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888poker Latest Promo - Trails of Fortune, over $500K in Extreme Prizes!

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Posted on 08 June 2020 by "T".

Starting this month of June, 888poker has a wonderful new promotion in store for their valued players - the Trails of Fortune - where one can win a slice of $500,000+ in prizes!

888poker - Trails of Fortune Promotion

  • Promo period: June 8 to August 9, 2020
  • Freeroll ticket(s) valid for 3 days
  • Available daily spinner prizes are: Tournament tickets, Casino FreePlay, Sports Free Bets, cash and bonuses
  • Over $ 500,000 total in prizes up for grabs

Choose your trail and grab extreme prizes!
There are three trails for you to tread on. Whichever trail you choose, it is absolutely paved with Tickets and Cash Prizes every step of the way.

$30,000 888Summit
This exclusive tournament lets you climb up to their daily $30,000 888Summit. Play Day 1 to get the chance at a piece of the $30,000 weekly prize pool.

Cash Peaks
These daily $1,000 Cash Peaks Freerolls give you the chance to grab a bunch of instant cash prizes - EVERY SINGLE DAY of the trail.

BLAST Heights
With their $1,000 BLAST Heights Freerolls, try and win yourself some tickets to their explosive $1,000,000 BLAST game.

Trails of Fortune - Freerolls
If you're ready for this great adventure, just take a whack at their daily challenges or spin the Hiker's Loop for tickets to any of the Trails of Fortune freerolls!

Tournament Trek Challenge
Play poker tournaments - including BLAST - with buy-ins totaling $3 to get this ticket. Note that rebuys do not count towards the challenge.

Casino Adventure Challenge
If you like to roll in the casino, just place bets totaling $5 in casino games to win a Trails of Fortune freeroll ticket.

KQ Cliffside Path Challenge
Win a hand in cash games - including SNAP - with KQ. Note that min. stakes of $100,000 Super Saturn Freeroll apply.

Hiker's Loop Spinner
Spin their daily Hiker's Loop for your chance to win awesome prizes including a Trails of Fortune freeroll ticket!
You can get in on each of the challenges once per day. For each challenge that you complete, you'll gain a snazzy freeroll ticket!

And as you begin your journey, keep on the lookout for other exclusive prizes along the trail!

See you at the top!

Terms and Conditions:

• Funded players only
• Promo valid until 9.8.2020
• Freeroll ticket(s) valid for 3 days
• Available daily spinner prizes are: Tournament tickets, Casino FreePlay, Sports Free Bets, cash and bonuses
• Prizes will be granted within 72 hours
• Each $30,000 888Summit - Day 1 is limited to 3,000 participants
• All $30,000 888Summit - Day 1s lead to the 888Summit tournament running on the upcoming Sunday
• $30,000 888Summit - Day 1s played on a Sunday after the start of an 888Summit tournament will lead to the following Sunday's tournament
• Only hands that reach post flop will count towards completion of the KQ Cliffside Path Challenge
• Valid for selected games only, when playing Casino
• Full T&Cs apply



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15 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - Trails of Fortune, over $500K in Extreme Prizes!"

 dule-vu08/06/2020 10:49:23 GMT
something interesting from 888 poker site and for regular players at this site!so many prizes,different,from Tournament tickets, Casino FreePlay, Sports Free Bets, cash and bonuses!888 want to offer something that other sites give for months,especially when lot of people were at home because of corona!we will see how players will use this offers!
 antonis32109/06/2020 21:17:36 GMT
One more great promotion by 888 poker , to the players , to give them the chance to win more cashback , to have more winnings . 888poker is one of the three best poker sites that have the best promotions for the players , this is not a surprise . More freerolls for the players to play and win , besides the other that you can play on thei platform , 888poker's freerolls or other private freerolls , so many , 888poker is the greatest provider of freerolls in online industry Smile

freerolls to win cash , blast tickets for grab , tickets to be awarded , really great offers by 888 poker for the players Smile
 CALICUL10/06/2020 15:56:35 GMT
This promotion lasts until August and you can enjoy the prizes u can win here. The idea is that you have to do missions, to receive tickets and to win something for free. It is not difficult and with some luck bankroll can grow nicely. Good luck, guys.
 perseus12311/06/2020 09:16:35 GMT
We changed the prize grid of 30,000, now we have made a prize of $ 3 from 5,000 places, the next mark is $ 6 of prize money from 499 places.
 sirkosun11/06/2020 10:24:43 GMT
I have already qualified for the $30,000 888Summit tournament.
With a stack of 35,000 chips, but I see that the chip leaders have stacks of 250,000 chips.
It will be difficult, but at least get into the prizes
 dule-vu11/06/2020 14:08:02 GMT
yes,its big difference between your stack and chip leader,but who know what can happen when you start again to play!with few double up-s,you will have god number of chips and maybe you will make something!its good that you manage to qualify and now its part two!good luck to you!
 antonis32111/06/2020 16:18:25 GMT
These $30.000 special weekly tournaments ,are an excellent opportunity to win some extra cash , really a great offer by 888poker these days . Also this promotion , will run until the first week of August , August 9th specifically , so players have a lot of time to take full advantage of these offers and this promotion ,and win big Smile Good luck everyone .
 CALICUL11/06/2020 21:15:33 GMT
Many tournaments in this promotion with $ 500,000 prizes but after many games with blast tickets and cash. It is important to qualify for them because the first time you will have to do something else and to get free admission. Everything is thought out successfully.
 antonis32112/06/2020 16:53:06 GMT
It's nice to have such promotions running , with many freerolls and other bonuses awarded , these days . Summer time players also play poker , every month and day of theyear is good for poker . Even if less players than some days before play poker online (less restrictions and social isolation nowadays thankfully in many countries) , nevertheless the numbers are still satisfying , and these promotions make players wanna try their luck to win sth more .
 CALICUL12/06/2020 21:49:04 GMT
You need more time to do some missions, win tickets and then play those freeroll tournaments, but if you win, u can be satisfied with that. I like certain things in 888 poker but we must re-evolve for the good of each. Anyway the promotion is interesting.
 Mober14/06/2020 11:49:56 GMT
And again another good promotion for all the players in 888poker.
Lucky all the ones that are able to play there.
With all that virus story along with the summer, it is a good thing to have
a promotion like this.
And of course it is a site where you can win money from absolutely nothing.
Good luck to all the ones grinding there.
 CALICUL15/06/2020 09:21:06 GMT
888 Poker is one of the best rooms with promotions, bonuses or free money (maybe it's even in the first place). The players took advantage of this and many of them managed to make money from this good thing. Anyway, if you can take advantage of this, try it.
 antonis32117/06/2020 13:57:33 GMT
This promotion runs almost for two more months , so players have a lot of time to play their games , some dollars total stakes in casino hgames or total buyins in tourrnaments daily , and win tickets for these freerolls , which expire after three days . Great promotion to win some extra money , especially if you play a lot of money every day ,

888poker is the best poker site to build your bankroll , from freerolls , form micros/nano stakes , even if you are not a good player or you play extremely conservatively , sacrificing or risking small proportion of your bankroll for your games , or even cents , like I did , $5 turned to $300 with this kind of very tight , not good poker strastegy or decisions , fun games many times , shows how easy it is towin money on 888poker , even now that they have changes some things , like their terms and conditions for theirbonus/freeroll money , still it's very good to p;lay there , you can win $$$$$$ Smile Smile
 CALICUL17/06/2020 16:46:36 GMT
888 poker repeat many promotions and that's because they are successful. In 2018 they started a series of Big Fish tournaments which was excellent until 2019 with good prizes but the awards have dwindled and in 2020 they stopped it.
 maragatero23/06/2020 20:49:21 GMT
Good tournament, but the pictures are really similar to another freeroll tourney and, guess what..., I registered there for error (or less glasses situation), so I played there for a while. As ever in this kind of case, I played with fear and lost by a bad move. Error register is my karma!

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