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888poker's Latest Promo - Tweet for Your Seat, $888 Guaranteed!

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Posted on 21 July 2020 by "T".

888poker is rewarding a free seat to their $888 Twitter freeroll on July 27, 2020 (Monday), and players can reserve their very own seat just by tweeting the promo!

Tweet for Your Seat, $888 Guaranteed
Jumping in to this freeroll is very easy. First things first, you need to have an account at 888poker.

If you don't have one yet, simply sign up for an 888poker account through BankrollMob, and you will also receive $88 Free + $700 on deposit!

To join, make sure to follow 888poker on Twitter.
Tweet this message. Replace ‘X' with your 888poker username.
Reserve your seat to the $888 Twitter freeroll on 27/7/2020!

Terms and Conditions:

1. All 888poker promotion Terms & Conditions apply.
2. Registration Bonus Terms & Conditions apply.
3. Players will be eligible to register in "Twitter Free tournament" 6 hours prior to its start, once the specified 'Follow' and 'Tweet' actions are completed.
4. The Promoter reserves the right to alter, amend, modify and update these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion.
5. To be eligible for the Twitter Poker Series Free tournament, players need to follow the Promotion terms mentioned above.
6. Each Twitter account can be used for reserving a single seat only.



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20 comments on "888poker''s Latest Promo - Tweet for Your Seat, $888 Guaranteed!"

 dule-vu21/07/2020 11:30:10 GMT
so another month with this promotion at 888 poker and another twitter freeroll for all players witht his account!dont know how many members here play this freeroll and is he have lot of players,but maybe its not bad to try it!at least he have more money in prize pool then normal freerolls!good luck to all!
 antonis32121/07/2020 20:57:13 GMT
One more month with this promotion , one more freeroll for 888poker players Smile Always nice to have more free opportunities to biuld or expand your bankroll SmileAll you have to do is tweet so as to get you registered on this freeroll for almost 1K of dollars to grab . Good luck everyone participating on this freeroll on the 27th of July Smile
 maragatero22/07/2020 02:41:38 GMT
Why you talk of it as you are not concerned, Do you not playing here antonis321? I think that I read to you talking about 888poker, am I wrong with it? And if it is...why you don´t play here my friend, this is one of the better poker´s sites, where you can do a good career, learning in the smallest size of the game and having a lot of medium and biggest tourney in offer
 CALICUL22/07/2020 08:17:05 GMT
This promotion is good if it will have other satellites where there will be more qualifying places for the main tournament. This game is in every month, too rare and a 1st place is almost impossible. Even so, you have a chance and for that it is worth to registering.
 maragatero23/07/2020 02:57:26 GMT
But this is a "little" tournament CALICUL, a pool of prizes of $ 888 is not a "Main" tournament scale. it Is just a good freeroll, no more than it. If you build a structure of satellites, in the end, you will have a lot of players. So, the pool of prizes will be insignificant to share between thousand of players. Have no sense my friend.
 CALICUL23/07/2020 09:58:34 GMT
I don't know what this tournament looks like anymore because for a year or so, i no longer have the right to participate in this game ( it does not appear in lobby ). It is the 888 poker strategy to encourage deposits for certain countries.
 dule-vu23/07/2020 13:42:03 GMT
when something like this is free,you cant expect low number of players to fight for 888 dollars!its still big poker site and ofcourse that lot of players will try luck with this free offer!even if they dont have twitter account,then will make it just to play this freeroll!
 maragatero24/07/2020 13:45:35 GMT
This is a good freeroll tournament with 6000 players maximum entrants, so there should be around $ 44 for the first and something like $ 0,10 to the 2750 last ITM. That is better than the daily freerolls of $200 with 10000 players and 4500 ITM ($ 0,01) or the Instagram freeroll of $500 with 8000 players and 800 ITM. For someone like me, freeroll lover, this tournament is a good one! But at this time Party Poker with his Ragnarok promotion is intractable!
 antonis32124/07/2020 23:14:17 GMT
maragatero , i do not understand what you are talking about Smile Have I said that i do not play on 888poker nowadays ?? Where ?? Shock I play , I have an account , I have just focused nowadays on the ACR , due to the Venom tournament , the satellites and the sngs that run 24/7 . Tomorrow I ''ll visit again 888poker and Partypoker (after some days of absence Smile) , for weekend . But mostly ACR these days . Venom comes to an end in some days , so then I will be back to my normal schedule Smile

I have played this twitter freeroll once or twice , but yes , the other times I just couldn't , cause the page was blocked by government filter , so I couldn't access the target page Smile

It is a freeroll like all the others , for sure freerolls without password or special requirements to get into , attract many players , especially crazy and loose ones , but still , a freeroll is a freeroll , if you have free space on the screen of your monitor , the mood and ability to play one more game besides the other games you might be playing at the same time , then why not ??
 maragatero26/07/2020 00:02:11 GMT
Maybe the style of writing that you use in your threat. You don´t use I, us or we, only "the players who participate..." or something like that. I remember, as I said, that you were talking like an 888poker´s player in other threats because it, I didn´t understand. By the way, good for you! I think that this poker´s room is the best to start a little career there
 CALICUL28/07/2020 16:20:41 GMT
I don't understand why some players place so much value on this tournament. He is only once a month and you can't earn too much money from him because is very hard to have huge luck with many good cards. Is better to make a deposit of 10 dollars compared with that.
 maragatero28/07/2020 23:20:39 GMT
CALICUL do you know the fable of the fox and the grapes? I think that you are doing the same thing that the fox did. You are undermining this tournament because you can´t play it... This is a freeroll, you have to understand it, and is not too much offer of $ 888 freeroll in the net. You can find it in the Club Poker of 888, but you have to arrives to high levels and you can´t do it with freerolls
 CALICUL29/07/2020 17:21:27 GMT
I know this tournament and even if i could have played in it it, wasn't that attractive, but this is not about undermining. My level is 85 and it's a good thing, even thouhg haven't played in 888 that much in the last 4 years. There are more interesting freerolls.
 maragatero29/07/2020 23:47:52 GMT
Obviously CALICUL! In 888poker you have every wednesday the $ 1000 freeroll. Until that, offering to level 30, I could play. And there are, in the weekend, majors tournament to the high levels. But to play there, you had to spend a lot of money. You did it because you spend your money gambling in sport bets and slots, not only poker...good for you!
 CALICUL30/07/2020 18:38:31 GMT
It's not very good because i could make money here more often, but believe me, i've never ''suffered'' like this in my life... with sports betting. The last time when i won a ticket over $ 50 was in December 2018 not 2019. This thing is incredible and very sad.
 maragatero30/07/2020 23:53:24 GMT
Oh, this is really bad to you my friend! But the real problem may be that you still be betting in sports, that is not for you CALICUL, at least not for you to make money, and I don't think you like to lose it, even if you add a lot of points for Poker Club. For luck, I haven´t those problems and I´m happy with the lot of freerolls that are in the net today. I play every day the total time that I have to play poker, and all of that tournament are free!
 CALICUL31/07/2020 19:41:00 GMT
Sports betting is for me, but what happens in football nowadays is almost unreal. I have not seen anything like this. Many surprise results and something has changed a lot... in this king sport. I play poker now just for fun, but i would like that structure of tournaments to change.
 antonis32131/07/2020 20:38:08 GMT
I don't think too many people put great value on this game , but it's a freeroll , with big guarantee , relatively to other freerolls , so it's a good way to make some extra cash for your bankroll . Now if many playes play it , or if these players are very loose or whatever else , don't matter to me so much , cause you are supposed to play it at the same times while you play biiyin games of your choice , with greater guarantees , so it's not a loss of time , you don't play only this tourney , I guess ....
 maragatero01/08/2020 23:59:20 GMT
By the way, I remember to all of the mobsters who can play it that you should register there to may play the next tournament. I like it and usually, I could make some bucks. In the last of it I was being a big stack by the first half of the tournament. But a bad move, reduce my position to a shorty by the rest of the game. Nevertheless, I could arrive In The Money and get around of two bucks. Is a good tourney. I play every day for cents, so this is a big one!
 CALICUL02/08/2020 04:02:32 GMT
Don't know how this rule works anymore. Before this tournament was canceled for Romanian players, I registered for two or three games in 5 months but couldn't play, even if they told me on Twitter that i was accepted and in the lobby could see how people were registering. Very ugly...

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