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WPT Online Series debuts on partypoker from May 3 to 20

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Posted on 30 April 2020 by "T".

partypoker has teamed up with the World Poker Tour (WPT) to create the inaugural WPT Online Series.

WPT Online Series

  • Schedule: May 3 to 20, 2020
  • Events: 40 in total (with 10 Championship events)
  • Prize pool: $35 million guaranteed

A staggering $35 million in combined guarantees are waiting for you over 10 Championship events and a full side event schedule, including $5 million guaranteed for the first-ever WPT Online Championship.

Winning the WPT Online Series Main Event will award a massive cash prize plus a seat to the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions.

Win a $5,000 WPT Passport, the flexible satellite package which allows the holder to choose any WPT event listed on the WPT Passport Page within 24 months of winning it.

Are you ready to become a WPT Champion?

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31 comments on "WPT Online Series debuts on partypoker from May 3 to 20"

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» WPT Online Series debuts on partypoker from May 3 to 20

 antonis32102/05/2020 23:37:00 GMT
The guaranted total prizepool is huge , also you have this WPT passport , win it and play any WPT event in 24 months period , really very unique chance to play high buyin tournaments and win big Smile

This corona virus crisis is coming to an end I want to believe , not only in Greece , but everywhere , step by step , but soon it will be over . this lockdown is so extreme measure . So this might be one of the last times live events are needed to be played online , so as for the players to have a chance to grind and win . Online poker rooms will stop having so many players and guaranteed prizes , but I want to believe things will be better , in terms of players' pools and prizes , than before the crisis Smile

 dule-vu03/05/2020 12:08:48 GMT
you will see is it end or not,when you see number of tourists in your country antonis!for now your goverment will allow only tourists from 5 or 6 counties,so you can see by that how situation is serious!I just want football first,but I think that we wouldnt go on games soon!
 antonis32103/05/2020 20:31:22 GMT
Greeks want so much money from foreigners , tourists , they are ready to uplift all measures , welcome all tourists from everywhere lol. Maybe they will invite the sick people also to come for vacations in the hospitals in our islands Big Smile Or in special resorts , summer (concetration) camps , lol Big Smile They would do anything for money lol . I just want to see how measures are going to escalate , will this crisis be over once and for all starting tomorrow , here in Greece , or if things go worse they will impose again the same and even worse measures ?? We'll see in the future ...... I hope all countries follow Greece decision , and stop this lockdown Smile

I believe football will come back , sports will come back , casinos will reopen , everything wll go back to normal .

And ofcourse WSOP will be played as scheduled on the Automn Smile
 dule-vu04/05/2020 14:09:01 GMT
yes,I think that you are first in europe that are made this kind of rules and to allow to tourists to come in you country on vacation,but we will see what will happen in next two months and maybe this will be great summer for all of us,which I really hope!who would like to stay in house trough whole summer!
 maragatero06/05/2020 00:33:32 GMT
Oh antonis321, you are sick with optimism! hahaha The isolation is starting to be reduced in some places in the world. If the covid19 don´t return in a second wave (I wish this don´t happen) the massive activities could be started in some moment near the end of the year. All of it, since the start point, is a system of test and error, and some countries wait to seeing as there work the measures that the boldest take!
 CALICUL06/05/2020 21:13:40 GMT
This isolation can make you to play these satellites games and to try to qualify for anothers main tournaments. The system is good but the places of qualification are unfortunately few, because many players refuses to play even if the entrance is small,
 antonis32106/05/2020 22:24:34 GMT
I hipe it goes away , we had enough of this virus . And also I hope there won't be any second wave , making the governemnts o take again strict or stricter decisions and measures . Ofcourse time will show . It will be extremelly sick ,if this virur outbreak lasts for 1 year , or two years , or even worse , kore than 2 years !! Also it will be sick if this saga is actually a trilogy , or with 6 parts , like the Stars Wars , so it will come back with a third part in 5-6 years , with a four part in 15-20 years , and the story goes on . And everytime from the M F China , who btw will not be on fault again , who will again be able to restrain the number of their civilian casualties , when all the rest countries will still have morre or far more casualties than them .......
 maragatero07/05/2020 01:01:06 GMT
Yes, I hope that this doesn´t be ruined! I was afraid when the news told to us about the second wave in China, and the doubt about the total cure of the sick people. This moment I feel like a black shadow dropping on us! This is an annoying moment of six or seven weeks, but if this can repeat and nobody is totally safe, maybe a hell!
 dule-vu07/05/2020 19:29:33 GMT
in my country they talk a lot about this,they dont how summer season will be,because they earn lot of money of this and goverment will be in big problems if they will be without season,they will not have money to pay anything!they dont know will this virus be again on autumn,because lot of countries think that he will back on colder days!we will see!
 antonis32107/05/2020 23:57:23 GMT
At least plauers have the online poker sites to play the live events , some major tournaments , win their payday , their salary , or their very big winnings Smile Players will not forget these moments , the importance of online poker sites . So many things do exist in he world . Someday , the time comes , for them to show their true value , their real importance in life , and for the rest to appreciate them Smile

Hopefully this crisis will last a lttle longer , this is my hope , it would be a catastrophe for the economy , for peole psychology , for societies , for normal life , if this crisis lasts 1 or 2 more years . Dont even want to think about this possibility
 maragatero10/05/2020 04:15:27 GMT
I happened for diferent stages, in the first weeks I was really afraid, despite in my city aren´t any case of the diseas (then appear only one). I couldn´t do anything, I have my mind in blank and did everything like a robot, including play poker. Then I relax a bit, and I think in return to study the game to take advantage of the isolation. And now, I´m worry because all is starting to begin (the work) and I couldn´t learn enough!!
 CALICUL10/05/2020 14:34:00 GMT
It almost always happens when you have strong rivals. This thing settled you to learn and have better results in front of them. Online poker is sophisticated for many players who do not have great skills and it requires a lot of work to be good.
 maragatero11/05/2020 17:54:22 GMT
I don´t know a "natural" pro. I think that this not exist. All the players have to work in his skills to improbe it. Include a strange case where a little boy was educated on it and he would be a natural mathematics talently, he have to be informed and with daily practice. This is a game that, when you leave of study, you don´t keep the level that you get, you step back!
 CALICUL11/05/2020 22:35:10 GMT
This series is a fabulous one for Party Poker because the $ 35 million guaranteed tournament prizes are something major. Such a small room can offer such a thing but the small ones do not. I think this kind of thing should always be tried for main tourneys and good $.
 antonis32111/05/2020 23:26:12 GMT
This series of tournaments is a great on being played nowadays on PartyPoker . Big guarantees , many opportunities for a big payday . It's still being played , untill the 29th of this month , players do have the opportunity to participate on this WPT online series . This virus crisis made some changes in our daily lives , more series or live tournaments or other tournaments are played online , still the plyers have the chance to win big in the onlune poker rooms ,
Good luck to everyone playing in this series .
 CALICUL13/05/2020 10:29:37 GMT
I like big tournaments because there is a special situation. You have the opportunity to play with professionals players and to better understand this game of poker hold'em. In addition, you even have a chance to win something good, if you have a very good game, luck and software sometimes helps you.
 maragatero13/05/2020 22:08:50 GMT
But we couldn´t play against professional players in this tournament. Only if we go, step by step, winning the eternal satellites, and arrives to a big one, a main tourney. The pros are not in the low levels, and we do not pay for a big buy-in, yes? But if you are really decided...go for it CALICUL! the life is short and the taste of the danger is very atracktive!
 CALICUL14/05/2020 19:30:19 GMT
Sometimes it is very good to play against professional players and if the software offers a good cards for you there are good chances to finish in the money. I like to participate in big games because there i can win seriously with some luck and a strong game.
 maragatero14/05/2020 23:11:37 GMT
In some place I readed something like: How you advise to your mommy if she win an oportunity to play for a prize of $1M against Daniel Negreanu? And the answer was something like: Mom, when you have in your hands two cards, go all in ever! I don´t want to play against a pro player. Even I want to play against a regular of my level, I want fishes, all of them!
 antonis32115/05/2020 16:44:32 GMT
Some more days , until this tournament series is over on PartyPoker . A very nice series , with very high guaranteed money overall , many games to choose and pley the best you believe you have an edge or you are good at .

Ofcourse pros play these games also , you have to take this into consideration . If you have notes on them , you know who you play against , if you have played against them or have seen their games in the past , this will help you . You have to adjust your gamestyle , playing more loose or tight depending on the situation and the players ' actions before you , and the players to act after you . Then these pros won't be such an obstacle for you , the better you are , the more chances to outplay them , Smile

Good luck everyone Smile
 CALICUL15/05/2020 20:06:06 GMT
You don't have to be a professional player to be able to eliminate a player like Daniel Negreanu. In recent years he has had poorer results because he had other personal things to solve and his mind was focused elsewhere from my piont of view. Trust yourself my friend.
 maragatero16/05/2020 00:25:30 GMT
Oh CALICUL, I think that I never could win to a poker pro, not even if someone was covering his eyes and hitting his hands with a stick! In my best day, and with Daniel Negreanu having a terrible headache, I could steal his blinds with AA. They are men in other dimenssion, they are UFO for us, We can´t do anything more that have any luck in two or three hands...
 CALICUL16/05/2020 20:36:50 GMT
I don't mean for you to play heads-up with a professional player. In a tournament you can eliminate a Pro because this happens very often. A few years ago i playing sit go for $ 7 in pokerstars. There i eliminated few super nova and maybe one super nova elite.
 maragatero24/05/2020 23:42:16 GMT
All can happen everytime and everywhere my friend, but I think that is morr possible find a green dog than makes loser to a pro. You ever can win a hand, if you have a lot of luck, you can win a decisive flip coin and makes a good stack with his chips. But you know that he can win more times than you with the same cards, and lost less money.
 CALICUL30/05/2020 16:02:39 GMT
One thing i know for sure. I never received the card needed to win a place in the top 5 at a final table in a good tournament. Even if i played a good game, i did not have the opportunity to enjoy something very beautiful. I would like that but i haven't succeeded so far.

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