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Greek Poker Player Becomes First Diamond Club Elite Cash Game Player of 2020

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Posted on 17 June 2020 by "T".

partypoker handsomely rewards those who are diligent in their poker play, and this time a player named "Doulas12" has become their first ever Diamond Club Elite Cash Game Player of 2020.

Doulas12 was actually one of the first winners of their Cash Game Leaderboards when the monthly prizes were bumped up to more than $1 million.

Based in Cyprus, the Greek grinder began his poker journey with only a $20 bankroll. Now he plays whatever he likes, though he's usually found battling others at the Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) tables.

Seemingly every week, Doulas12 managed to top the $2/$5 PLO leaderboard. Doulas said when asked what's motivating him to continue playing for the ultimate win, "I've always been goal orientated and a competitive person and it always feels good to complete a challenge that I put on myself, this was one of them. I can't say it was an easy task, it took a lot of dedication and efforts, but in the end, it was worth it. I mainly did it to prove to myself that I could do it."

The First Diamond Club Elite Cash Game Player of 2020
Doulas12 did not really plan to be the first-ever cash game Diamond Club Elite player of 2020 at partypoker, but he soon set that goal when he saw the rewards waiting for that first inductee.

All Diamond Club Elite players get a 60% cashback, a VIP package to the Caribbean Poker Party, and a free entrance to the MILLIONS Online event. A promotion that started on February 1, 2020 saw the first SPINS player and first cash game player win $50,000 cash. The second and third players to reach Elite status in SPINS or cash games receive $30,000 and $20,000 respectively.

By May 7, Doula12 became the first cash game player to grind his way to Diamond Club Elite status, which means he had generated $200,000 rake in only 96 days after the promo started!

Was it his goal to get his hands on this amazing package? You bet it was. He said, "It certainly was a goal for me from the moment I saw the Diamond Club Elite rewards. I pushed myself every day to put in the hours, setting a strict sleep schedule. I had days where I played for 20-hours straight, slept for 4-5 hours and then I was back at it again."

Great Value at the Cash Game Leaderboards
The resolute grinder helped himself to tens of thousands of dollars from the Cash Game Leaderboard while making his way to reach Diamond Club Elite status. Being hunted by the chasing pack helped Doulas12 remain focused on his ultimate goal.

"The leaderboards were definitely a driving force behind this attempt. Without them I don't know if I would have had the motivation to do it so quickly. The competition from the other players in the leaderboards also pushed me to my limits."

Good news! The Cash Game Leaderboards now pay out daily instead of weekly!

An incredible poker grind like this can definitely deplete one's energy, and Doulas12 now plans to take a break to recharge in time for his next challenge. He said he's just going to take it easy and enjoy the simple things in life like good food, good company, family time and travel, "I already took a long break after reaching Diamond Club Elite to get my energy levels back to normal and to rest. I will still continue to play, but at a much more normal pace."

Congrats to Doulas12 on his wonderful achievement!

He is one of four partypoker players in this year's Diamond Club Elite club, three of them coming from grinding SPINS.



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26 comments on "Greek Poker Player Becomes First Diamond Club Elite Cash Game Player of 2020"

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» Greek Poker Player Becomes First Diamond Club Elite Cash Game Player of 2020

 CALICUL17/06/2020 17:00:29 GMT
This Greek player is a phenomenal one if he managed such a thing. I always wanted to grow in level, but the lost pots made me give up quickly even if i was ambitious. I didn't want to deposit more often and that's the main reason for which i am not successful...
 roeish317/06/2020 20:10:58 GMT
Every player from a country that is not with the top players in the world is great for the whole poker community.
After players from certain countries won big perused, you can see more players trying too become professional players.
Most of them will fail, but still, some could become known players.
 Mober18/06/2020 12:17:38 GMT
Of course it is an achievement hitting this goal.
And the best part of it, is reading that his whole journey started with
only 20USD bankroll, which means that you can go a long way in this game,
by starting with practically nothing.
You have to be lucky also though Smile How many tried and yet failed in the process Smile
 CALICUL18/06/2020 16:39:16 GMT
We miss this process because the software is very dubious and often does many favors to certain players. This is the truth and i cannot continue in this way. Others are ambitious like this greek, they have many bluffs but they succeed to win with them.
 antonis32118/06/2020 16:39:35 GMT
Congratulations to this Greek player , he has shown he can achieve great things and he is capable of playing very good poker . He won the leaderboard first place , now this diamond elite player status , money from grinding , great performance and results . . He is the fourth player in this diamond elite club , but the first from cash games , very nice achievement , the other three came from spins .
 CALICUL18/06/2020 16:50:45 GMT
I'm curious what amount he invested and if has a good profit because it's great if managed that. Many professional players can lose significant amounts, if they do not calculate their investments well and their concentration is not at a good time.
 roeish318/06/2020 17:14:04 GMT
I once made a couple of thousands of dollars from freerolls! Best run of my life. The only time I cashed it money. Still lost most of it later on.
With just a bit more luck I could have won even more, when running far in a Sunday special. One hand that would have gone my way and I would lead the tournament right before the bubble. But lost that run and got eliminated am hour later.
 CALICUL18/06/2020 23:04:59 GMT
You managed to win a few thousand dollars from freeroll games? U must to be very lucky because i didn't get a chance to win more than $ 70- $ 80 in a free tournament, Anyway, the Greek player doesn't know how he made money, but he is a great gambler.
 roeish319/06/2020 04:38:16 GMT
Won two dollars, made it into nine dollars, than 45, than into a 215$ ticket and than 1850$.
I was extremely lucky at that time because although I lost a few tournaments on the way, in those I won I had won more than a few lucky pots.
Had a few other runs but never that high. Not even close.
 CALICUL19/06/2020 06:52:50 GMT
Congratulations on the games that brought u that money. You did some excellent tournaments because it is very difficult to achieve a performance like this. Maragatero earned about $ 600 with a free ticket which he received for free from BRM. I'm still waiting for a good bankroll but is very hard...
 roeish319/06/2020 07:07:48 GMT
By the way. I chashed out 500$ (one of two cash out of my career) and managed to lose the rest, trying to many 215$ tournaments or heads up after tilting.
I hope if there will ever be a next time, I would be able to keep my money for playing longer time than last time, which only lasted a few weeks.
It's funny how you lose feeling for money - I could play for months on a 50$ deposit and lose 1,000$ in a couple of weeks just from tilting.
 dule-vu19/06/2020 11:37:21 GMT
as we can see he was in problem with playing poker from greece,so he moved on cyprus to be able to play online poker and party poker!probably lot of pro players from different countries will have problems in next years to play online poker,same as americans had and lot of them moved in canada!
 antonis32119/06/2020 18:59:23 GMT
Many Greek players have left Greece , went in London , Malta or Cyprus to keep on playing their favorite games , on the platforms and poker rooms they desire , so as not to lose any advantage , and also the best cash games or tournaments .. Cause with the regulations very few sites are accessible here . Also , a very good reason to immigrate insearch of a more hospitable place and country for the poker games , is the attempt to find a country which imposes on poker winnings a very low tax . Not 40% or 30% , but way far less , cause these taxes on the long run they destroy the winrate , it's a tone of lost (stolen ) money Blink

Maybe he is one more of these greek players , maybe not , but the truth is many do as I described before . Actually , if I was a very good winning player , I swear I would have made the same , gone to Cyprus LOL Smile
 dule-vu20/06/2020 11:58:34 GMT
well,somebody who play only poker in life or have some job that can do on internet,they can move in other countries,like this player,but other people cant and ofcourse its not fair!I know that cyprus is another greece country,but still he couldnt stay in own town in greece,but it was worth for him to do this and to earn even more from poker!
 roeish320/06/2020 12:19:44 GMT
Even without laws against poker players, professional used to move to countries that had better tax laws for poker players.
Used to know a British player that moved to Gibraltar to not pay taxes on his profit.
In online games you don't actually have to move, just have other nationally and play via VPN.
 antonis32120/06/2020 12:29:01 GMT
He tried really hard to achieve this . He was sleeping many imes 4-5 hours ,and then start grinding again and again . Ofcourse he is a very good poker player , he must have so many solutions on many occassions and hands , so he must also have fun doing it , this should not be exhausting for him . I have few only solutions for zoom , or tournaments , then I see how great it is to know automatically , without any thought what to do , even if you lose , you know you did the right thing , then playing is so much fun , frustrating at all Smile
 CALICUL20/06/2020 15:09:20 GMT
It is very difficult to maintain without losing but the most important thing is to invest a little and to earn more when luck comes. A blow of a few thousand dollars is beneficial because after that you know that u will make an interesting withdrawal. It's super hard to run like this Greek player.
 antonis32120/06/2020 19:37:40 GMT
This diamond elite club status has too many benefits , very important , it worths trying to achieve to get this status . 60% cashback, a VIP package to the Caribbean Poker Party and other gift , that's a lot to consider about , a lot to win Smile
PLO is his game , not sth unusual to see in many high stakes pro players , they are very good on this game , a game of a lot of skills and maths , extremelly difficult for me , but I am a fish , lol Smile

 dule-vu21/06/2020 13:18:09 GMT
his playing trough whole day,20 hours ped day,is just sick!I can imagine how much did he drink coffee,red bull or what ever,to stay awake and to collect as much as he can points!I know that its not easy to come to this status,but this is just too much for playing!
 CALICUL21/06/2020 16:16:19 GMT
Big prizes come for strong players because they bring a lot of benefits to poker rooms and it is normal for them to receive these things/gifts/etc... I got some dollars when i played in another poker room and my level was not high, but it was good.
 dule-vu22/06/2020 13:51:17 GMT
He said he's just going to take it easy and enjoy the simple things in life like good food, good company, family time and travel, "I already took a long break after reaching Diamond Club Elite to get my energy levels back to normal and to rest. I will still continue to play, but at a much more normal pace."
 antonis32122/06/2020 20:15:01 GMT
Starting your bankroll for poker games only with $20 , on the high stakes level , then achieving to makethis money a lot and start playigng the games you really want and be good at , winning a lot , it's really awesome story . It shows how talented he is . Woirking your game in tis poker ecosystem , choose the stakes and game you are good at , and begin writing your success story , an example for everyone to follow Smile
 Rogerio1011/07/2020 10:45:33 GMT
Craz mf Big Smile. Never have energy to grind like this. When i do 8 hours i day i feel like i do 20. Have much respect for grinders like this, and get a motivation too, so you can see that it's possible if you put in the hard work. I play those party leadrboards from time to time. Plo is really easy do achive and players are not so great i am talkinf for nl2 if you someone wanna try.
 dule-vu11/07/2020 18:19:59 GMT
its crazy when you spend so many hours on playing poker!ofcourse I can also play in one day 20 hours and maybe second,but to play every day and to sleep only 4 hours,its just sick and too much!he probably didnt go from house in this days and somebody else probably had to bring him food and everything else!
 antonis32112/07/2020 21:08:16 GMT
Well , if you have a satisfactory win rate , you can feel the happiness to keep on playing , even if you start feelin tired . I have felt this thing in the past , you really can't stop playing sometimes , or you urgently desire to come back , open the lobby and play more , lol . I have played two days without any breaks in the past , first zoom very successfull session , got me my chromestar level very easily in 1 and a half day Smile So you play all the time , especially if you don't work , but if you work you can try Saturday or Sunday . PLay a lot , participate at the same time on the leaderboard , and if you win good place , some extra rewards await for you Smile

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