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partypoker Latest Promo - $3,000 GTD SPINS Ultra Leaderboards

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Posted on 01 July 2020 by "T".

Not only has partypoker relaunched its SNG and SPINS leaderboards, but also the SPINS Ultra as well.

Starting on June 25, SPINS Ultra players shall get to enjoy their very own leaderboards. It is possible to play many more SPINS Ultra per hour than standard SPINS, so it is only fair Ultra players compete against other Ultra grinders.

SPINS Ultra action just got even quicker!

There's $3K in daily prizes up for grabs across the following leaderboards:

  • Micro ($0.25 & $1)
  • Small ($3 & $5) 
  • Low ($10 & $20)

Leaderboards run from Monday 00:00 CEST to Sunday 23:59 CEST daily. All tournaments that start within this time frame will qualify for leaderboard points.

SPINS Ultra Leaderboards are fast and furious - stand still and you'll get leapfrogged!

There are three Daily Leaderboards which pays out $3,000 a day (or $21,000 every week). The leaderboards are split into Micro ($0.25 and $1), Small ($3 and $5), and Low ($10 and $20). It's going to be exciting watching players stand toe-to-toe for daily prizes worth up to $300!

How do I earn Leaderboard Points?

Check out the formula below:

  • Leaderboard Points = 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]
  • n = Number of players in the tournament
  • Buy-in = cost of tournament buy-in
  • Rank - position finished in the tournament


There are 85 paid places each day, including tickets and cash prizes of up to $300!

The standard SPINS leaderboards that you've always loved remain the same...

Terms and Conditions
Leaderboards will run from 00:00 CEST - 23:59 CEST daily
Play on regular SPINS games will count towards the regular SPINS Leaderboard only.
Play on SPINS Ultra games will count towards the SPINS Ultra Leaderboard only.
Leaderboards points do not count towards the weekly cashback programme
Leaderboard points are awarded upon exit of the SPINS or SPINS Ultra game
Gameplay in regular Sit & Go tournaments will not count towards leaderboard points
Winners will be paid within 24 hours of each leaderboard completing
Prizes are non-exchangeable
Cash prizes are unrestricted cash amounts.
Ticket prizes will be subject to an expiry date. Details if which can be found in the "My Tickets" section of the poker software



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21 comments on "partypoker Latest Promo - $3,000 GTD SPINS Ultra Leaderboards"

 dule-vu01/07/2020 18:30:13 GMT
after yesterdays new,today we have spins daily leaderboard,which will give lot of money to players and I just cant say enough times what they do for players in last months!this move to give so much leaderboards every day,daily,that will show and give free money is great move and with this they will get more and more new players for sure!
 roeish301/07/2020 18:47:09 GMT
Well, the competition is getting harder by the day. I'm not sure the Corona virus did bad to online gambling, but maybe because it atracts new players, putting in some money now will get back tenfold later on.
It seems like everyone is going the distance this summer - I wonder if somebody will get ahead of the pack at some poing.
Partypoker sure is trying to be that site. They might do it. Maybe
 antonis32101/07/2020 23:11:30 GMT
Stardard spins leaderboards , now Ultra spins leaderboard , so many leaderboards for the players on spins or cash games or else , to play , compete with each other and win extra money for their bankroll Smile These leaderboards are daily , and micro , small , low buy ins , so evry player can compete with the fellow players playing on the same level with him Smile
 roeish302/07/2020 04:58:52 GMT
The problem with the leaderboards of that you really have to play for hours and hours every day to have a chance, which is the opposite of the responsible gaming that was discussed in another thread.
Addiction to the games takes affect not only in losing money bet rather also with the time being spent at the site, many times in the expense of something important in the real life.
 CALICUL02/07/2020 16:49:41 GMT
That's right, because it's called Ultra Leaderboasrds and that means it's not easy but it's a little harder. It will be important for players who accept this competition who will fight for some extra money. Who works well will get something.
 roeish302/07/2020 18:12:39 GMT
I once tried to win a leaderboard and it made me play way more than I usually play. It wasn't good for me or for my game. I will probably not try it again until I'm retired. That's probably gonna take a while..
Meanwhile I'm working on improving my game.
 antonis32102/07/2020 21:38:18 GMT
If you play many games at the same time , you don't have to play so many hours daily , but if you play 2-3 or 4 tables , probably you have to play far more hours to get to the top of the leaderboards . The leaderboars are daily , better this way , the weekly demanded a very big bankroll and far too many hours . I also tried for the leaderboard , playing cash games or fast forward in the past , some months ago , but couldn't see my name on the leaderboards , didn't inform , cause I had some problems with them in the past , lol Smile
 dule-vu03/07/2020 20:37:59 GMT
I think that people will play even more on daily leaderboards,because they will choose one or few days in week to play as much as they can and then on rest of week to spend on some other things!trough whole week you need to be active every day and to collect as much as you can points and maybe it wouldnt be enough!who know how much money you can lose with play in whole week!
 CALICUL03/07/2020 22:31:15 GMT
This ultra leaderboards is not easy for us because we cannot play with automatic fire. When you are a real player then you can say yes but at this moment there is a lot to learn about the strategy of multiple tables. Maybe in future will be fine.
 antonis32121/07/2020 20:00:26 GMT
Lol , I played yesterday at night ,00.30 UK time I think , when the next day and a new leaderboard started , was not going well , couldn't have many wins , losing bigmultipliers . I think 23:00 to 14:00 UK time next day , the players are very good , called it a day , and wanted to start next day 14:00 , but forgot , lol . On bwin , I now have 360 points , need 1.000 to be ITM , not enough time , cause I do not have good results , so as to boost the points that I get , 2-3 hours maybe is not enough Smile . The formula for points takes into consideration the place that you finished in the spins . That's fine , opportunity to watch some tables of spins games , then , in 4-5 days play allday for the win .
 CALICUL25/07/2020 12:40:36 GMT
I'm upset right now and not thinking how to play in this style. In winter i can concentrate much better because summer is hot in my city. Always wanted to make a good wager but It's impossible because can't do it quickly with keyboard.
 antonis32111/08/2020 04:55:26 GMT
Lol , I said I would step back from casino slots for sometime , cause I destroyed my bankroll on Pokerstars , also almost destroyed it on bwin , but played again on bwin , now my bankroll is very good there , had awesome profits . I can play this challenge for the 100 spin games on ultra mode , see how it goes . Being in the paid positions of this leaderboard is not easy , as I thought initially , but I can try and see where it gets me . If i see I am in paid places for the leadrrboard , I will call it a day , continue playing spins the next day , so as to win sth also from the new daily leadrboard the next day . Gonna use some of the rest money for tourneys or tournaments for tournament dollars or micro tournaments . See how it goes . Play only on the evening , night never again Blink lol
I will only play a little casino to get the ticket for the night poker league on bwin , if I get it I will stop playing even if I have losses . Twice was so close destroying my bankroll , saved by miracle , lol Smile
 CALICUL11/08/2020 05:45:56 GMT
In most situations we lose our bankroll and something like that happens for most poker players, because it is very difficult to achieve something many times, if you are not a big and good gambler. It is important to earn several times a year. After that withdrawal.
 antonis32112/08/2020 05:48:45 GMT
The spin leaderboards are not so easy as i thought , if you wager a lot , which means winning a good amount of the time , especially the big prizepools , you wager a lot , win a lot , get alot of poinets , get high in the leaderboard and be paid tickets . But without successes , with many losses , not a good idea to try it , better fix your leaks , that's what I intend to do Smile

Anyway , the challenge will be completed in some days , 25 $ is nothing to lose Smile Won some 370$ on bwin casino , made up for my losses on Jokerstars and some on the same site , bwin because of reckless games in the past Smile Nice Smile Guess , if you don't gamble , you cannot win Blink lol

Now , with this bankrol , moreoptions are available to me . So sad , I play everyday this night poker league , (you get the ticket if you play at least 5-6$ on casino on bwin ) , cannot have a major win , go to final 6 or even first place and win the precious ticket for the WPT online series , best win 3 $3.30 sat tickets , one 33$ ticket (shoved 5 max on the BU J10s 5 blinds , called by 44s , goodbye 100$ ticket and final 8 , now was it on night poker league or the second chance freeroll ??lol)
 CALICUL12/08/2020 05:55:24 GMT
Nothing is easy when it comes to making money because this industry cannot offer more good prizes to players, but to be smaller. They often prefer to give a player a huge prize and I don't like that. Example: I like 10 gamblers to earn $ 5,000 each and not one to take $ 50,000 as usual...
 dule-vu12/08/2020 11:00:28 GMT
on this kind of leaderboards you dont have to be great player or to earn lot of money,you just need to wager a lot and to make great rake,but still to be on same amount when you started to play!its about how much you will wager and with that you will collect lot of points and maybe will get some prize!
 CALICUL13/08/2020 06:53:02 GMT
I know how it is with leaderboards but discussion was about something else. This kind of promotion is good for those who have time to play. I like to do wager but i'm not a very good player at that. In cash games me lose too often and prefer tournaments.
 antonis32114/08/2020 09:20:46 GMT
Played a 10$ spin ticket on bwin , for a $33 ticket as a prize ,it was not ultra spin , but normal unfortunatelly , this favors pros and regs I think , lost in a rediculous way , missed opportunity , have to fix my leaks , the same in a second chance freeroll , final 10 , 9 get super rewards like 100$ ticket and higher , made a wrong call , then a wrong shove instead of raise almost all in and then call , but I did't and I lost lost . Winning a $100 ticket or the $330 ticket , that would be great .

. Now I have this $33 ticket that I will play after I watch some more tables online , some more hands , also when I win one two more big tickets , so as to play the alongside with some $5.50 tickets that I have , at the same week and have a rakeback Blink if only they bring back the scratch crds in the future , great promotion . ,Plus one $3.30 ticket satellite inm my account , which I am going to play today for 100 $33 tickets GTD on bwin/partypoker , good luck to me

Have to fix my leaks . On these spots ,close to FT , close to very big prizes mistakes are not forgiven !!!! Then i will be much better and ready for this challenge for the spin ultra leaderboard . , also for any tourney .

Played a 1.5$ $4K GTD on ACR , 6hours and 20min to get ITM , lol , then 9 hours or more of gameplay for a min cashout of $11 . MP+1 dhoved , SB 3 bet all in , called on the BB for half stack with 1010 , SB KJs got a J or K on the board , lol , then I was angry on tilt , shoved 22s for 10 or 9 blinds on MP+2 , lol , got called by KK on the BB , hahahhaa , sillly game Smile deuces never loses Sad at least live Blinklol .
 CALICUL15/08/2020 07:34:17 GMT
Every poker room has its promotions or satellites, depending on each one. It is very important to move with slow steps for towards money. Party Poker also offers what they can and don't be critical with them or too pretentious. You have something to gain there.
 antonis32117/08/2020 04:59:55 GMT
I played some ultra spins on Bwin , but also on Stars , crazy suckouts , the hands some players play , I thought on the micros it was worse , quite the reverse I would say , on the higher limits they are really sharkks , they can drive you crazy and on tilt with the bad beats , suckouts or crazy calls/shoves they make Big Smile Hopefully the challenge goes well , starts in a week at the latest Smile If it goes well I will ladder up , play next level of spins , I think it's $1 spins Smile Hopefully I will get a leaderboard prize , although it's difficult , plus I get more easily tickets or prize such as these via other promotions there Smile

I 've won $300 more on bwin casino last days , very very lucky , and I got my bankrol back on JokerStars thanks to Gonzo Megaways , plus some profits , $35 disappeared suddenly , must be the tax for over $100 or $120/$150 wins , I will email the support , the moment bet was on $1 and I was ready to abandon the table , leave the game with losses , thankfully this didn't happen . tried again starburst , what an idiot game , i never win , I win some $$ , lose them and a lot more very soon , the crazy payouts , have to stop the reel very quickly on specific spots , it's crazy , i don't know , i cannot do it , I will never play it again . I hope a downswing won't come very soon , I hope this upswing continues .Played a little more on gonzo quest classic for fun on Bwin , but I won something more , totally $150 payday . $650 ..Not bad overally , if you started with a $20 bankroll , and deposited on the whole $150 (after bankoll busting/destroyed some times) Smile Played with the extra $30 bucks some crazy bets for Champions league on bwin , scores on some teams , big lol noone won , also 2-3 parolis with very few money on more safe bet choices (team to win , U/O , etc) so as to get all or some of the invested money back , but I didn't get anything . I am getting the tickets for the Night Poker League everyday on bwin ,this is awesome .

Busted my bankroll on Party , but I don't care, it was only $15 , I was on tilt on casino , saying either you give me the win or take them all , don't care , lol , cause I couldn't see the table of the slot , the reels of the slot , on the casino clearly , the connection was not good cause my laptop sometimes lags very annoyngly , very much for hours or days , should have used pc or android , lol ...... , many interuptons every f*** sec , especially when the free spins symbols appeared and had to stop in correct time , nothing more frustrating .... , should have stopped playing , lol..... I also got such a fraustrating moment on the pc , it was free spins time , then a message appeared in the scren saying it will close in 5 min forenergy save (I have to press the button for this not to happen ) , i have to see how to inactivate this option , happens also during poker games , or simple video games , lol
 CALICUL17/08/2020 08:25:18 GMT
I played a few spins in 888 poker and poklerstars but not with much success. The profit was small Other times i lost, but it is not something to make money from these games if you do not catch a big prize or even jackpot. This is it.

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