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888poker's Latest Promo - Tweet for Your Seat, $888 Guaranteed!

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Posted on 24 February 2020 by "T".

888poker is rewarding a free seat to their $888 Twitter freeroll on February 24, 2020 (Monday), and players can reserve their very own seat just by tweeting the promo!

Tweet for Your Seat, $888 Guaranteed
Jumping in to this freeroll is very easy. First things first, you need to have an account at 888poker.

If you don't have one yet, simply sign up for an 888poker account through BankrollMob, and you will also receive $88 Free + $700 on deposit!

  1. To join, make sure to follow 888poker on Twitter.
  2. Tweet this message. Replace ‘X' with your 888poker username.
  3. Reserve your seat to the $888 Twitter freeroll on 24/2/2020!

Terms and Conditions:

1. All 888poker promotion Terms & Conditions apply.
2. Registration Bonus Terms & Conditions apply.
3. Players will be eligible to register in "Twitter Free tournament" 6 hours prior to its start, once the specified 'Follow' and 'Tweet' actions are completed.
4. The Promoter reserves the right to alter, amend, modify and update these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion.
5. To be eligible for the Twitter Poker Series Free tournament, players need to follow the Promotion terms mentioned above.
6. Each Twitter account can be used for reserving a single seat only.


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16 comments on "888poker''s Latest Promo - Tweet for Your Seat, $888 Guaranteed!"

 dule-vu24/02/2020 09:59:52 GMT
so another freeroll for all twitter users or somebody who will take password from other players!but this freeroll is today,so you will need to be fast if you want to play it!for sure there will be lot of players,so prize pool maybe will share on lot of people!
 buckmaster6624/02/2020 16:55:08 GMT
more great free rolls at 888 poker
 CALICUL24/02/2020 21:10:20 GMT
Tweet for Your Seat is not for all countries. In the past i used this method but now she disappeared and the tournament does not appear in the lobby either. Something happened and 888 poker was upset and restricted. This is not nice.
 maragatero24/02/2020 23:25:43 GMT
You have to work in that CALICUL...Same thing happened to me, I registered there and then, when I saw the announcement of twitter´s freeroll in the main lobby of 888poker, I look for it in twitter. But, as I´m not a daily user of twiter, I didn´t understand how it works. But, if you have the soft and 888 is allowed in your country, you may play it. Today you have to tweet for the 30/03 freeroll. Go for it!!!
 CALICUL25/02/2020 21:57:39 GMT
You ask for registration with nick name of the room on Twitter and they will tell that you will play in that 888 poker freeroll. It is not difficult, but the situation is difficult because the restrictions are in many countries. This is not fair and it's a shame for 888.
 maragatero26/02/2020 22:46:53 GMT
I don´t understand to you my friend CALICUL. You are a 888poker´s player, isn´t it? So 888poker is allowed in your country. And you are a Twitter´s user, so Twitter is allowed in your country. So, what are you claimming? You are claimming for the people in the word that couldn´t play it? If it is are a very sensitive person I can imagine how many worries the state of things in the world will generate Big Smile
 CALICUL27/02/2020 22:51:09 GMT
I'm not a sensitive person but i do not support injustice. 888 Poker prohibit more freeroll games in my country. They have no reason to do that because these tournaments are freerolls and prizes are supported by other sites. Tweet for your seat is one of these games.
 antonis32128/02/2020 04:00:08 GMT
Oh man , I tried so many times in the past to participate in this twitter 888poker freeroll , but there was a link that when I clicked on it , it redirected me to a greek government page saying that this provider is not allowed in Greece or whatever hahaha ... Too bad , a freeroll is always a good thing , free money , always good to play it Smile At least I was able to play other 888poker social freerolls like the instagram one , nice Smile
 maragatero28/02/2020 11:35:50 GMT
Now I understand CALICUL...I was thinking that, if 888poker is allowed in your country, all of his offert is allowed there. What a shame! And, really, you have a good reason to feel discriminated. And, for the says of antonis321, now I know that this is no allowed in Greece too! That´s strange! Because in this case isn´t the 888poker´s decision but from country, who allowed Twitter and 888poker Confused
 CALICUL29/02/2020 00:00:14 GMT
It is an intentional strategy of 888 Poker, to force Romanian players to make more deposits. With other countries they do not proceed in this way. That is discrimination and we can't change anything. This is the situation and i do not think it will change.
 antonis32129/02/2020 01:47:06 GMT
Yes maragatero , I couldn't play this freeroll but I could play other social freerolls . Also I couldn't access this page but I can access other pages of 888poker . This applies to other rooms or casinos banned or not allowed , and I believe this thing occurs in every country with idiotic fake regulation rules like Greece . There is a mess with the regulations and permissions , on purpose , a psychological warfare
and mindgame with the players , an unethical way to lead their money deposits and games , to specific interests .. Disgusting .

Anyway , that's a good promotion and freeroll offered by this pokerroom .888poker is so great whet it comes to freerolls and freebuys to help you build or expand your bankroll , I wonder if there is a similar pokerroom in the world , I really doubt it ...
 maragatero29/02/2020 15:03:11 GMT
But, CALICUL, that should be up side down, don´t you think? If 888poker want that Romanians or any other players makes more deposits, they should offer more incentives. If they make bad treatments they are throwing out this players Confused And antoni321, I´m agree with you. Some governments are really hypocrites. They does some actions, like banned all random games, in the name of the moral or ethics, but they allowed the torture, the corruption, and the forced disappearences Angry
 CALICUL01/03/2020 01:07:14 GMT
Some countries stopped online poker for other reasons. Financial of course and the interest of others was stronger. Corruption exists because it brings money. Torture and forced disappearences they are allowed of the occult world with their puppets, politicians, but also the criminals who are their allies. 888 has good promotions for my country, but other countries have the same and they have all the free games and we do not. This is not nice but is not my idea.
 maragatero03/03/2020 12:09:51 GMT
Well, the world is a crazy place! By the way, have you registered to the next freeroll at 30 or 31 of March? Try it CALICUL, perhaps you would have a good notice an we could find us in those tables, don´t you think? My problem with this register (I do it in the past week), I remember it just in time! If the tourney is not announced in the main lobby with time, I could lost it!
 antonis32103/03/2020 19:41:55 GMT
Some countries stopped in the past , or nowadays , online poker , or they invent many obstacles (like mixed/unclear regulations , huge fines , expensive licences , ambiguous laws about if poker is a a game of skill or chance and what games really are permitted , etc ) . The reason might be corruption , so as to promote/protect special domestic interests .

But many times it's also the will to make it difficult for players , especially in not rich countries like Ukraine/Russia or some other countries , to make some extra money added to their monthly salary or other payments they might have , they just don't want them to earn sth more , way more , or sometimes a lot of money ( if they are good/very good indeed) , rather than this , they prefer them as their slaves in sh*** jobs , try to earn pennies/not even the basics working from dawn till dusk ...... And these taxes , 20% , 30% , 40%(!!!!) , wtf ....

I really believe that the fact that all these regulations , judges' investigations , many ''unlaw laws '' or whatever , started when poker was at its peak and poker boom era , this is clearly not random or unintentional....
 maragatero04/03/2020 21:10:40 GMT
Have you know that in this Forum stay opened a clone thread of this, that was starting on June 26? I open it, thinking that is this thread, and was very confused because I didn´t found any of this opinions (I wrote there but it didn´t like to BRM). Anyway, about this theme (I advise all of you that be allow to participate, don´t miss the next on March 31!) of bad regulations, the principal cause is the big money that this matter managed! Blink

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