere is the same ?? In Partypoker lobby they don't offer
many satellites ?? This is very odd , really . If you offer a series of games but no satellites for them is no good for players , you could offer tickets with less or very few tickets f needed , but none for the micros ??? . If it's only for greek players and the sites that share Partyoker's lobby and PartyPoker's games , that's really extremelly sad ........ I say only for Greek players , cause there has been some discrimination vs Greek players (who also have made or are making/can make a deposit if needed/asked for a promotion/freeroll access or whatever else Blink ) for some things like access to some freerolls for ex , in the past by some rooms like Smile

Also they offer games starting from $2.20 ? , pls help my memory , didn't they offer games for less buy ins like 1.10 in the past or was it another series of games (not the KO's )and my memory is not good at all Aww crap! ?? Thank you Smile

Good luck fot the games that you'll decide to play

 dule-vu06/02/2020 20:01:40 GMT
maybe antonis you have some restrictions as greek,maybe they dont offer same things as for players from other countries!too many restrictions for poker and casino players in whole EU and this is very bad for us!I play normally on party poker software,but on party casino page I must use VPN!
 maragatero06/02/2020 20:34:29 GMT
If you don´t have money to gamble (like I), you have to have time, a lot of it! And you have to have time in the tournament´s schedule, not when you want. If you won a ticket for a step, usually you have to use it exclusively in a tournament that will run a few minutes or an hour since the end of the sat where you win the ticket...It´s a marathon!
 antonis32108/02/2020 00:32:47 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
maybe antonis you have some restrictions as greek,maybe they dont offer same things as for players from other countries!too many restrictions for poker and casino players in whole EU and this is very bad for us!I play normally on party poker software,but on party casino page I must use VPN!

First thing I thought was playing in the original PartyPoker platform/lobby via a VPN , (cause it offers all the freerolls that lobby hides , also a freeroll with great value by a site I am a member of, also too many promotions that are not always provided by or for other reasons ) as PartyPoker wasn't allowing players from Greece .
I created an account , but I couldn't depodit using some methods/ways available . Was it because I was using a VPN , because of Greece bank restrictions (that time I remember they had already seized to exist , or most of them anyway ,so Question ..... also , if I remember correct I also tried paysafecard , which was allowed in Greece , but with no success neither ) , because of some other reason .?
Very sad , I wish I could play on PartyPoker .... is not totally the same as PartyPoker unfortunatelly .
 CALICUL12/02/2020 07:57:49 GMT
It's a good series and the prizes are good enough, to attract many gamblers. People are desperate, when they see something beautiful and this is really a way of doing something. It is important to qualify in a few games, but for that you have to work seriously.

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