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New Feature by partypoker LIVE Protects Players and Backers

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Posted on 07 January 2020 by "T".

Great news! Players as well as their backers in partypoker LIVE events can now be protected thanks to a suggestion of Bill Perkins, which has been implemented on Saturday, January 4.

Owner of the popular live streaming channel, the Thirst Lounge, Perkins tweeted on New Year's eve, "If live tournament allowed backers to enter people and collect the cash we would smash registration records. If this can be worked out poker would BOOM again."

He then wrote further, "one of the biggest issues with backing people is how the cash is controlled. Make that simple and everyone benefits. Should be easy to have X player but cash goes to Y backer. Just a few more lines of code."

partypoker LIVE agreed that it was a great idea and came up with the Joint Instruction Form.

Simply put, partypoker LIVE enables players and backers to settle payouts using the cash desk at tournaments to pay out the correct amounts to each party. This makes the process of backing players safer and easier, and reduces post tournament admin.

Both parties must download, complete, and sign a simple form. The cashier will then distribute the funds as indicated in the form if ever the player in the tournament manages to land in-the-money places. It's as simple as that!

To see the terms and conditions and to download the Joint Instruction Form, check it out here.




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4 comments on "New Feature by partypoker LIVE Protects Players and Backers"

 CALICUL08/01/2020 09:03:10 GMT
I have not yet understood how this method works, but i think it is a beneficial thing, if that's a great idea, as Party Poker said. I like that certain structures to change, for the benefit of the players and this will definitely bring more customers at the tables.
 bowie198408/01/2020 13:35:01 GMT
You cannot trust anybody nowadays, and the world of gambling always attracts some of the most untrustable figures out there (it's not like one goal of poker is about how could you misrepresent your hand, like they are wanting you to lie over and over again).
A more clear way to handle money would be beneficial to both players and their sponsors of course.
 CALICUL09/01/2020 09:54:16 GMT
Those who have the powers of authorization, monitoring and control in the field of gambling, must oblige owners of the sport betting, poker rooms and casinos, to offer good conditions for all gamblers. I would also like to win a nice sum at Hol'em but this is not possible because something stops me... and i think, i will not succeed in this life.

 Mober12/01/2020 11:34:08 GMT
Well just a simple suggestion there, that was accepted by party poker,
making it safer for all the people involved in a tournament.
Something like that could have implemented long time ago, if the live tournament organizers cared about. At some point it is not their business anyway...

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