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Welcome To Our New & Improved Website

Tags: bankrollmob.
Posted on 12 June 2020 by "T".

The party is in full swing at the BankrollMob headquarters as we are finally able to share our new and improved website with all of you!

The changes include less banners, a cleaner design, a mix of different kinds of offers on the front page (not just poker anymore), sliders on the front page to display the latest promotions, and much more!

An Even Better Website To Come... 

We are now beginning the works on a mobile-friendly website that we hope to launch later this year. We hope that this dark-themed version of our website will be sufficient in the meantime.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Best Regards,
BankrollMob Crew


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38 comments for "Welcome To Our New & Improved Website"

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» Welcome To Our New & Improved Website

 dule-vu13/06/2020 19:01:25 GMT
as I see from all posts,every member have same problems with letters,colors and reading,so would be nice to hear fat tony from you,will you change anything or everything will stay same!?this black is just bad and its very hard to read for 10 seconds some big news and hope that you can change it!
 Mober14/06/2020 12:00:00 GMT
I am kind used to the black background with white letters from the mobile phone.
So when i noticed the change here, at first i thought that firefox somehow had added a black theme Smile
Anyways, the black with white is not bad.
That red letters is the pain in the eye. Another color maybe ?
Maybe playing with a bold, italic, shade of white and different size?
 kent197414/06/2020 16:56:36 GMT
I agree, you need to get used to the new format. But overall not bad, thanks to the site Smile
As for me, the former was better(my opinion)
 roeish314/06/2020 17:21:17 GMT
The theme was a little hard to get used to. Very dark. At first I thought I had problems with my phone. Only after trying to exit and return four times I understood that this was intentional.
I would still probably go with something slightly less dark, but maybe I'll get used to it over time.
 Mysik8614/06/2020 19:09:13 GMT
I enter the site on my laptop, and it's worse than on mobile. On standard HD ready 1366x768, the site is pretty big. When I shrink to 90%, it is better a bit.
The red color isn't bad, but the dark theme is main problem in my opinion.
 dule-vu14/06/2020 19:45:21 GMT
just can hope that fat tony and stuff will listen to us about this problems!we will see tomorrow what they will respond to us!
 Administrator15/06/2020 08:30:17 GMT
Posted by mbogo:
IMHO, the previous design was more convenient. For instance, now I should select the text with number of safe shots. Because it become invisible....

I can't seem to locate the issue, perhaps it's a caching issue with your browser (then it will go away soon if it hasn't already), although that shouldn't really be happening.

Posted by roeish3:
I would still probably go with something slightly less dark, but maybe I'll get used to it over time.

The forum cells, where the actual post content is written, is actually one of the recommended "blacks", it's leaning towards a dark gray.

Also keep in mind, this is our temporary improved website design while we work on the responsive (mobile friendly).
 RoninHarper17/06/2020 01:55:02 GMT
G'day mates
well I guess I will finally chime in on this.
I am very supportive of the administrator's along with the rest of the BRM Staff to improve what is already a great site.
I admit that I am NOT loving the new color scheme, but understand it is a work in progress.
I recommend people give them time to get the new site finished before getting upset or worried.

wishing you all the best
be cool
Ronin Cool
 doaga17/06/2020 12:47:40 GMT
Search doesn't work well
 Administrator17/06/2020 14:16:57 GMT
Posted by doaga:
Search doesn't work well

Do you mean the one in the top right corner of the screen, or the "Search"-menu within the Forum?

Also, which issue did you have with it?
 antonis32117/06/2020 14:17:23 GMT
The website look and theme is nice . These red letters might be better if you could do sth with them , they are a little annoying to the eyes . I wanted to give some time before I say my opinion , at the beginning I missed the previous version , but now I am used to it Smile I do not know how it looks on mobile , if it looks better than before then it's for good , as most would like to use their mobiles and androids these days , to visit sites or a lot more things on sites , forums , apps , etc Smile.
 bidi0017/06/2020 14:26:04 GMT
 Mober18/06/2020 12:00:39 GMT
The mobile version is the same in terms of colors, as it is the web version now.
The only different thing is the size of the ads, along with the brm banner on top of the page,
which is disproportional with the rest of the site some times, be it way to big compared with the
rest of the site..
It is not happening always, now looks normal by the way, just checked it, but it may be my phone only.
 Administrator18/06/2020 12:19:20 GMT
Posted by Mober:
The mobile version is the same in terms of colors, as it is the web version now.

It's the same Smile

Our responsive (mobile friendly) website comes later this year.
 CALICUL18/06/2020 22:59:47 GMT
The color has remained the same and unfortunately cannot be changed. It was better if it looks like old version, but something happens with other sites, poker rooms, casinos etc ... where they have lower quality software than old versions.
 maragatero23/06/2020 20:52:54 GMT
Yes, I think in a similar way. Why all the last upgrade of design in poker´s site is black? In this particular moment is natural to have the black color in the mind, with all that death in the countries. But I don´t understand why the people choose that to make his flag. Is more cheap?
 TigerAxL28/06/2020 20:06:42 GMT
Posted by Administrator:
Posted by Mober:
The mobile version is the same in terms of colors, as it is the web version now.

It's the same Smile

Our responsive (mobile friendly) website comes later this year.

Brother ,can you help me with this? Aww crap! https://www.bankrollmob.com/forum.asp?mode=thread&i...
 ouThhiTus05/07/2020 12:50:15 GMT
I tend to rarely lurk nowadays over here as I rarely play anymore and this change surely was unpleasant and I for one can't get around it. It has to be the worst take on a dark theme from the lot that followed this mindless trend. I can voice the majority opinion and advice to scrap this 'improvement' all together or give a toggle between light/dark. The only acceptable dark that doesn't bother the eye is dark grey, the likes of bestgore.com (yeah not the best example Big Smile ) or https://forum.zwaremetalen.com/forum_topic/3959517 with two shades of grey.
 Administrator06/07/2020 09:00:06 GMT
We just changed the background on the forum posts to darkgrey instead of black, so it should be easier on the eyes to read the content that matters Smile
 ouThhiTus06/07/2020 13:55:27 GMT
This is miles better. If you insist in keeping the forum home on black/red, you may want to look into how Dailymail looks by default on its app - the background is black with a slight noticeable contrast to grey with two types of light grey text, one for the title, one for the content. It's the only app/website that I didn't revert the change despite given the chance and I read it every day.

Also if you are willing to further experiment try a shade of deep/matte orange for the rest of the content like usernames, links etc while keeping the background black. In my POV bright red on black makes the eyes scream and it's so... 2007. Back in the days there was a myBB forum theme that perfected this palette of color and looked very profi but I can't find it.
You can see here though at the usernames the kind of orange I mean, just that a darker shade will fit a black background and be pleasant for the eyes.
It's unlikely to come back more than twice a month so for me the final design is of no importance. I just give my humble advice based on what my pretentious? eyes wants to see to be pleased in the dark, a palette that doesn't feel claustrophobic, making one stay put and browse instead of closing the tab, isn't this the point of any site? haha
 Administrator06/07/2020 14:05:51 GMT
Thanks ouThhitus, we'll take it into consideration Big Smile
 Smilie11/07/2020 17:31:04 GMT
Ohh, I really like the Black background look. Makes it easier to read, for me. You guys are always on top of things. Thank You kindly BRM, for being there for ALL of us. Smile
 peronibar12/07/2020 07:01:37 GMT
The old looks was much better, I can't read good now.
 dule-vu12/07/2020 18:56:10 GMT
when I am on laptop,its not so bad as it is on smartphone!on laptop middle of window is black,everything else is white or grey,but on smartphone everything is black and it harder to read it when you zoom in,especially with this red letters!some change would be nice,but probably they will not change anything!
 antonis32112/07/2020 20:36:19 GMT
I agree peronibar , previous edition was better for the eyes , I think now it's a bit more tiring for the eyes on the pc Smile

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