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Freezeout Series hits 888poker Tables with No Rebuys and No Re-entries!

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Posted on 15 June 2020 by "T".

If you are someone who likes to play poker the old-school way where there are no rebuys and everybody else has just that ONE chance at glory, then better hit the tables right now at 888poker as their Freezeout Series is already running!

From June 14 to 29, 888poker offers events with absolutely no rebuys and no re-entries available to all players, so it is normal that you would expect either low or no guarantees. However, that's not the case with this poker site, as they're offering up to $665,000 in guaranteed prize pools!

The series features a $109 buy-in $200,000 GTD Main Event at 18:00 GMT which will be played in a multi-flight format. Daily flights will begin on June 14 and will culminate with a Day 2 finale on Monday, June 29.

Get Your Freezeout Series Ticket for Just 1 Cent!

Other events in the series will begin on June 21 Sunday with the $55 buy-in Event #1: $50,000 Tune Up at 18:00 GMT. There will also be a $16.50 buy-in, $20K GTD Mini Tune Up at the same time, while a $33 buy-in, $15K GTD Late Tune Up will take place two hours after.

That schedule pattern is repeated daily but in different variants including Monday's 8-Max, Tuesday's 9-Max, and Progressive Knock Out (PKO) tournaments on both Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday, poker players will enjoy DeepStack events, while on Saturday there will be various 6-Max tournaments including the $109 buy-in Event #19: $30,000 6-Max at 18:00 GMT.

On June 28 Sunday, there will also be a $33 buy-in $40K GTD Mini Main Event at 18:00 GMT, while the $5.50 buy-in, $10K GTD Micro Main Event will wrap up the series at 19:00 GMT.

Satellites starting from just 1 cent will be running round the clock, so don't miss your chance to get into as many Freezeout Series tournaments on the cheap!



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30 comments on "Freezeout Series hits 888poker Tables with No Rebuys and No Re-entries!"

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» Freezeout Series hits 888poker Tables with No Rebuys and No Re-entries!

 antonis32124/06/2020 06:55:15 GMT
Still some games to be played until this series is over . There are some very low buy in games , with good guarantees , for which you can also try to get the ticket through satellites or subsatellites , get easy theticket , then play these micro tournaments and win big for a nice payday , orto strengthen your bankroll . The lack of reentries and rebuys guarantee the protection form the very loose sharks , who try to build a stack very quickly with reckless game and shoves , knowing than if they lose they will rebuy and try again the same strategy .
 roeish324/06/2020 11:30:01 GMT
Theoretically, there are games I could play, if it was at all possible at the moment.
I usually play turbo games, since regular multi tables tournaments takes way more time than I have for playing poker. To have a tournament with low stakes and high prizes, there had to be many players. Probably relevant only with hyper tournaments for me.
 dule-vu24/06/2020 14:24:18 GMT
this buy in-s are not so big and when you look how much money you can spend with just normal play on cash table,then this is not much to spend 16,50 $ or 33 $ on one or few tournaments,but payout can be big for everybody!just depend how good you play poker and what experience you have on tables!
 maragatero24/06/2020 21:58:25 GMT
I play in super turbo way (2 or 3 minutes blinds) all the times, because the freeroll´s tournament are running in that speed. So I have to make big adjust to my play when the times are incressed like this. Is hard for me, but I think that the game really change for better. You can takes your time and choose better cards to play
 roeish325/06/2020 05:41:11 GMT
Hyper turbo games are almost rolette. You have to try and hit on every good cards you have, no matter what the situation is.
It seems like the ones that get better cards or won a couple of fifty fifty shots get the better results.
Turbo is just perfect for me. A fast game but not a crazy one.
 CALICUL25/06/2020 13:48:30 GMT
The series is very good to make money and you can try something good. Right now I'm trying to recover because i made $ 25 with a free ticket and then i lost $ 20. For now, I don't want to make a deposit, but when the cold comes i will.
 maragatero26/06/2020 00:43:03 GMT
Yes and no roeish3, you have some little space to make some move to cheat the villains and, obviously, is the kingdom of the push or fold...and I love it! When you are a bad player like I am, you want to reduce the postflop game. So in the push or fold step, you only make decisions in the preflop
 antonis32126/06/2020 13:19:15 GMT
2 more games to come with very low buy ins , $16 and $5.50 , very nice opportunities to make some cash , or qualify to them via satellites ot freebuys Smile No rebuys , no add ons , so no huge bankroll shark will abuse the players with the small bankroll on these games , good chances to win some money , even for small fish Smile Good luck everyone Smile
 roeish326/06/2020 13:22:02 GMT
You are right of course. It's you live push it fold than hyper turbo is definitely the game for you. In the long run I discovered that this is not profitable to me, although I do enjoy the thrill.
Turbo is there best. You don't have to have supper patience and nerves of steel in the one hand and not have to play and pray in the other hand.
 dule-vu26/06/2020 15:06:25 GMT
no rebuy is great way of playing tournaments and you can be sure that some fish wont play all in on some stupid hand on start,just because he have money for rebuy and that he can do that many times on same tournament!ofcourse this kind of tournaments are also very popular,so its good that players can choose from different types!
 maragatero27/06/2020 00:56:30 GMT
Yes roeish3, I´m used to these formats and is hard for me play in the normal speed to increase the blinds. But I realize that when I want play for money, I have to make that adjustment. Might be interested to play post flop game, and resolve the situation way ahead-way behind. Another class of adrenaline!
 CALICUL27/06/2020 08:15:45 GMT
Adrenaline is something to be avoided. In any real money game you must be focused in order, not to lose important hands and of course to succeed that tournament in the money. Freezeout series is good and u will not have big losses if u play satellites.
 antonis32127/06/2020 22:29:59 GMT
For sure my push fold chart is for the rubbish , lol . But hen again , although on the turbos I have difficulties , I deal with too many bad beats on the regular speed games , regs or good player have so many chances to pick spots and attack to double up easily or steal your stack .
I see this also on the flash spins versus the normal speed spins
But rebuys and add ons make my game a lot worse , the easiness by which these whales rebuy again and again make my life so hard , lol . Thankfully there are some games like these freezeouts to have more alternatives , and play the games you wantt and are better at Smile
 maragatero28/06/2020 01:42:20 GMT
I´m agree with you about the rebuys and add-on, I don´t like it. But about the speed, I think that the bad players like me would have better probabilities to win in the super turbo. High speed, and too much players (the freeroll´s characteristics) bring a lot of variance and you could have some luck to arrives in the ITM
 CALICUL28/06/2020 08:46:17 GMT
I like these freezeout series tournaments because there are many with pennybuy, under satellites or with some qualifying places. It is for the pocket of all players( less of the amateurs who do not want to make deposits). You can profit for more money & opportunity is nice.
 dule-vu28/06/2020 17:41:45 GMT
thats why in 2020 we have so much different type of tournaments and every players can find something that he like and no matter what amount you have on account!rebuy,without rebuy,fast blinds,long blinds,low buy in,big buy in!its not problem when some tournament have one rebuy,but if player can make rebuy more time,then its too much!
 antonis32128/06/2020 19:47:24 GMT
Yes , nowadays on the poker rooms there are too many games , too many types and kinds of games to choose and olay the ones you are best at . Many blind structures , mor games than NLH or PLO , etc etc . I would prefer if there were far less games of KO or Bounty kind of , nowadays they are really so many .

These freezeout games are more normal or traditional to me than the others , and better to know noone can spend more on this game rather than the buyin , not me for brm reasons , not others to stop their crazy aggressiveness .
 maragatero29/06/2020 01:45:59 GMT
You have the reason dule-vu, this year it is the end of all the fashions and the rare inventions to which used PS had us. I think that the pandemic situation, with the isolation of the players, the shut down of the casinos and the increase of the poker online, it must have something that to see. But is happening some things that are out of sense, like the reduction of the amount of the prizes or the frecuency of the tournament. I don´t understand...
 CALICUL29/06/2020 09:20:32 GMT
Online poker has not grown with this coronavirus and i was really disappointed because did not happen. I believe that this thing can happen if players in the United States of America get acceptance in most or all states to play again against the world population. Until then we have good series like these freezeout.
 antonis32129/06/2020 20:57:46 GMT
Prizes are up , sometimes doubled or more , good for the micros that i play , sometournaments that I was playing for practice vanished or their prizes become less , but with this corona virus isolation , prizes go high , new tournaments appeared with good prizes , at least for the micros that i play I see them on the lobbies Smile These freezeout tournaments are very nice to play , many games and promotions by pokerrooms these days , that's awesome Smile
 CALICUL30/06/2020 11:18:18 GMT
This series ended yesterday and i'm sorry because i didn't have time to play more satellites & win something nice. COVID 19 made me have less time available. I needed to solve a few problems. Another series will come in near future where i will participate in qualifications.
 dule-vu30/06/2020 18:21:43 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
You have the reason dule-vu, this year it is the end of all the fashions and the rare inventions to which used PS had us. I think that the pandemic situation, with the isolation of the players, the shut down of the casinos and the increase of the poker online, it must have something that to see. But is happening some things that are out of sense, like the reduction of the amount of the prizes or the frecuency of the tournament. I don�t understand...

on which tournaments you mean and on what sites?because we see in news section that almost every site have lot of promotions,tournament series and so on,so dont know on what you mean exactly and who give less prizes!especially its about party poker and what we see how they treat players!
 CALICUL02/07/2020 16:44:56 GMT
There are many games. but the players are fewer and probably even if they stayed at home for a few months... were not interested to occupy tables. Poker is no longer so attractive as in the past and we are satisfied with what we have.
 maragatero20/07/2020 01:30:13 GMT
I was writing about the strange format that was appearing in the last two years: playing with fewer players than 6, playing with fewer cards...they missing to propose playing with five or six kind of cards: Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Wind and Fire! hahaha. And I was talking about the 888poker situation, who reduce his prizes a lot, Don´t you play there?
 CALICUL20/07/2020 07:22:05 GMT
Poker rooms in a hurry to make money schedule regular tournaments in every day. I would introduce satellites in one/second days and after that main tournaments from different times based on the time zone of Europe, South America or others.

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