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Unibet Poker Online Series Satellites starts at Just 50 Cents!

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Posted on 24 April 2020 by "T".

The Unibet Poker Online Series will begin come May, but the poker lobby is already overflowing with satellites to the €1,000,00 GTD online festival.

With the Unibet Open Online also coming up at the end of May, this is going to be one of the best times ever to try and make your way in to a huge tournament for less!

Unibet Poker Online Series Satellites

With 132 tournaments scheduled, there will surely be a plethora of satellites on offer, running all day, giving players the chance to grab a ticket to a Unibet Online Series tournament of their choice. Why not try and get one of three €150 tickets guaranteed for just €5?

Satellite Strategy with Unibet Poker Ambassador Dara O'Kearney

Unibet Poker ambassador Dara O'Kearney has this advice on how to approach and improving your satellite play:

  • Avoid high variance plays - adopt a tight aggressive strategy and remove any high variance plays
  • Fold equity is King - give your opponents an opportunity to fold, even when you have a very strong hand
  • Avoid Calling - avoid high variance showdown situations as much as possible

Head over to the Unibet Poker client to see the full satellite schedule with times for all Unibet Open Satellite Qualifiers!



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20 comments on "Unibet Poker Online Series Satellites starts at Just 50 Cents!"

 dule-vu24/04/2020 20:21:08 GMT
unibet try to make something in this corona situation and to offer players something,when lot of them are at home,but they cant compare with big poker sites!this will be good chance for players with smaller bankroll to earn some tickets and then to try to catch bigger amounts!maybe somebody will have luck!
 antonis32125/04/2020 11:30:39 GMT
Nice opportunities to win some high buy-in tickets for cheap , then play the target tournaments and win big ITM , particularly if you manage to go deep at the target tournaments . There are many offers , the satellites awarding more expensive tickets , like the $30 or $150 tickets , seem more attractive to play , especially the $150 ticket sat .
 Mober25/04/2020 17:53:58 GMT
Unibet poker is a well known and big poker site.
Maybe not so big as they used to be when they were part of the microgaming network, but still.
And they have what it takes to organize such an online tournament.
With the buy ins star tin low, and with not so many players like the other big sites,
you can have good chances to get a ticket.
But on the other hand this tournament can draw more players in chasing the desired entry in the big games Smile
 dule-vu25/04/2020 20:44:37 GMT
they were big poker site,but dont think that they are now!didnt play for long time there,so dont know did they fix problems with software,even they had new software,but it just didnt work as it should!I am sure that people play more on bigger poker sites,where they dont have problems and bugs!
 antonis32126/04/2020 02:56:57 GMT
For players who know how to play a sat , these are good games to play and get your seat for the Unibet Poker Online Series . Unibet Poker ambassador Dara O'Kearney has some good advice on how to play more effectively the satellites for some tournaments you wish to try out , especially the tight aggressive approach on these games . Some players have the tendency in these satellites to call any two cards , all in or at the showdaown Blink
 CALICUL26/04/2020 12:34:46 GMT
I didn't log in on this room for about a year. I would have liked to play here but their software is much too annoying. Their tournaments don't know how big they are these 50 cent satellites are great for the next game or for main tournament.
 dule-vu26/04/2020 20:49:25 GMT
just wonder what number of players they have in poker room,even its corona situation and players are at home!dont know did they improve something and did they changed something!now also this corona will stop their unibet open live tournaments and this will also be big problem for them,so dont know how much will people play on unibet!
 CALICUL27/04/2020 13:36:07 GMT
They have some good games that i remember and maybe i'll make a deposit here, to try to play a few times. People make money because i saw in my country that many romanians talk about these things. Anyway, it's worth trying a few games to see what happens.
 antonis32128/04/2020 21:03:46 GMT
The smaller poker rooms (in comparison to the online poker giants ) , like unibet , also poker rooms , have many good opportunities , some loose or bad players to take advantage of and make some good money . Some freerolls to play ,some good tournaments or sngs , some series , there are always some promotiomns to try at the smaller rooms , or play some specific games where you have an edge .
These satellites provide some tickets for soem tournaments , some players might find they have an edge on these , to win many satellites and play many of these tournaments for some extra cash Smile

Ofcourse , the bad is that unibet is not available in all countries , such as Greece for example , restricions exist bu every poker room unfortunatelly .
 dule-vu28/04/2020 21:17:14 GMT
if they could have poker section,like they have casino and betting site,then they would be great,but they just cant make something like that in near future!other rooms are just better and they will stay on place that they are now!probably they earn so much on other sections,so they dont invest so much in poker!
 maragatero29/04/2020 04:05:43 GMT
I have a lot of time without any visit to this site. I remember that the lobby don´t like to me, and I didn´t found enough frerrolls, so I abandom it. Somebody are playing there? They makes some upgrade to the software? I would have to look for the nickname and the password of this site, to make a new visit. The isolation may be a good moment for it!
 CALICUL29/04/2020 14:00:27 GMT
This poker room is very good for you my friend. It has few freerolls, but the players are not so dangerous. You could try a few to see how works. We want to make money and have to insist with more ambition. Good luck if try to play for good results.
 maragatero01/05/2020 18:58:01 GMT
But, tell me more CALICUL! Have there good freerolls like 888poker? or at least a good amount of it (with low prizes) like Grey Snow? I´m deciding to play only tournaments (MTTs), with nano or low buy-in first. But I think that I need a good platform of freeroll in the poker´s room to be used to the software. I play a lot, as you know, in 888 but there not are tourneies with few players
 CALICUL01/05/2020 21:11:59 GMT
It doesn't have freerolls like 888 poker but you can try to see what it has now. Last year i played 3 freeroll games and i made about $ 2 and few cents. It stays to your attitude, if you want to play there or not. There is nothing better than trying to get an idea about Unibet.
 maragatero02/05/2020 20:55:26 GMT
I know my actitude...(or not?) but I want to know about the poker´s room. I´m not entusiast of download the poker´s client again and run in my computer. It´s new and I´m take care of it. In the past each poker´s software that I download makes some problem. Now I installed a good safe software (the Eset...) but I don´t know...
 CALICUL02/05/2020 22:05:53 GMT
Sometimes you can have problems with this but Unibet is not I Poker Network... They have better software but during this time i have no idea what freeroll games have there. I can't promise anything because i don't know if i will install the software to seehow it is now. Search on internet for some opinions.
 WithdrawAll03/05/2020 04:16:16 GMT
Yeah finally i missed here low buyin amount tournaments and u can make with it some nice cash Smile.
 CALICUL04/05/2020 12:35:05 GMT
It is good that this poker room offers beautiful games and there is the opportunity to make money. Maragatero, my friend you have to try here for a few days, maybe your lucck will be good. That means we can make money here.
 maragatero18/05/2020 00:59:50 GMT
I don´t know, I´m useful to play in 888poker as the only poker´s room that I play. This is very strange, if you remember, in the past I played in five or six poker´s room at the same lapse of time ( not in simultaneos mode). But know, with the wonderful offer of 888 in daily freerolls, I keep there and I miss their software when I tried to play in another place.
 CALICUL30/05/2020 19:42:50 GMT
It is not easy but you can adapt to what is best for your opinions. Where it is not good you give up and where it is must to insist. It takes more determination, skills & courage to make a good withdrawal. ME, i have to work on this.... but i'm a little bored.

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