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partypoker Introduces ‘King of the Hill' for Heads-up Online Cash Games

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Posted on 31 January 2020 by "T".

partypoker has introduced across its global dotcom (.com) market the ‘King of the Hill' for their heads-up online cash games.

Designed to help improve the operator's cash game ecology and optimize the play experience of heads-up cash game players, the main goal of King of the Hill is to make partypoker a fairer and thus more enjoyable place to play online poker.

These changes enable partypoker to limit the number of available tables at each stake, thus encouraging players to compete against each other, while the restricted game availability allows tables to fill up at a much faster rate.

Aside from that, to encourage action at the tables, players may now only wait at a maximum one table of a certain configuration at any given time.

Those who love to compete against others can open more tables of the same configuration seamlessly, simply by checking the option ‘Play another table'.

These new changes are part of partypoker's ongoing campaign to make the site the fairest online poker out there.

partypoker Head of Product Ross McQuater said, "We are continuing to look at ways we can improve the ecology of our network through the introduction of new features. The latest update will greatly improve the experience for those players wishing to play heads-up cash games. This is one of many changes we are planning to make to our cash game offering in the coming months."

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10 comments on "partypoker Introduces ‘King of the Hill'' for Heads-up Online Cash Games"

 maragatero31/01/2020 23:47:01 GMT
I´m trying to understand the news and poker`s room propose...Party Poker since now will limit the number of table empty or with only one player that will be offer in his lobby? So you can´t selection the player against you want to play? That is it? First I though that you can´t play in unlimited table, but it´s not ...?
 dule-vu01/02/2020 11:11:06 GMT
dont understand exactly this move from party poker!so they will make completely new site just for heads up games and to improve their "ecology" network?must say that is strange for me and dont know why they need this move,when they have main site,but ok,we will see how this will work!
 CALICUL01/02/2020 11:46:03 GMT
This is the model in which professional players can lose hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Here who wins the best is party poker and the lucky persons. I didn't like this style of play at all because is very hard but gamblers with skills have multi chances to make money.
 bowie198401/02/2020 14:38:24 GMT
I am telling you guys - every time a company releasing a statement about how they are trying to make their product better (in this case: fairer and more enjoyable) the result is always that they manage to make it worse in the end...
 maragatero01/02/2020 23:53:58 GMT
But much more profitable for them! That detail is never forgotten ... Anyway it seems that I am not the only one who does not fully understand the proposal, isn't it? An economist in my country says: "If you do not understand the explanation of an economic program, they are trying to harm you!". It´s a new room? It´s a new lobby? It´s a new game?
 dule-vu02/02/2020 12:08:02 GMT
its big question why they need new site only for heads up games and what this can bring to players!they have many games that you can play with only two players and now they will make something new!is it problem something with old one's when they make this or what?
 CALICUL02/02/2020 12:39:40 GMT
They are trying to make a lot of profit but these marketing decisions, who are at the disadvantage of the players, does not help. Ten years ago poker was a huge success but the years have passed and the situation has changed in bad, because some poker rooms have broken everything...
 Mober02/02/2020 20:25:02 GMT
No change happens in any site, if there is no possibility of improving site's
earnings Smile
If they were to do some new "improvements" to the game resulting in a loss
to their income, then they wouldnt do it Smile
But it is a fact they are trying to make the game fair with all that bot chase we
see, happening there...
 maragatero03/02/2020 13:24:48 GMT
Yes I think in the same way, profits rules!!! But the real chief of the profit´s hunter is PokerStar. They abandon their player´s interest at all. Monthly run new "creations! to the market, and all the recreational players that don´t care in play any with anothers humans being, goes with it. The probabilities to achieve that the Poker may be considered a sport, are moving away with this Angry
 CALICUL03/02/2020 13:28:59 GMT
Each poker room will supports the consequences, if they do not respect for the players. There the situation is not good because of this and that is why Stars Group wants to sell or make an alliance. Party Poker has good ideas but unfortunately does not activate everywhere.

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