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888poker Latest Promo - Win up to 100% Cashback Daily

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Posted on 10 July 2020 by "T".

  • Play to win up to 100% Cashback, every day!
  • The Ultimate Cashback Spin - the more you play, the more you win!
  • Promo duration: From July 10 until July 23, 2020

1. Play poker
2. The next day, spin the Ultimate Cashback wheel
3. Win up to 100% cashback
4. Repeat EVERY DAY to win more!


Cashback Daily Terms and conditions:
Cashback calculated as a percentage of yesterday's total poker rake + casino losses + sports losses
Depositors only
Offer expires on 23/7/2020
The Spin expires after 24 hours
Odds vary between prizes
Maximum daily cashback is mentioned in the promotion email
Minimum sum of rake and fee required to receive a Spin is mentioned in the promotion email
Available prize is cash
UK only -Your deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time.
Full T&Cs apply



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11 comments on "888poker Latest Promo - Win up to 100% Cashback Daily"

 dule-vu10/07/2020 14:29:07 GMT
this is something interesting from 888 poker,it would be nice to see every day what will you get and how much you will get back from yesterdays play!ofcourse I am sure that lot of prizes will be 5 %,but very bad move is that this offer is only for UK players and this is second promotion in short time that is only for UK players!they want money from all players,but dont want to back in to everybody!very stupid!
 Rogerio1011/07/2020 16:38:20 GMT
Games here are sure soft enough. But the terible rakeback system dont make it a too good place to play. I am not allowed anyway, but when i was playing micros there is was close to zero and some tickets where were few k players playing freerools.
 dule-vu11/07/2020 18:34:09 GMT
dont know in how many countries you can play at 888 poker,but I suppose that is in lot,so why the hell they dont give promotion for everybody and for every play,not just do take money from them,from rake and from buy in!in last months they love only UK players,which isnt good!
 DaCapo7112/07/2020 06:04:10 GMT
I like this kind of promos from 888 Poker, because they offer a lot of chances to build a little bankroll. For hobby player like me it was funny to try some of the daily freerolls or promotions. And they have enough table for small buyins 24 hours a day.
 CALICUL12/07/2020 16:14:52 GMT
100% cashback is something which i have never seen before. When i first found out about this percentage was around 30%. This offer is exceptional for players who will take advantage of this generous promotion. Good luck, guys.
 antonis32112/07/2020 20:47:25 GMT
It;s true UK players are being treated better in many poker rooms , as well as Canadians , more offers for them , in some forums more freerolls , etc . But I don't think this specific promotion is only for UK residents , I think it's for everyone . UK players just can withdrawn their money anytime , without any restriction (of wagering or whateverv I think Smile )
 CALICUL21/07/2020 08:44:44 GMT
888 poker seeks to offer many bonuses and promotions because my impression is that they lost in terms of players. I have looked very well in recent two years at number of gamblers in tournaments where i play and over time their number has decreased. I hope they are generous in future and will win customers.
 antonis32121/07/2020 21:12:03 GMT
I do not know if what you say calicul is true . All that I know is thaat 888poker is the best place to biuld your bankroll , so many peomotions , freerolls , opportunities to win extra cash . Loose games , loose players , even if you do not know good or better poker , like me for example , yopu stillhave the decent chances to build your bankroll , win money Smile I did it in the the past , want to do it again Smile

Now this is some extra cash back , it ends tomorrow if I am not mistaken ,but no worries , they always come back with some new promotion or freroll or big game to play at Smile
 CALICUL25/07/2020 12:53:21 GMT
Tournament players are much fewer than before. In cash, snap, Sit&Go or other games i find same situation. I played a lot here for the last 4 years. Freerolls and real money tournaments. I've noticed enough. I'm not the type to be wrong because seen a lot.
 antonis32125/07/2020 22:26:07 GMT
If you talk calicul generally about all poker rooms nowadays , you might be true . I also noticed fewer number of players at the games that I play , micros or nanos . Zoom has much less players nowadays , also tournament guarantees are less than waht it was when the isolation crisis was at its peak . Some tournaments for micro players that appeared during the great crisis , now they are gone , even some that do existed before this crisis , lol .

Everyone expected such a thing to happen . These higher players' pools and guarantees were temporary , everyone should have tried to win sth from this situation , on every stake and level , meny did it , some like me didn't , lol Smile Now in many countries people are more free to go outside or to work , or to havee fun . So , less time for poker online Smile
 CALICUL29/07/2020 17:55:58 GMT
Solutions exist and we need more players for many chances to make money. I would very much like United States to return to the global online poker market because is very nice with a lot of happy peoples at tables. We'll see in future.

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