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Comedian Kevin Hart becomes Latest partypoker Ambassador

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Posted on 15 April 2020 by "T".

Hollywood actor and comedian Kevin Hart is the latest poker-playing celebrity to join partypoker's ambassadors.

Whether he's winning or not, those who have shared a poker table with him can attest that Kevin Hart is indeed a comical character. Throughout the years, he has appeared in many poker events. He even went through some crazy and funny GameOn challenges with Olympic athlete Usain Bolt. He also agreed to do a boxing match prop bet with Antonio Esfandiari last year, and despite being physically fit, he ended up losing to ‘The Magician'.

But what people may find surprising about him beneath the incessant talking is that overall he's a very nice guy. Take for example the time when he won a €40K pot after a female opponent's failed attempt to bluff her way out of it - he pitied the sweet lady and graciously returned the €15K to her.

Kevin Hart announced his decision to join partypoker as he sat beside Dusk Till Dawn owner and partypoker LIVE founder Rob Yong.

Hart: "Expect the world of poker to get a lot more fun. Expect it to get real."

Here's his introductory piece from partypoker's website:

Star of the biggest blockbuster Hollywood films of the last ten years, Kevin Hart needs no introduction. But no matter how busy he is, the man from Philly always finds time to play poker!

And Kevin isn't just a celebrity player - he's an active member of the poker community too. He has a genuine love for the game and shares partypoker's player-first vision.

The Jumanji actor has sat shoulder-to-shoulder with titans of the game, perplexing them with zany chat and creative play.

We're delighted to welcome Kevin to the team! Get ready for some world-class table talk...



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14 comments on "Comedian Kevin Hart becomes Latest partypoker Ambassador"

 dule-vu15/04/2020 11:11:40 GMT
another ambassador or poker pro that change site,from poker start to party poker,which is strange for me!dont know whats happening with poker stars,when they lose so many people,which change site after few years,in this case,he change it after 3 years!ofcourse they offer him more money,but again...
 CALICUL15/04/2020 14:18:57 GMT
Kevin Hart is a famous actor who can bring much satisfaction for Party Poker because he can attract players there. He can successfully advertise and people will be tempted to try this brand. I would love to see him in the videos how he will play in online tournaments.
 maragatero16/04/2020 00:54:49 GMT
Where you saw that CALICUL? I see some good videos of poker online in Twicht, but the transmition are very poor some days. There I saw UPAYFORDINNER, that is a good player of NLFR in GGpoker, but never saw any famous actor like Kevin Hart. I like to see him, please tell my where you saw his playing. I think that he should play live poker, because he could make good fakes "tells"!
 dule-vu16/04/2020 11:20:49 GMT
we will see in next months who will be new players who changed poker stars for party poker and who will play in next years by their name!I would like to see what they did offer to him to come at party poker and what benefits he will have now,will get more money,bigger rake or what!
 CALICUL16/04/2020 14:44:48 GMT
I saw him playing live on youtube and that's because of a BRM thread. When i watched it was of course a replay, but the poker was live not online. This actor got a little taste of Holdem like others and now is ambassador of PP. It's very nice.
 antonis32117/04/2020 05:07:19 GMT
Kevin Hart , besides a successful comedian in many movies , he is also a wonderfull person , the joy of every poker table where he plays , the best addon in a froedly poker session to have fun . Really nice guy , besides a good poker player . Very well PartyPoker had done and added him in it's ambassadors' ranks , he will offer a lot to promote poker and also make PartyPoker known to even more people than now .
 dule-vu17/04/2020 13:06:56 GMT
but for me this thing with ambassadors and poker pro's dont have some influence on me and will I play on some site or not!dont think that many of poker players also will play now more on party poker,just because he will be part of party site!even when I had 20 years,I didnt think that I need to play just because some big name is part of poker or casino site!
 CALICUL17/04/2020 16:34:28 GMT
Kevin Hart has become a good poker player but i don't think he's a professional at this moment. He needs lessons to learn everything he needs, to gain a Pro. At this moment this actor brings him a lot of money with his job, but he will learn a lot with party poker to make money here too.
 Mober17/04/2020 18:45:02 GMT
He is a nice guy indeed and i like him very much as an actor.
I have seen all his movies and most of his stand up shows Smile
He is a good one no doubt about that
A good addition in party poker.It is for sure someone that can put your money
on for advertisement.
 antonis32118/04/2020 12:23:59 GMT
I really love reading some of the things he has done in the past . For example when he returned the money to one female player , who tried to outplay him big time , and throw him out of a hand with a big bluff , but he called winning the pot . But then he returnedto the woman her money , just for her to be able to play more on the felt , to try to have some more chances . Very noble and superior move by him . Ofcourse there are many other stories or events with him , proving the point that he's a very interesting guy and nice poker player , a very nice person , very happy Party had added him on it's embassadors' ranks , he will surely promote the game like oone else Smile
 dule-vu18/04/2020 15:40:21 GMT
he for sure love to play poker,when he is still active with live playing and with this change of poker site,so he enjoy for sure!just depend how will now play it from america,when party poker cant be played from america and there are no live tournaments!so dont know how can he promote party poker,but maybe he will in next months!
 antonis32119/04/2020 13:46:31 GMT
That wouldn't be a problem dulevu . As soon as everything goes back to normality again , then live tournaments will be played again ,he can participate there and wear the Party logo , promoting this room and poker generally. The same as so many others from 888poker or smaller poker rooms have done in the past in WSOP and other great or not so important series of tournaments Smile People like watching these games , even nowadays repetitions and replays of games played 5 , 10-13 years ago , watch again the great pros or well known poker players playing against each other SmileKevin is one of these interesting guys , that you love watching them playing poker Smile
 dule-vu19/04/2020 18:53:29 GMT
but you didnt understand me!at this moment he cant play online,not from america,so this is first bad thing!lot of people cant watch any of his games,even they are at home,so nobody has nothing from this contract!second thing is that who know when people will travel with ariplanes,when countries will open this kind of trasportation,so maybe for months people will not travel,even if corona stops!so there are lot of problems with his playing!
 antonis32122/04/2020 06:30:58 GMT
Yes , they will have to wait for casinos to open again . Until then , business is close , not open for these pros or famous guys embassadors Smile But someday they will open again , I hope very soon , not only the casinos , all businesses ,. everything goes back to normal ASAP Smile Also , these times , these contracts with these embassadors , might be very cheap , very little money for more years than before , because of no live casino action nowadays . So it's a good investment on the long run for poker ginats or anyone else who wants to get advertised by them . Things will go back to normality , and these embassadors then will promote their bosses businesses , very cheap , far very
cheap . it's logical these contracts nowadays to be cheap , the oppossite wou;d be meaningless and stupid , cause casinos , live tournaments ,are out of business !!

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