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888poker Latest Promo - Galaxy of Freerolls

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Posted on 25 March 2020 by "T".

On Wednesday, March 25, 888poker is aiming for the stars again with their massive Galaxy of Freerolls series, which carries a whopping $500,000 in prizes!

888poker Galaxy of Freerolls Promo

  • Duration: March 25 to June 7, 2020
  • Prize pool: $500,000

The Galaxy of Freerolls will run until June 7 with two daily $2,000 Venus Freerolls scheduled Monday through Saturday, and on every Sunday a $10,000 Neptune Freeroll will be offered to players.

On the last day of the Galaxy of Freerolls, June 7, there shall be one final big freeroll - the Super-Saturn Freeroll - featuring a massive $100,000 prize pool, which makes it a very appealing tournament for 888poker players.

To add even more thrill to your virtual galaxy poker escapade, the poker site is going to give away lots of on-the-spot surprises including bonuses, extra prizes, and exclusive freerolls.

If that's still not enough, players can spin the Daily Spin to win a ticket to the $1,000 Space BLAST Freeroll, which will grant BLAST tickets!

So hurry to the 888poker lobby and grab yourself a piece of that $500,000 cosmic prize!

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55 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - Galaxy of Freerolls"

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» 888poker Latest Promo - Galaxy of Freerolls

 maragatero02/04/2020 03:34:31 GMT
peronibar, you live in a parallel universe! Gifts in your house? Cards and chips of 888? How many thousands of bucks you play there weekly...or daily? In the best time of the past, they send me tickets to the new promos of the month, and the wheel was a lot more generous...but no more than it! I don´t claim anything because I never waste my own money there, I only play with the bankroll that I make with the freerolls...
 CALICUL02/04/2020 13:31:40 GMT
You need to have a good level for some gifts... because the very good wager is the one that makes you to receive certain small attention from 888 poker. Promotions & bonuses are very good for the players of these room. I am now trying to get entries into some galaxy free games.
 antonis32103/04/2020 04:48:43 GMT
Nice deck of cards you got there peronibar Smile Actually I don't know how the criteria they use to share tickets or other gifts to players , ofcourse the more you play and the more rake you give to them , the better chances to receive a gift . Ofcourse if you are a big loser , you always receive gifts from every poker room , lol Big Smile

Anyway , I didn't receive any free buy in tickets , with the exception of the welcome package . Only some freeroll tickets and the tickets that I won via a promotion or that I bought with the VIP coins they give you . ofcourse the freeroll tickets were many , if only I have been a better player to take advantage of it . Too many times they sent me emails with deposit offers , very nice ofers with free tickets for every deposit , good opportunities to win sth more and expand your bankroll .

Ofcourse as I said , nothing is completely free , they expect to take back this money via rake generated by the player's games . So if sb is not playing many buyin games , enough to give them at least a satisfying rake but only freerolls and very low buyin tournaments , and withdraw then the profits , and do this again and again , it wouldn't surprise me if they stopped giving him free tickets or other gifts . no talking about you peronibar , I am talking about everyone , including me Blink
 CALICUL03/04/2020 14:03:26 GMT
I received two daily tickets for Venus free games in the last 4-5 days and i got a ticket for the $ 10,000 Neptune freeroll. At the moment it is good but maybe I will get qualification for $100k free. I'll look over there and maybe i'll do all missions for this entry.
 antonis32104/04/2020 08:41:35 GMT
These missions sound simple , and easy for many olayers , the buy in of these missins is affordable for most of the players , even for exclusively freerollers .

Also , if you win sth good in a lowbuy in tournament , or in a freeroll of the too many freerolls available in the lobby , you can play this new earned money without risking anything from your existong balance , also if you have some tickets you can use them Smile

There are 3 options , 3 missions I read to choose the one that is closer to your needs and abilities , that's very good . Also they want 2 missions only for the great Sunday freeroll of the $10.000 ?? That sounds easy enough, even if you can't afford everyday to succeed in a mission , you have six days to manage it , nice!!!! Win some money in these 6 days , play two missions , win the big ticket for the Sunday , 2 more for everyday freerolls . Nice offer Smile
 CALICUL04/04/2020 16:29:07 GMT
It is not difficult to do 14 missions but there are only 3 possibilities and i finished only 5 out of 14 so far. I will also play cash to make 6 and after that need to read more advices to complete this promotion. I suppose there will be over 20,000 players who will fight there.
 antonis32107/04/2020 09:56:28 GMT
The challenges you have to do in order to get the ticket don't seem so difficult to me , they seem easy to get , even for a simple freeroller or a player who plays mostly freerbuy events . He can use a ticket he has won the previous days , play a $3,30 or $5,50 or more expensive tournament and get the Galaxy of freerolls daily freeroll , the best way to get the tivket imho . The cash game challenge or alternative choise , I am not sure , always cash games are tricky for me , might lose much chasing a promotion if not good enough , especialyy 6 max . For the 3rd choice , if it includes casino slots , then it might be very easy to wager/play $5 , but if it is refering exclusively only to sport events , don't know any sport events you could play mowadays , just lol Smile
 peronibar07/04/2020 21:32:00 GMT
On Friday will be 10k freeroll
 antonis32108/04/2020 00:44:38 GMT
very nice peronibar . This 10k freeroll is very cool , you have the chance now to win some very good money for free. Good luck for you and every BRM member who will play it on Friday .Maybe I will play it as well .

It's very nice of them that they scheduled this freeroll as a comprehension for some technical difficulties/irregularities that players experienced , so as to make them feel better . ACR also has scheduled such freerolls in the past as a comprehension for disconnection problems and tournament cancellations , I don't recall the exact number of those 10/000$ tourneys , but they were a lot . I believe , besides the mega freerolls because of the DDOs attacks , also pokerstars has such a freeroll in the past because of technical problems . Anyway , this is a nice way from pokerrooms to satisfy players and show they are really sorry for this kind of problems . Smile
 CALICUL08/04/2020 09:18:08 GMT
I played in the $ 10,000 Neptune free tournament and won $ 5. It was easy not difficult because i got some good cards. Yesterday i got another ticket for this game which is Sunday. I can't see how many missions i did for the $ 100k free ( 888 not work good ).
 antonis32109/04/2020 18:35:56 GMT
Nice Calicul , I wish you next time to have even more winning hands and profits in any of these galaxy of freerolls Smile Good Luck . Also best of luck to get the ticket for the $100.000 freeroll , there it really worths to participate , enormous prizepool , the missions to succeed and get the ticket don't seem impossible ,imo Smile
 peronibar10/04/2020 18:10:49 GMT
Posted by peronibar:
On Friday will be 10k freeroll

I cant reg here,write need ticketWtf,its not wrpte in my email Aww crap!
 crankmuppet11/04/2020 08:30:21 GMT
Posted by peronibar:
Posted by peronibar:
On Friday will be 10k freeroll

I cant reg here,write need ticketWtf,its not wrpte in my email Aww crap!

Same for me - no ticket.

I received an email earlier this week informing me of this freeroll, which 888 was offering because their platform had been so unstable.


Oh well - next. Smile
 peronibar11/04/2020 09:04:53 GMT
First time in history support was react fast and I registered in late registration and won 1 euro,.
 dule-vu11/04/2020 09:09:11 GMT
and then somebody say that they are best poker site,ha,ha Big Smile !even when is some freeroll,you have problems to register or to get tickets and as I see this is not only for one member!so you need to spend your time,to write to support just because they dont react on time and dint make this right!
 CALICUL11/04/2020 10:30:49 GMT
Thank you, Antonis. Yesterday i received an email that this freeroll tournament increased the prize from $ 10,000 to $20k. It's a good chance to win something and at the $ 100k free game, i have 12 missions out of 14. It is a nice situation. Good luck with your tourneys, bets etc...
 peronibar11/04/2020 14:10:40 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
and then somebody say that they are best poker site,ha,ha Big Smile !even when is some freeroll,you have problems to register or to get tickets and as I see this is not only for one member!so you need to spend your time,to write to support just because they dont react on time and dint make this right!

This thing happened often recently. Before couple days I didn't receive ticket Casino mix for Saturday and once I received ticket but he expired one hour before registration begin lol I didn't tell support, I can't bother every time with this.
 dule-vu12/04/2020 09:22:38 GMT
so this cant be normal for one poker site,that so often you cant get tickets that you earn,no matter how big is freeroll!its not even same type of freerolls,its different promotion,so they have some bigger problems and ofcourse you will not contact them every time and to lose your time on chat with live support about freeroll!
 CALICUL12/04/2020 11:41:43 GMT
I did another mission and now i have 13 of 14. Tomorrow i will probably finish the challenges of joining to this 100,000 dollars freeroll game. It is an interesting situation if i manage to win something good in this game. Very successful for you if try this thing.
 antonis32112/04/2020 13:26:40 GMT
Good luck Calicul , it seems you managed to get qualified for this $100.000 Mega-freeroll at the end of this Galaxy of freerolls series . So early and you succeeded , congrats . Maybe I will also be able to participate in some of these freerolls . June the 7 th , the last day of this promotion , is almost two months away , untill then I have plenty of time to play the games I like and choose , win tickets and satellites , play for more $$$$$$ , win points and get some of these Galaxy of Freerolls tickets

Good luck everyone .
 PUNKTHEWAR12/04/2020 18:44:54 GMT
Que legal muito facil jogar Esses freeroll do 888 Smile
 antonis32113/04/2020 18:02:10 GMT
888 poker has so many freerolls , no excuse for you if you are not able to build your bankroll easily !!! Blink If a player like me maneges to win some and build his bankroll $$$ , then everyone can , lol Big Smile Freerolls , centrolls satelites , very low buyin tournamentsfor $$$$ for your cash balance , and satellites for tickets , a piece of cake Smile This galaxy of freerolls is the cherry on the cake !!!!! Smile

I have many tickets , start playing them to win sth , hope to be successfull Smile Good luck everyone Smile

(also this 888 poer BankRollMob freerolls are awesome , especially the one for this forum's depositors Blink )
 CALICUL14/04/2020 13:02:18 GMT
Thank you, Antonis. It was not very difficult and you have time to do this qualification without spending a lot of money. You don't have to be a very good player, because i played in every day 3 Blast games for 1 dollar each. In 2-3 weeks i got the easy entry.
 MarkWest14/04/2020 14:28:10 GMT
Yep , Galigul I have same road to that final freeroll , need 2 more and it's very easy with those blast games , if play 3 need win only 1 time of those and you will get that ticket easy and without spending much $ or time of it , some days win all 3 so it's only +++$ Smile
 antonis32114/04/2020 20:43:12 GMT
You don't have to play very expenssive games in order to get the freeroll tickes , that's very nice . You don't need to have an enormous bankroll to be able to play these games and win the weekday freeroll tickets , the weekend ones , or for the fina great freeroll , a small bankroll is good enough . Try tio win the most at the freerolls , so as all this time and the attempts don't go to waste Smile

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