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partypoker Grand Prix Online Series visits Five Regions Simultaneously

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Posted on 27 April 2020 by "T".

The Grand Prix is back and it's online at partypoker, visiting five different regions, all at once!

Clear up your schedules on May 3 to 10 because that's the time when each of the five Grand Prix takes place. Each Grand Prix has 19 Day 1s to choose from. Play one or all of them but if you progress to the final day more than once, you can only take your biggest stack through with you.

All Day 1s start with 50,000 chips and play to a 12-minute clock apart from the final two starting flights on May 10 which are played on 6-handed tables with a 6- and 3-minute clock respectively.

Each of the five Grand Prix events are located in specific regions. Will you become the champion of your region? The table below shows which Grand Prix you can enter.

To qualify, your partypoker account must be set up as being in the respective country. For instance, if you are German but live in Austria and your partypoker account is set up with an Austrian address, you are not allowed to play in the Grand Prix. This goes for all other countries in the Grand Prix.

Two low buy-in (1/10 of the Grand Prix's buy-in) Phase 1s take place daily and feed into the next available Day 1, giving everybody a chance to play in their country's Grand Prix event.

Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online - Open to Everyone
The Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online tournament is open to everyone who plays at partypoker. There are 24 Days 1s scheduled from April 26 to May 3, each with a $55 buy-in. Despite the affordable buy-in, they slapped a $250,000 guarantee on the prize pool!

From each buy-in, $5 is donated to a special fund created to help the freelance poker dealers who are currently unable to work due to the worldwide pandemic. Dusk Till Dawn owner and partypoker LIVE founder Rob Yong has promised to match the first £100,000 raised.

You can donate on this JustGiving page if you cannot make it to any of the Day 11s. Likewise, there's a $100 Donation Tank you can buy in to in the partypoker lobby where 100% of that donation goes towards the fund.

The winners of each Grand Prix, plus the Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online event that runs April 26 to May 3, are guaranteed an extra prize. The single table tournament, exclusive to the five winners from each country alongside the winner of the Grand Prix 4 Dealers, will be played on Monday May 11th. Those six winners get to play in a free 6-handed SNG where the following prizes are at stake:

  • 3x WPT 500 seats
  • 1x $1,600 WPTDeepStacks seat
  • 1x $3,200 WPT Main Event seat
  • 1x $5,500 WPT Passport package
  • All finalists will receive a prize!



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9 comments on "partypoker Grand Prix Online Series visits Five Regions Simultaneously"

 dule-vu27/04/2020 21:06:37 GMT
very nice online series,but to bad that is only for some countries and players from big countries!in today world,when lot of people are at home,they could make something that lot more players can be part of it!I know that this are big countries and that they want them,but why not to include others and to make at least one big for rest of world?
 CALICUL28/04/2020 13:41:40 GMT
These tournaments are very acceptable because they do not require a huge buy-in and you have more chances to qualify there. Now the chance to play are great, can achieve something nice that will make you very happy. Try to get to the main game.
 dule-vu30/04/2020 22:18:36 GMT
today I got this mail:

partypoker have added a $5.50 Grand Prix 4 Dealers Phase ticket to your account! Your ticket will expire on Sunday 3rd May, so use as this is when the final Day 1 will run.

When to use your ticket?
You can register to any Grand Prix 4 Dealers Online – Phase to Day 1 tournament of your choosing, they’re running every hour between 12:00 BST and 00:00 BST.

Grand Prix 4 Dealers is already up and running, with Day 1’s every day until Sunday 3rd May.

Tournament Details:

Buy-in: $55+$0 (no registration fee!)
Prizepool: $250,000 (*10% will be donated)
Final Day 1: Sunday 3rd May

This tournament is open for everyone to play, generating some money for Freelance Dealers that would’ve been working at partypoker LIVE events this summer. That’s why there’s no registration fee, and *approximately 10% of the prizepool will be donated!

If donations reach a total of £100,000 Rob Yong will personally match all donations. You can also donate via the JustGiving page!
 Mober01/05/2020 18:35:46 GMT
Another tournament from party poker.
They are organizing very good tournaments of the money players.
And this one, i cant say i have seen this before.
Like running in five countries at the same time.
And it has restrictions. You can only play it if you are a resident it seems.
The buy ins are relatively low.
 dule-vu02/05/2020 10:49:45 GMT
I still didnt play this tournament with free ticket,even there is every on 1 hour and then you play another day when tournaments stop on level 16.!ticket will expire tomorrow,so I dont have much time,but somehow I dont think that I will make something from it,but ok,its free ticket!
 antonis32102/05/2020 17:45:31 GMT
This grand prix series looks awesome , especially for the winners of each grand prix event , as they willhave the chance to compete each other in a Final table 6 max sng , with everyone winning sth , especially the one who will be placed in the first position ,but everyone , as it says in the article , will get their prize Smile An extra motivation to play on these series , and win first place . not everyone can play them , but the players from specific countries that are allowed to plag , are very lucky indeed . Good luck everyone Smile
 roeish310/05/2020 06:32:51 GMT
Party poker do look like they are the most professional sit today. A lot of very interesting promotions just flying one after the other. The Corona virus probably even helped them with many people stuck at home with not much to do. After this period is insert we will see which site had the most stamina to go through these periods
 CALICUL10/05/2020 14:03:39 GMT
Competition exists every day on many areas and that is not what you should be interested in. The game is the most important and you have to focus on it, to win something wonderful. This grand prix online it is a possibility for those who have money to achieve a lot.
 dule-vu11/05/2020 00:01:31 GMT
so we should get some news on next days and to see whats happening on this big tournaments and who did something good in last 7 days,as we can see in this news,that we had from 3. to 10. may!solid buy in for all players,but too bad that only few countries could be part of this promotion!

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