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From Magic The Gathering to Winning a Cash Game Leaderboard

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Posted on 22 June 2020 by "T".

The poker community is fully aware of the basic backgrounds of their favorite poker players, and some of them were actually players of a different but also very exciting card game, known as Magic The Gathering.

Today's poker players who transitioned from Magic include Adam Levy, David Williams, and the player with the most live poker tournament winnings of all time, Bryn Kenney.

Let's get to know an up-and-coming poker player this time who also started out playing Magic The Gathering. Klemen from Slovenia, known at partypoker as "Slurp9966", recently won a $0.01/$0.02 No-Limit Hold'em Cash Game Leaderboard, before partypoker switched to daily payouts, for $200. Check out his story below.

Klemen, age 31, lives in the capital of Ljubljana, Slovenia. By day he works for a publishing company where he organizes events, publishes books and ebooks, and manages webpages. By night, he's a budding poker player.

Klemen said, "I started playing poker in high school with a friend. One of my classmates introduced me to the game and we quickly discovered its beauty. "I come from a card game background. We were playing Magic The Gathering with friends from the latter years of middle school. We soon realized the similarities of both games, especially the complexity and the luck / skill factor, so we started playing more and more poker."

After getting a taste of playing live poker for a few pennies and cents, Klemen and his friends started taking poker more seriously and put in lots of effort to study away from the tables in a bid to improve their skills.

"Our love for the game started to grow and some of us started to read poker book and watch YouTube videos, which led to trying some higher stakes cash games around town and in the casino. Later, I deposited and busted many $20 bills over the years until I managed to find my level and makes some small amounts of profit."

Onward to the Online Cash Games
Klemen now plays online cash games, mostly at the $0.01/$0.02 and $0.05/$0.10 level. He sometimes throws low-stakes tournaments into the mix. Playing tournaments went out of the window during the week Klemen won the $200 top prize of the $0.01/$0.02 No-Limit Hold'em Cash Game Leaderboard because his focus was solely on partypoker's fastforward.

"My typical day was playing for around eight hours per day on nine tables of fastforward. I did this for the entire week. I had a couple of days off work and managed to play at that rate throughout the week."

Significant Bankroll Boost
$200 is quite a significant boost for the stakes Klemen prefers to play and he plans to keep his winnings in his poker bankroll so he can continue improving at cash games and hopefully go deep in a tournament or two during the remainder of 2020.

"I will most definitely play some online and live cash games and maybe a tournament here and there. Maybe I will even try myself at the leaderboard again, if I find time."

He'll have more chances to win a Cash Game Leaderboard again now that partypoker is running them daily instead of weekly. More players can dedicate 24-hours to the cash game grind rather than a full week.

Klemen gave some tips for his fellow novice players who want to improve at cash games.

"If you love the game enough you will know what to do. Study the game, read a book, learn from your mistakes and play, play, play! I'm probably not the best person to be giving out poker advice since I am clearly not anywhere near a really good poker player!"



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36 comments on "From Magic The Gathering to Winning a Cash Game Leaderboard"

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» From Magic The Gathering to Winning a Cash Game Leaderboard

 antonis32126/06/2020 13:29:52 GMT
He has studied the game with his friends , so as to learn more and become better through ages , also he says he watched youtube videos , read books , something I also try to do these days , have a lot to do , but it will help me a lot become better and improve my results Smile It seems on his occassion , this study preperation had results , he improved and now he goes for better achievements . This prize might seem not huge , but on the other hand it's free opney without wagering conditions , and it's 100 buy ins for the cash games he plays at , very important for any downswing he might face in gthe future Smile
 maragatero27/06/2020 00:56:40 GMT
Yes antonis321, that´s the news! Sorry I can´t explain it, but the story of building a player is the better theme that I can read. Good for you with your trying in the learning path. I recommend you to have some guide to read and take all the information. It´s enormous and you need some guideline!
 CALICUL27/06/2020 07:57:35 GMT
In online poker there are many players who have very beautiful stories. Other gamblers have but are not so pleasant even if they did profit from it. Each of us can make our own summary of the beginning and the rest. The important thing is to make money with this... then we can say details.
 dule-vu27/06/2020 15:28:40 GMT
I can imagine how much money you will wager in this 7 days,no matter do you play lowest stake with 0,01/0,02 $ or higher,you will in this 8 hours per day wager so much money,so its question if you will lose money,what will you have from this 200 dollars!it will be good if you be even and to collect this prize on end of week!
 antonis32127/06/2020 22:03:33 GMT
Maragatero , I know some basic guidelines that I need to follow , the basic things to study , I have a lot of books to read , online thread and youtube videos or streams or final tables replays , or even some tables of specific games to watch their betlines , the way some masters of online game do play .I know the path , but I am bored to walk on it Smile .... I want to take the airplane Tongue
 maragatero28/06/2020 01:42:09 GMT
Yes I understand to you very well. It happen to me too. I works by impulse, I leave totally poker by a while, and then I return t play and study. But fatally comes the time when all is bored, and I miss the will to continue. Nevertheless, I feel that I make some advances of a period to other and every time I understand it better
 roeish328/06/2020 07:24:24 GMT
There are very nice apps that really help you to examine your game and tell you whether you played a specific spot right.
I found it extremely helpful and it helped me close some big holes in my game that money kept leaking from.
Not sure it is legal to post them here, although my favorite is freemium, and you don't have to pay to play it. Still, I know they don't like it here if we post reg. apps in the threads, so you could just look for them in the stores.
I really reccomend trying it if you hadn't already.
 CALICUL28/06/2020 08:39:53 GMT
The leaderboard is good when prizes are attractive. I miss many of them offered by BRM on several poker rooms in last 3-4 years because country restrictions & decision of 888, pokerstars etc... Here in this news it is about another level and it is much more important.
 maragatero29/06/2020 01:45:50 GMT
Oh don´t worry for that antonis321. I bought my Poker Tracker 4 here, in this page to another mobster that was selling it. I don´t know what you said about freemium. Is a free software? and it is like the PT4, where you have a HUD too? The only soft of that kind that I know is PDVS but it didn´t works fine to me...
 roeish329/06/2020 07:29:22 GMT
I'm not talking about trackers. (BTW it's roeish).
I'm telling about softwares that helps you learn the game by giving you special positions and analyzes the way you play with recommendations how you should play that hand.
It's free but you can get upgraded software for a small fee.
 CALICUL29/06/2020 09:16:09 GMT
The solutions are simple for those who know English very well. Buy what is needed to help you for develop of this poker game... in such a way that you can make a profit in every month and then hope to get a bigger hit. We must to Insist more for money.
 dule-vu29/06/2020 17:59:32 GMT
same as on casino promotion,I like more this kind of leaderboards that will finish in one day or to be on weekend (from friday to sunday),but when you need to play for 7 days,that very long period and when you have private things to do on some day or to celebrate something,you will skip chance to collect lot of points and that one day will ruin everything!so this system is much better for players!
 maragatero30/06/2020 01:50:49 GMT
Excuse me roeish3, I was wrong with the names. What interesting software you are talking! I don´t know anything like that, please let me know wich is that. If you are afraid about BRM could be banned you for write here the brand, please send me by mail to gerardo_arq the funny letter, yahoo dot com dot ar, of Argentina. Thanks!
 CALICUL30/06/2020 10:58:01 GMT
You will have to learn my friend, because this thing can bring money when you do not expect it. Cash games can greatly improve your game to achieve something good with this poker holdem. Must time and everything will come naturally.
 antonis32130/06/2020 20:02:25 GMT
He says he is probably not the best player to seek advice on how to become better , but i think he doesn't mean it , he is very good poker player , he managed to finish 1st on this leaderboard and get this boost of cash for his banktoll Smile I wish him to have more progress on his game , and start playing higher stakes than this , maybe this extra cash will help him to do so Smile
 CALICUL01/07/2020 13:51:01 GMT
He is modest but even so did not become a really great player. It takes a lot of work to earn large sums of money and recognized his talent as a professional gambler. Slurp9966 hasn't proven that yet, but is young and can make many good tournaments.
 maragatero01/07/2020 15:11:04 GMT
As you progress in the practice of poker, you realize that it is essential to study. And when you start studying, you realize that poker has a complexity that can only be understood with constant effort in the game, practice, and analysis of your own game.
 antonis32101/07/2020 22:50:50 GMT

Also he started early playing with friends , before trying to evolve his game and go to the next level , I have seen how important it is to start playing poker early , with family or friends , these people can learn more about poker , the same thing for everything in life, if you learn them eraly the better for you , imo Smile Most of the others struggle to learn or understand the basic concepts of it , like me , lol Smile

 maragatero02/07/2020 21:32:27 GMT
That is what I will do in my next reincarnation, start playing and studying poker from a young age. In this life, I discovered it very late, when I was already 55 years old. To top it off, the first 5 or 6 I dedicated myself to playing without taking it seriously. I understood the need to study, only a couple of years ago.
 CALICUL03/07/2020 22:28:45 GMT
This is the situation now and you will have to play as think is best for your style. I've been playing poker for free for about 11 years and for real money of 7-8. I don't know how to handle it because many players pay with poor cards at my bluffs.
 maragatero04/07/2020 23:18:39 GMT
I´m happy today. I found in Facebook some guy that was sharing for free a lot of poker´s book, and some of them I don´t have so he sends it to me. Then he tells me that has some videos of pro players that may buy me very cheaply. So, finally, I bought two series of them to MTT: 30 shorts videos of David Diaz, and 17 videos of BENCB, also of MTT
 CALICUL05/07/2020 04:47:42 GMT
You have played leaderboards in full tilt, pokerstars or another poker room in the past? because there was a pleasure when i played and i won some money in a few sessions. Satisfaction is good when you finish in 1st place at the final.
 antonis32106/07/2020 20:21:13 GMT
Just saying it's somehow gharder to learn without a preexisting knowledge on the basics and concepts of the game , didn't say it's imposssible to become better or a lot better , the more you study , especially with a programme , and organised , the better chances to become a very good player . But the ones who played earlier , more , i guess they have an advantage , imho Smile
 maragatero20/07/2020 01:30:30 GMT
I think that you need some specific time to learn and that depends on the age of your mind. More training you have with learning, more possibilities that you can understand the strategy and could make some winner´s way with your own skills. I think that the principal obstacle to playing a good poker is your mindset. If your emotion are in the middle of your knowledge and your lost!
 CALICUL20/07/2020 07:13:01 GMT
if you have learned to play cash, then can make money easier with weak players. It's a very important thing and we can't become a good players if don't have a good strategy with this style/skills of game. Learn about it for a nice future.

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