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888poker Latest Promo - Hand of the Day, Win up to $1,000 Every Day

Tags: 888poker.
Posted on 17 April 2020 by "T".

Win up to $1,000 cash every day with 888poker's Hand of the Day promo!

The Hand of the Day promotion has returned once more to 888poker, where players can win some awesome prizes including $1,000 in cash as well as bonuses or tourney tickets to the daily $1,000 Hand of the Day Freeroll at 19:00 GMT.

888poker Hand of the Day promo

  • Duration: Daily at 19:00 GMT
  • Prize: Up to $1,000 Every Day
First things first, you need to have an account at 888poker.
If you don't have one yet, simply sign up for an 888poker account through BankrollMob, and you will also receive $88 Free + $700 on deposit!

Play your favorite cash games, including SNAP, 2c/5c min. stakes
Win with the specific hand of the day as many times as specified in your email / ‘My Account'
Pocket an awesome cash prize, bonus, or ticket to their daily $1,000 Hand of the Day Freeroll.

Want more prizes?
Complete the daily challenge as many times as specified in your email / ‘My Account' within 1 calendar month and you'll get an extra bonus!

Tournament details:
$1,000 Hand of the Day Freeroll
Schedule: Daily at 19:00 GMT

Hand of the Day Terms and Conditions:
• Depositors only
• Post flop hands only
• Cash Games only
• Odds vary between prizes
• Players may win the Hand of the Day promotion up to 1 time per day
• Available prizes are: tournament tickets, cash prizes and bonuses
• In order to receive the bonus, it must be claimed by the player
• Wagering Requirements: $1.5 contributed Rake/fees or $30 in casino bets for every $1 of the received bonus amount
• Wagering requirements vary by game
• Bonus wins are capped at $500 when playing Casino
• UK only -Your deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time
• Full T&Cs apply

Source: https://www.888poker.com/poker-promotions/hand-of-the-day/


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47 comments for "888poker Latest Promo - Hand of the Day, Win up to $1,000 Every Day"

 maragatero17/04/2020 12:45:57 GMT
This is another good promotion of 888poker, that has regular appearing in the year. I loved it when I played s&g, because I got a lot of it and won tournament´s tickets, bonus and some little cash. But in that time (2018) the conditions were that you have to play at least $ 1 of buy-in games. Now, as I´m seeing, you have a wagering condition, you need to make $ 1,5 of rake...that´s much more money!
 dule-vu17/04/2020 13:01:05 GMT
so this is something that we had at 888 site,to get some hand and to part of promotion,just it was for much longer period!but this is also good for regular players,who play lot of hand per day and I am sure that in some point they will hit this hands on table and maybe will get some extra prize with it!
 CALICUL17/04/2020 16:21:53 GMT
This promotion is very good because it is about two months in 888 poker and it is not over. Players take advantage of this opportunity to earn something extra. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome because where there are more players you can achieve more.

 Mober17/04/2020 18:31:05 GMT
A good promotion for all the players in 888 poker that are grinding.
With a little luck you can get the combo hand and a chance from free cash to
freroll entries.
Like always 888poker runs promotions one after another.
One of the reasons they are one of the top sites.
 maragatero18/04/2020 14:19:58 GMT
Yes Mober, I´m agree with you. Is easy to get the hand of the day, you have to have bad luck to don´t get an AK or any other if you play a cup of hours. But is hard a bit, if you have to win with a 72o like "Hand of the day"...but not impossible. The only condition is that you have to play to contribute with $ 1,5 to the rake, and that is a hard condition to me
 dule-vu18/04/2020 15:21:55 GMT
seems that some members dont understand how you need to win hand in this promotion!you need just to win with this cards,but nobody say that you need to play hand till end or to have better hands on end!you just need to push somebody from hand with 2 7 and you will still win this hand,but nobody need to know what you had!
 CALICUL18/04/2020 16:50:56 GMT
This promotion is not so easy, but of course it is not difficult. Is medium and it can be done by several hundred players in every day. I participated and i do not find it difficult. At this moment there are 4 large poker rooms where you have the opportunity to try promotions for extra money.
 Birmin19/04/2020 06:28:41 GMT
I love this promo, but not today, loool
Win with 27 is to difficult...
Maybe it's hard only for me, but i wish gl to all mobsters on the tables!
 antonis32119/04/2020 13:08:25 GMT
Nice promotion by 888 poker this hand of the day challenge . You have to play some hands , a specific hand for every day , in order to get a bonus or a freeroll ticket , once eevry day . I don't know about the wagering , if it's good or high for the bonus , as well as if it also applies to the freeroll tournament and the freeroll winnings . But , anyway , it's a free promotion , free money , the more you play the easiest to wager it very fast , also there is no obligation to do this wagering in one day/week or whatever , so you have your time to play the games you like and win at the same time SmileGL eevryone Smile
 CALICUL19/04/2020 17:10:49 GMT
Experienced players can win hands with 2 7 because poker is a game that wins with any card. You can't be a good player, if you don't start to winning with bad hands. I tried and failed but many gamblers make a lot of money with small cards.
 dule-vu19/04/2020 18:56:08 GMT
wow,lot of you write that is hard to win with 2 7,like you need to have best hand on table!nobody of you didnt bluff on cash tables with bad cards?who say that you need to hit two pairs or full house on table,to win such a hand and to be part of promotion on that day!as I see some of you should play some other games,when they say that you need lot of experience at poker to win such a hand!I am not pro,but come on!
 maragatero19/04/2020 23:41:02 GMT
So I could be a good hunter when the hand of the day is 27o. A lot of ambicious players will be trying to make a bluff withis this and, in the right time, I can keep with all his stake. That maybe a better business than win the ticket, depends of the level of the buy-in. And antonis321, are you sure that "there is no obligation to do this wagering in one day/week or whatever"? That was in that way in the past, the limit was the amount of the buy-in or the blinds
 antonis32120/04/2020 11:31:25 GMT
I believe 7-2 hand is on Sunday , isn't that the worst day to chase such a hand and win postflop ??? Then players are more , willing more to see postflop . Don't think it's easy to win with such a hand postflop . Ofcourse if you play a lot , then with far too many hands and wins , you can sacrifice some $$$ preflop with 7-2 , especially suited , lol , and in position , lol , so as to win this challenge and get the ticket or award Smile Without doubt , if preflop win also counted for this promo , then it would be far too easy to steal the blinds and win a pot with such a hand preflop and take the ticket Smile
 CALICUL20/04/2020 18:00:58 GMT
You need to check the cards of this promotion in every day, but this is not important. What you need to do is complete the mission. I play many tournaments per month ( freeeroll in majority ) and i don't get bored, but when it comes to cash games, i leave the table quickly. Latest promo was not for me.
 dule-vu20/04/2020 19:30:45 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
I believe 7-2 hand is on Sunday , isn't that the worst day to chase such a hand and win postflop ??? Then players are more , willing more to see postflop . Don't think it's easy to win with such a hand postflop . Ofcourse if you play a lot , then with far too many hands and wins , you can sacrifice some $$$ preflop with 7-2 , especially suited , lol , and in position , lol , so as to win this challenge and get the ticket or award Smile Without doubt , if preflop win also counted for this promo , then it would be far too easy to steal the blinds and win a pot with such a hand preflop and take the ticket Smile

maybe will just be opposite,maybe you will need less hands to play to get this kind of cards on any of tables that you will play,so you will not spend so much time or money to win with this cards!more tables,more cards are in games and faster games are,so on other days you would wait for long time to get dealt in!
 maragatero21/04/2020 01:57:31 GMT
I think that bt stratgy may e playing like always you do. If you get anxious to win the card oftheday, you might make some big error. Obviously, you can try to steal some blinds wit 27o, but i you try to arrive into te showdown without any draw, you are a self-murderer! And tecrazy thin is that I found some of this people in the tables. They play first and shot three barrels with that hand...
 Mober21/04/2020 17:53:34 GMT
There are many players that will risk with bad cards just to get the requirements for
a promotion.
I never thought that this is a good idea.
The promotion is to get something extra. Not losing your bankroll to just win the promotion Smile
You can play the hand a bit more soft but not gambling it completely Smile
 CALICUL21/04/2020 18:32:15 GMT
I play 3 blast tournaments every day and sometimes more. This promotion looks good to me, but the other one i couldn't finish it. There is a possibility that 888 poker will make other more interesting ones which will attract us and we'll win something.
 dule-vu21/04/2020 19:47:31 GMT
if somebody play poker for years,for 10,15 years,every player know that is normal to steal with bad cards,no matter do you play cash tables and especially when you play long tournaments and you need every chip or blind,to come in prize pool!so you need to raise and to take chips,so this cards are normal as every other two cards!
 antonis32122/04/2020 05:28:38 GMT
I can never steal with 72 , especially 72 off suit never at all 100% , LOL . They will always have sth to fight back when I have 72 , at least on 9 max . For 6max it might be possible , I haven't played a lot 6max Smile

2-5 cents is the minimum stake to play and try win this hand-of-the-day challenge . It's not too much , even novice players like me can buy the minimum buyin for such a game , 40%-50% , and play at the tables . Even if you lose , the $2-$3 is nothing , especially if the stake is to accomplice this challenge and get this freeroll ticket , or another prize Smile This extra gift is an extra motivation for more winnings , or to break even if you have losses Smile
 maragatero22/04/2020 15:39:39 GMT
However, you can find the moment to steal with that pair antonis321. I´m agree with you that is very hard, but think in that: You are in the small blind, big blind is a weak player, the game is in the bubble and you have a good stack. With a bit of fear and nervous but, I think that you can try it. Not any way, not any time but, perhaps, you will find the moment
 CALICUL22/04/2020 18:44:22 GMT
I won with 7 2 many times in virtual chips or freerolls. On real money only a few times, because always i fold. When the players do not make raise and i'm big blind, i can take the pot. Sometimes i won with all in, pre flop. Chances are you have but have to risk.
 dule-vu22/04/2020 19:58:03 GMT
ha,ha,I cant believe what I read in your post maragatero,that 7 2 is pair Big Smile Worship Shock Cool !? o God,this is so funny!didnt know that 7 2 or 2 7 is pair in poker!
but from some last post in this thread,I see difference between playing only freerolls and cash tables and tournaments!lot of cant believe that somebody can steal blinds with bad cards or to tak hands with this cards!
 antonis32123/04/2020 15:50:49 GMT
You can try chasing the easiest hands like first AK , AQ , and then with less valued like A10 , AJ , win with these hands postflop , then try the rest not so good hands like 8-9 or even 7-2 , which might be more difficult to win with postflop , so maybe you have to sacrifice some of your winnings to accomplish it . But maybe you are lucky on the first hand and win with these low value hand , or at the second/third hand , with a bluff . Ofcourse 6 max is a lot easier to win with these hands rather than in 9max , so better try 6max , especially for 7-2 or 8-9 Smile The award really makes it worth trying , or sacrificing some blinds for the 7-2 , 8-9 hands Smile.

 maragatero23/04/2020 17:04:20 GMT
If you makes an all in preflop with 27o, you are really brave CALICUL, instead in a freeroll. I only make a move like that when is starting a freeroll that I don't have many desires of playing. So I go all in with any two, if I win at least the blinds, I keep playing a little more, making loose raises until I makes a good stack or I lost.
 CALICUL23/04/2020 19:05:48 GMT
Sometimes you are called by someone on the phone and you have to leave poker and your house. Then i try to push all in with 27 or others little cards. It doesn't matter because i'm not a professional player to lose a lot of money. Things like this are happening.
 maragatero24/04/2020 21:50:22 GMT
Well, so we agree. That move is a suicide if you are trying to arrive ITM and FT. But what a situation if you win a good stack with this all-in and you still have to go. Very hard to leave it! And is worst if you makes two or three crazy moves, really loose, and you win again! It seems like the game try to atrap you and won´t let you move!
 CALICUL25/04/2020 09:21:04 GMT
Watch videos on youtube to see how to win with ugly cards. The talent to win with small cards can represent your success and to money obtained much easier. You have free games where can try to develop your tactics. There is nothing to lose if follow ''road'' for dollars.
 maragatero25/04/2020 22:48:26 GMT
I have understanding this matter a long time ago. You can be a better player of poker when you win more than an average player, and lost less than an average player. And that is only possible if you play a wider range of cards. And it might include, in some special situation, a 72o pair. Waiting +JJ or the nuts, to make some raise, is a loser playing.
 antonis32126/04/2020 02:58:59 GMT
You can try many times this promotion as far as I have read , you have to follow the instructions in your emAil by 888poker to see how many times you can try and win with the hand of the day . That's cool , especially for easy hands to win with , such as AK Smile Also , I don't see an expiration date for this promotion , maybe it's going to last for a very long time , it's a nice and easy challenge to win extra money , so they do the right thing Smile
 CALICUL26/04/2020 12:28:43 GMT
Choose the best promotions you can participate in and enjoy of those prizes. You can't win by 7 2 then must refuse. Waiting for the day when have the ideal books. We can't take a place where we don't like it. Here are some bonuses or other that you will enjoy.
 maragatero27/04/2020 00:28:13 GMT
Yes antonis321, this promotion was running in the past year for a long while. And the prizes are really good. But my elemental english prevents me from understanding correctly how is it. In the past, you only have to play some level of buy-in, like $1 to the sit and go. But now it seems that you have to make some wager, daily or weekly. I have to wait to return to play it again...
 antonis32127/04/2020 20:53:57 GMT
maragatero, a cheap solution is to win some tickets via freebuys , centrolls or very low buy in satellites and subsatellites , tickets worth 5.50$ or 16.5$ , win some tickets in 5 days , then the 6th next day play for the hand of the game challenge , or if you fail the second to this day (7th) to win yor hand , Friday then Saturday is the best , followed by Monday then Tuesday (then the hands are better/easier) . Get the gift , then play the same day the tickets to generate rake easily and complete the wager or the rake they demand , so as for this $$$ winnings or bonus to be free , yours in your account balance .
 maragatero28/04/2020 02:08:16 GMT
That´s a good method antonis321! I have to leave my loved freerolls and try some satellites. But is like a child in a shop of toys, I don´t want to leave any of them! I´m starting to study again, and I have less time to play (a bit) and is hard to me leave the possibility of win some bucks directly in the freerolls. Yesterday I had luck and make a 3rd position in a $200 freeroll!!
 CALICUL28/04/2020 13:24:39 GMT
It is a good result for many people, because i did not achieve this result on $200 freerolls tourneys even though i had a lot of active games here. All you have to do is play your chances and enjoy what have there with many satellites.
 maragatero29/04/2020 03:51:51 GMT
Yes, it´s not usual to me too. The average place that I finish the tournament is between 120 and 30 th. Only in estraordinary tourney I can arrive over this place. And the 50 or 60% of the times I don´t get the ITM, and finished without any cent. But I like very much to play that freerolls, I don´t play all of it like in the past, but usually I play the three last (here 20, 22, and 23:30hs)
 CALICUL30/04/2020 19:18:41 GMT
These tournaments exist 5 times a day or more. I didn't make it to a final table here and i didn't win too much. Today i got into a $ 1 game and 888 fooled me. He put me in a $ 15 game. This ugly thing after i had a period with 3 games won in a row.
 maragatero03/05/2020 23:28:01 GMT
I´m improving my playing there, day by day (at least that is what I think). But I feel that with the other format, when the pool of prizes was $ 500, I arrived in better places than now (and of course, I won more money). I don´t know why, because have no sense. If you have more money in prizes, there are more players fighting and is more difficult to make a good place...
 CALICUL04/05/2020 12:05:29 GMT
Watch live tutorials and videos and i assure you that you will gain more courage when playing poker. Bluffs are always there and if we form a good strategy, we can achieve more with small cards. Try to change your mindset and it will be fine.
 maragatero11/05/2020 17:34:46 GMT
If you think that playing is a courage matter, you are really wrong. If you focus your play in your personal feelings, like annoying, ira, fear, etc., you are a loser. You have to think and analize, is not a proud isue. The only thing that you need to win is your skill, not courage. I understand what you say, some people be afraid with the aggression, but is an error!
 CALICUL11/05/2020 22:46:02 GMT
This Sunday i withdrew $ 100 because i don't want to waste much time in this poker room. Terms and conditions they are changed and i want to see now what answer i get. I am disappointed because two years ago they started to offer beautiful but now is nothing...
 roeish315/05/2020 11:56:24 GMT
It was always hard for me to withdraw money from sites, v but I always got the money in the end. If a site would be easy to get money or is as it is to put money in, I would probably play this site more than the others.
Now it's not really relevant but I hope this will change soon
 antonis32115/05/2020 16:38:12 GMT
A great promotion by 888poker .
For players that play a lot of games , either they have great bankroll , or they have small but they have a big winrate ot ITM a lot of the times , these bonuses and extra promotion for some more $$$ to win , is a guaranteed money back , or extra rakeback , some guaranteed extra winnings for their cash balance . Cause they can wager it in no time . THe other micro players , have to follow a plan , like the one I described some posts before this . Then they will be able to wager this bonus money , even in one day !!!!!! (if this is a demand )
Ofcourse , if you don't succeed , they will just reduct this bonus from your account , no other penalty or concequence for you , you can withdraw all the rest of the money any time you choose .
Ofcourse very few poker rooms , like Intertops , have very strange rules for withdrawala , and very demanding wagering of freerolls or bonuses winnings , better know what you do before start playing in a site like Intertops Smile Or else.... bye bye deposit Smile
 maragatero19/05/2020 01:41:41 GMT
CALICUL if you withdrawal $ 100 at Sunday, I don´t understand why do you said that you don´t want to waste your time there. How many bucks do you win in the others poker´s room? How many money do you need to win to do not wast your time? You are a big gambler or you are a mistry my friend. Some people may be happy with not lost in a site...
 CALICUL19/05/2020 11:04:29 GMT
I'm a man who watches good movies or series and i play poker at a real money table. In this way i gain time because i'm not a good player but i make about $ 1,000 in poker every year. It's a little because i would like to have a minimum profit of $2500.
 maragatero20/05/2020 02:15:21 GMT
Good for you my friend! And how many do you invest to these rewards? I only makes more than $500 if I get a shot ( a good one) in some big tournament,that I could play with a gifted ticket. As you now, I only play freerolls, and the path to this way is really long. In the first five years I make less than $ 500, and only in the last two or three years its going better
 CALICUL20/05/2020 17:10:04 GMT
I don't invest my money. I play freerolls, i won money and after that i withdraw on my Visa card. Sometimes i make $10, $20 or more deposits for sport betting or poker. I do this to have some deposits but my luck it's not that big. Maybe in future.

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