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888poker Latest Promo - Join WonderWorld $100,000 GTD Tournament for Just $1!

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Posted on 16 June 2020 by "T".

This June, 888poker has a wonderful new promotion yet again rolled out for their valued players - the WonderWorld promotion - where players can take a shot at $100,000 guaranteed prize pool for just a buck along with other $1 June bargains!

888poker - WonderWorld Promotion

  • Promo period: Month of June
  • Join Wonderworld $100,000 GTD Main Event for just $1
  • $1 satellites, 1¢/2¢ cash games, and $1 buy-in BLAST tournaments for a shot at $1,000,000
The promo also offers $1 satellites, 1¢/2¢ cash games, and $1 buy-in BLAST tournaments for a shot at $1,000,000 and Casino games!

The $1 buy-in Wonderworld $100,000 GTD Main Event is slated as the biggest tournament in 888poker history, in terms of the number of players - thanks to the multi-flight feature.

There will be multiple Day 1 flights on a daily basis - which are already running now - with the Day 2 finale taking place on June 29 Monday.

Just click the "WonderWorld" tab on the client to see all upcoming flights.

More Fun Things in Store for You at 888poker's WonderWorld

Take note, WonderWorld is not all about just a single event. While the $100,000 GTD Tournament is the Main Event on the schedule, June will also be filled with lots of other options to give you a big bang for your buck!

For example, there will be special $1 buy-in BLAST tournaments that will offer you a chance at a $1,000,000 prize pool!

There will also be $1 satellites to various online events, and for micro-stakes players, there will be 1¢/2¢ cash games, which you can buy into for less than a buck (80¢ to be exact).

Take a shot at big prizes with this newest and awesome $1 promo that 888poker has on offer this June!


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19 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - Join WonderWorld $100,000 GTD Tournament for Just $1!"

 Marek197817/06/2020 06:17:57 GMT
Very interesting promotion. Nothing but use it. I have a question for the author. Probably too early for such a question but I will ask if it is likely that it will be this or similar in July.
 dule-vu17/06/2020 10:11:22 GMT
you are here for 11 years,so you probably know that BRM just make this news,they cant know what 888 site or any other site will offer in next months!its not like BRM give this promotion!
its interesting promotion,lot of people will try their luck for just 1 $!lot of them will not have luck,but its not big money to try it!
 CALICUL18/06/2020 17:06:22 GMT
We always have to play when have a nice bankroll and the 888 poker promotions are good for our calculations. It must always be taken advantage of this offer because many times earn money and this may be followed by a withdrawal.
 maragatero23/06/2020 21:04:16 GMT
Oh I make an error (another more!) I write in the news of Trail of Fortune my bad experience in Wonderworld tournament when I make a register by a mistake and had to play this anyway. That was a bad moment where I played with fear and lost of course. I feel that I have to write a little of Trail of Fortune here...That is a good promo where I choose to play the $1000 Cash Peaks freerolls with the free tickets
 CALICUL25/06/2020 14:02:01 GMT
I read that it is only for valuable players, but at a stake of 1 dollar... i think we can play there. 888 Poker is trying something good and i like it. I can only say that it is a well thought out decision that can benefit for many players.
 maragatero26/06/2020 00:21:07 GMT
well, this tournament have some goods details (despite my errors and afraid to play there in these way). It have a good maximun entrants of 3000 players, and the blinds increase each ten minutes (good for you CALICUL!). But you start with only 1000 chips and the first blinds are 25/50. So you start with only 20 BB
 antonis32126/06/2020 13:24:24 GMT
Day two to be played on June 29 , still some days to play the satellites Day 1 games and win your entry to this big game , with the awesome prize of $100.000 , extremelly high if you take into consideration the rediculous buyin of $1 only , so as to play the Day 1 sat . Exremely nice offer by 888poker , hope more like this come in the near future , good luck everyone Smile
 maragatero27/06/2020 00:56:35 GMT
Yes antonis321, this tournament is really a satellite to the big tourney. You pay $1 to win a ticket of $10. But I´m not clear if the day two is the real big one, or a big one. Today 35.000 players are registered to the day two, and they are playing to win some of 2150 prizes, with maximus $
 CALICUL27/06/2020 08:11:20 GMT
This is the situation and we have to adapt to it because have nothing to do... if we want to play tournaments to make a profit. 888 Poker has many interesting games in every month, where you can qualify from just one cent. Good luck my friend.
 antonis32127/06/2020 22:35:49 GMT
Maragatero . It's a day 1 sat for a day two with guarrantee prize of $100.000 , if I read the news correctly . If the entrance for Day one is only $1 , can't see why it's not a very good deal to try and play , so as to win some money easily Smile If the prize was $10.000 , we could probably dispute with the necessity or importance of such a Day 1 game , but for $100.000 no need to do so , I think it's a very nice offer Smile
 maragatero28/06/2020 01:42:15 GMT
Well antonis321, technically, when you win a ticket for a tournament trough another tourney this is a satellite, isn´t it? And when you look for the lobby of the Day two, you can see that (today) are 2150 places paid, for 36.863 players, and the maximus prize (first place) is $ 5.000. Good first prize, but I think that the June 29 you have to fight against more of 40.000 players for it!
 CALICUL28/06/2020 08:31:56 GMT
In every day there are qualifying tournaments from day 1 to main game. The fight is acceptable in the first part but for second it is always hard. Level of the players is much better and you have to play bingo as well. For money u have to do that. Smile
 dule-vu28/06/2020 17:37:37 GMT
well its not satellite,because its not that you start new tournament after this one,you will just stop on some level and then you will start again on new day with same number of chips,not all players from same position,so that why this is different from other satellites and tournaments!
 antonis32128/06/2020 23:55:34 GMT
For this tournament , let's say you play 10 satellites day 1 games , that's $10 or not ?? And you play for , what , 5.000$ first prize you say ?? How uch more than the buy in , the first place in a tournament awards , 100 times more ?? 200 times more ??? $5.000 for $1 or $10 , is still a very nice prize for he first place , awards more than 100 times the amount of money that you invested on this tourney Smile At least that's how I see this game maragatero .
 maragatero29/06/2020 01:45:55 GMT
Good luck to you antonis321! but I have enough with my freerolls in super turbo speed, where I can win $ 12 in one hour fighting against no more than 2500 villains. Let me know how many times you have to play, fighting against 45.000 villains with increased blinds in 8 minutes. Obviously, I say this, because I never could win the first prize there. So arrive to the ITM, that maybe a good goal to me, could give me $10.
 CALICUL29/06/2020 09:26:39 GMT
I only played one satellite at this qualifying tournament on day 1, but after that i used my tickets to try $ 1000 blast heights freeroll or cash peaks free. I couldn't do anything in 3-4 games and then i made 5 football tickets where i didn't win anything. I'm a very lucky man. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 maragatero30/06/2020 01:50:54 GMT
I think you are confused CALICUL, you can´t change a ticket for Wonderworld tournament for a $1000 Blast tourney. This game, wonderworld, have a buy-in of $1. You are talking about the $ 30.000 888Summit, that have Day one and Two too, but is a tourney of Trails of Fortune promotion
 CALICUL30/06/2020 10:53:28 GMT
There is no confusion because i answered with reference to Antonis' comment. Every satellite has its price but believe me a ticket for $ 30,000 888 Summit day 1 goes for $1000 blast heights freeroll or to cash peak free. I came in this because i had more.
 maragatero01/07/2020 15:06:43 GMT
You are confused, it has nothing to do Wonderworld with the Trails of Fortune promotion (where are the common tickets to $ 30.000 888Summit, $ 1000 Blast, and $ 1000 cash Peaks). And antonis321 was not talking about it promo, he was talking about confusion with the "cost" of day two, because there said that the minimum prize was $10

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