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partypoker Latest Promo - New and Improved SNG and SPINS Leaderboards

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Posted on 30 June 2020 by "T".

partypoker has a special surprise in store for all their valued players - they have re-launched their SNG and SPINS Leaderboards starting on June 25, and they are definitely sure everyone is going to be delighted with their new format.

It takes only $1 to join!

partypoker is giving you daily chances to win cash prizes and tickets!
Simply earn points at their SNG tables to climb the leaderboards, and land a share of daily prize pools as high as $17,500.

Their SNG Leaderboards are undergoing a few changes, and it's for the better! The daily prize pools are now increased from $12,500 to $17,500. There are still 5 different leaderboards, based on the SNG buy-in, and these now run Monday through Friday.

Meanwhile, the Saturday and Sunday leaderboards are now combined into one that runs from 00:00 CET on Saturday through to 23:59 CET on Sunday. The weekend leaderboard pays out a cool $25,000 over four buy-in levels and has a top prize that weighs in at $2,000 cash!

Partypoker SNG Daily Leaderboards


  • Monday - Friday = Five leaderboards; $17,500 in daily prizes
  • Saturday & Sunday = Four leaderboards; $25,000 in prizes
  • Leaderboards Mon - Fri run from 00:00 CEST to 23.59 CEST. The weekend leaderboards run 00:00 (CEST) Saturday to 23:59 (CEST) Sunday.
  • The more points you collect, the higher your chances of finishing in the money!
  • And with buy-in level starting at just $1, every player has a shot at winning!


Points are earned for every SNG (with the exception of heads-up SNG) you play, but you earn tons more points for winning so while logging volume is a crucial ingredient to success, you also need some quality to go with your quantity.

partypoker works out your points using the following formula, where "n" is the number of players in the SNG: 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log(buy-in+0.25)]


See the tables below for a full breakdown of the exciting new payouts.





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52 comments on "partypoker Latest Promo - New and Improved SNG and SPINS Leaderboards"

Displaying only the 25 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» partypoker Latest Promo - New and Improved SNG and SPINS Leaderboards

 maragatero13/07/2020 00:41:16 GMT
Well, in a tournament you have all the situation that you can find as independent format (full-ring, six-handed, three, Heads Up), so I think that maybe natural to a pro players makes some training in them. But all of them has some speciality to play and makes money with it too easy. And, obviously, they all play big tourney ever
 CALICUL13/07/2020 16:58:25 GMT
Professional players can play anything because they are far too evolved to deal with important situations. Their concentration and talent are the things that bring them a lot of money in tournaments, cash games or others. For them, this promotion is easy.
 maragatero14/07/2020 00:44:31 GMT
Yes, I don´t discuss that, but I sais another thing about the pro players. I think that they take the poker´s game as a work and a fun sport that they loved. So maybe that they choose some kind of format or a mixed game, to win the money for this period. And then, they play all the games that they like or have to play for publicity or contracts
 CALICUL14/07/2020 20:57:33 GMT
Mixed games are rarer in most poker rooms but if such a thing suits you, then will have to look and try your luck. I haven't tried SNG and Spins in other formats and i don't even know if there is such a thing. Good luck anyway.
 maragatero15/07/2020 00:46:48 GMT
But this is not about spin, as I understand. It´s only to STT, despite a lot of poker´s room named the MTT like sit and go, because it only starts to run when the number of seats is filled. I like STT, and I play too much tournament (my loved freerolls) but the MTTs or the Spins are a kind of game where I´m uncomfortable, I played it several times, but are not my favorite
 CALICUL16/07/2020 08:41:05 GMT
This days i played a little cash and noticed that i don't get points. It's probably a promotion which i didn't find out but at SNG / Spins it's okay. With Party Poker i have friends who play from other countries and everything is fine when you don't lose.
 antonis32116/07/2020 15:44:02 GMT
Man , I read again the article , although in the title it says spins and sngs leaderboards , in reality in the main article it only speaksa bout sngs , lol Smile Anyway , they also have spins leaderboard , so no problem .

Now for sngs , I want to start a challenge with sngs , it will be much better , maybe also successfull , in comparison to the spins challenge which failed . I have played sngs ,I liked them in the pst , won some money , but couldn't cash out/withdraw , lol . I will play on Stars the micros 0.10 to 0.25 cents , then if successfull I will move to partypoker for the 1$ or more sngs .

It's a pity that Partypoker doesn't have sngs with less than $1 , meaning $0.10 or $0.25 or $0.55 , with multitable sngs , that means 18max or 35max or 45 max players , why not a few more , they could earn good rake from them , just my opinion . The ecosystem of sngs would be better and bankroll management would be more effective
 maragatero17/07/2020 00:56:41 GMT
I strongly recommended the sit and go, antonis321! And I give you an advice: 888poker have s&g of $ 0,10, 10 max, and regular speed. You can try it with all your calm, without any afraid to lost there. Is a good spot to learn the game. There are a good number of open tables and the field in that level is easy. Then, you can upgrade in a soft way to $ 0,40 and $ 1 +.
 CALICUL17/07/2020 10:20:20 GMT
Very interesting this method. I know about it and is something concrete where you had some withdrawals? If it was profitable say how much time spent in a month with something like that? It's good or not because sometimes the time is precious...
 antonis32117/07/2020 22:26:24 GMT
I played , maragatero , the sngs on the 888poker , they are fine for me. These 0.10$ you are talking about , most are for fun reasons I thnk , the prize is not big , top 3 are paid , and the first one doesn't take so much . For fun I would and have played them Smile But the $1 sngare more interesting , especially in the past I was playing some 8max with many players in it , they were good . Now I think it's the 36 players only , or sth like ths . They don't fill quickly, but they are good games to play Smile

 maragatero18/07/2020 01:08:15 GMT
I told to you in the past CALICUL. In 2018 I make a try with it, starting my "career" in poker. I did what I advise now, playing 3 tables max., two hours by day; and I become $ 4 in $ 50 in a month and a half. Then I had to leave it and work more hours in my job. antonis321 perhaps I don´t understand to you. You said that you was studying poker but you lost frequently. So I think that you need to concentrate on a single kind of game and find a soft spot to makes your path to an improvement
 CALICUL18/07/2020 15:59:49 GMT
I like it because is something nice there, but after that you do not invest all the money in tournaments for a good win of few hundred dollars? Do not expose your bankroll for a nice risk? I like to think that you'll try this in one day with a good luck.
 antonis32118/07/2020 22:50:44 GMT
maragatero , I have a tone of stuff to study , but I guess I am a bit lazy lol , the rythm I make progress is very slow , lol . I prefer playing , but the many losses get me back to the ground . Yesterday I had losses with the Venom Cyclone tickets , stopped , too many bad beats , crazy hands , gonna play the rest tickets not for Venom , but for sat tournaments , 3 tickets I have left , good enough . I want to start seriously , it will take a lot of time , I will be playing only freerolls , or some sngs for this challenge on stars , the rest of the time I will be studying , the time has come , lol Smile

I will play on stars this challenge with the sngs , I want them to be $0.10 or $0.25 , multitable sngs with many players , cause I want to see my results in this firmat , try to win more money in the FT , which is not possible of they are only 9 , also build a bankroll. These lower micro limits and stakes sngs , they do not exist elsewhere unfortunatelly .Also ACR has $1 sng and more expensive , although they have $0.55$ on demand , kind of vey small field tourneys or multi table sng , they are not bad to try Smile
 maragatero19/07/2020 01:09:32 GMT
Not CALICUL, as I told here, I had to use all my time in a new kind of job, and I became it because it takes away the ghost of retirement. If you remember, it was a terrible matter that menaces me in that year. Now I´m more relaxing with this, and thanks to the pandemic, I found a lot of time to return to play, and recently also to study. So, I´m near to start a new period of playing.
 CALICUL20/07/2020 07:41:37 GMT
I hope that this option of yours will bring you more success. I play at risk and twice a year I manage to withdraw something from a poker room. In the others only once but my earnings are not enough. I hope for more. Softwares wants something else...
 maragatero21/07/2020 01:41:22 GMT
Thanks for your wishes CALICUL, you are a good friend! I´m studying (not really, only seeing for now), the videos that I bought recently. The David Diaz videos were not so good. He gives me some charts that I start to use, but his talking was very primary. Instead, the BENCB videos are too much complex and bring me new information that I never know before. I could make a new start point!
 CALICUL21/07/2020 08:16:51 GMT
I tried in the past few times to study more deeply about hold'em poker but same like you i come across various tips, that confused me more than is necessary. In this way did not continue because it made me to lose some skills...
 maragatero22/07/2020 02:41:35 GMT
Yes, that is a real risk. When you are studying a new kind of strategy, and if you are doing deeply, you have to stop playing a bit, because you can make confusion between two positions facing the same move. I did it when I was studying in the past. I think that the better measure is stopping playing and make a good immersion into the new concepts until you have to solidify it in your skills
 CALICUL22/07/2020 08:24:20 GMT
Smart persons who realize this opportunity that poker offers, will waste time to learning the most profitable strategies and tactics of these games. They can become professionals or will make only a good profit. We do not have time to study as much as we would like. Aww crap!
 antonis32122/07/2020 22:49:18 GMT
Lol , went to casino games on bwin , played my favorite game , had the biggest win ever , wanted more , lol , lost most of the profits , lol . Then today tried to take it back , lost all of the rest profits and some of my bankroll . Lol , I cannot stop myself playing when I win , neither when I lose , lol . You have to take the money and go to the next slot , lol , like the old ladies on some casinos slots , strike , take the profits or the jackpot and leave for the next slot , or even call it a day lol . Now , the plans for the spins go back , have to increase my bankroll , then begin with it . The good news , now I have more time to study the spins and the spin tables , hope the leadrrboards do exist when I decide to play Smile
 CALICUL24/07/2020 11:21:43 GMT
I don't know what's happening, but in the last year and something... i've had a lot of negative characters in my life, but also on internet. These people bring bad luck in your life and should be avoided as much as possible. After that we must play poker.
 maragatero27/07/2020 22:39:09 GMT
antonis321 I think that you have to decide previously if you want to play for fun or play to make grow up your bankroll. If you only want to play, without any stress, then you could make a top of lost. And you have to respect it. I don´t like to lost my money in the games, and I don´t like to play in games that you can´t do anything to win, only put your money and push a button. So when I have some free spins or freeroll I take the money that I win and use it very carefully in some special buy_in
 CALICUL28/07/2020 16:09:08 GMT
Maragatero, my friend, you must to leaves poker for a month and tries to learn all that is needed to have a greater poker talent. I have the impression that u are very ambitious and can achieve much more than in present. Good luck.
 antonis32101/08/2020 22:02:49 GMT
Now the night league on Bwin awards WPT tournament tickets or satellites tickets , won one , try to win more . Or win a spin ticket , then use it to win points for the leaderboard Smile Also the hilo promotion , played it today, won a ticket for the other freeroll . Played again casino , now my bankroll is higher than before . This time I stopped playing when I should have done , I am satisfied . . Gonna play very conservatively casino games , so as to have bankroll for spins and tourneys Smile I will also try to bink the BRM freeroll , did it once , i can do it again .

I don't play for fun , maragatero , ok a litlle fun is in the daily schedule , why not , but my target is the profit , or else why play?? I just say sometimes I play for fun , meaning I do patience until I become better , so I keep on plying with this hope , or else it's not fun losing games or tournaments or whatever Smile Tilting on casino is a problem of mine , trying to control it 100% , or else it spoils the fun of the casino games Smile Too much tilting leads to stupidly big bets , which don't pay easily or quickly , only result very quickly the destruction of the bankroll , have to bet with in bankroll limits and capabilities , that's what I say to myself Smile

 CALICUL02/08/2020 04:35:08 GMT
I would like to implement Spins tournaments, but with a structure capable of satisfying players. There are ideas, but unfortunately gamblers are divided into too many poker rooms and that makes it difficult to achieve something good.

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