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Sam Trickett's 3 Tips to Improve your PLO Game

Tags: partypoker, plo, pot limit omaha, Sam Trickett.
Posted on 27 July 2020 by "T".

It has been almost four years since Sam Trickett has signed a sponsorship deal with partypoker.

The poker site has recently launched a special promotion involving aspiring players to challenge Sam in his own club game with a free $1,000.

Now that the WPT World Online Championships is currently ongoing, and there is a PLO Championship Event involved, Sam is happy to share a few tips on how to improve your PLO game.

Sam said, "I really love that there's a PLO Championship Event in the WPT World Online Championships series on partypoker. Most of you will know I'm a big fan of PLO and I would say I definitely play more than Hold'em these days. I just find it's so much fun and there's so much more action. The Championship events kick off this Saturday so I thought I'd share a few tips ahead of it.

The headline event is the $3k for $1 million but you don't have to have a huge bankroll and loads of experience to get involved. As well as the $3,200, there are $320 and $33 versions meaning anyone can give it a go. There are also so many side events from $5.50 upwards so it's definitely a good time to get involved.

So, here are three tips I would recommend focusing on if you're fairly new to PLO and are looking to improve your game...

1. Play a tight range from UTG and the SB. Playing out of position in PLO is difficult.

2. Study pre flop ranges. Playing a wide range pre flop in PLO makes post flop decisions extremely difficult. Play nutted hands until you have gained experience.

3. Be careful not to bet/fold yourself off a high equity hand. You get raised a lot more in PLO than NL so that's definitely something to factor in.

Most of all, I would say enjoy the game. This series is designed to be more like a proper live tournament experience (something lots of us are definitely missing) and provide more of a level playing field by factors such as only two starting flights in the big Championship Events, one re-entry in the Main Event flights and reduced late reg. I really hope you guys like this and support the site in making these moves as I do know it needs the players' support.

Real names are also a nice addition IMO, especially for people to watch. I know there's a lot of effort gone in to the final table streams and it would be nice to end up on one.

Good luck and hopefully see some of you at the tables!"


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18 comments for "Sam Trickett''s 3 Tips to Improve your PLO Game"

 dule-vu27/07/2020 12:13:32 GMT
three tips that he recommend for playing PLO:

So, here are three tips I would recommend focusing on if you're fairly new to PLO and are looking to improve your game...

1. Play a tight range from UTG and the SB. Playing out of position in PLO is difficult.

2. Study pre flop ranges. Playing a wide range pre flop in PLO makes post flop decisions extremely difficult. Play nutted hands until you have gained experience.

3. Be careful not to bet/fold yourself off a high equity hand. You get raised a lot more in PLO than NL so that's definitely something to factor in.
 CALICUL27/07/2020 15:44:57 GMT
This tournament is definitely a very good one because 3 millions dollars prizes are extremely interesting. Satellites are of many kinds and opportunities are quite attractive. Anyone who doesn't want to take action here... doesn't deserve to play poker.
 maragatero27/07/2020 22:30:16 GMT
I like to play PLO a lot. It´s very funny to me, and there are some freerolls that I love to play. Grey Snow had some daily tournaments, but they take off that. So, the only freeroll of PLO that I could play daily is in Winamax. I never read anything about the game and how I should play it, but I have success there. The most important thing that I can advise is about not accept high raises and reraises in preflop with medium pair
 antonis32128/07/2020 01:29:30 GMT
There are many buy inds for these events ,for all bankrolls and stakes , so everyone can play , and ofcourse the PLO games Great advice for these PLO tournaments , especially the one about playing more tight or close to the nuts , ifyou are new to the game or if your experience is not great ,, Following a plan , playing accordingly toyour capabilities and knowledge , will give you the best result that you can have Smile
 CALICUL28/07/2020 16:02:52 GMT
Pot Limit Omaha is a very nice game but i don't know very well winning hands. In the past won a freroll with 5,000 players and was impressed that i did it. Players try to make money from anything and wherever they have the opportunity to play will be registered.
 maragatero28/07/2020 23:31:09 GMT
It´s poker CALICUL, the same wining cards than Holdem. But you have to know that the flush draw or the straight, only can makes with two cards of your hand of four. If in the table are four diamonds and you have (only) the ace of diamonds, you lost against a villain who have 2 and 3 of diamonds in his hand. This rule cost to me a lot of tourney!
 CALICUL29/07/2020 17:50:00 GMT
I don't know very well and could only have learned because there in poker online are many tournaments for my taste. People can play quite often, if they want to bet low, but many of them prefer holdem poker. In general, you can't force people to play.
 maragatero29/07/2020 23:47:44 GMT
I presume that PLO favorite poker´s players are no more than the 30 % of the total players. A lot of people, but never could to compete with the lovers of Holdem No Limits. Don´t matter what number of players in the table, three, four or until ten; Holdem NL is the preferred, don´t you think?
 CALICUL31/07/2020 19:48:23 GMT
Hold'em Texas is the king of all poker games. No Limit it is appreciated by most players, but there is also PL, where it is respected by those who play cash at higher stakes or even at low ones. Anyway, everyone plays what they want, but number of online rooms is too big. Because of that tables in tournaments are too empty.
 antonis32131/07/2020 20:51:34 GMT
Out of position I play very tight , but I might limp on a cash game some not so good hands , see how it goes, if I have enough blinds . i haven't played a PLO tourney yet . I hunt the sets , easier on PLO, the lower I play very passively , even fold to crazy aztion SmileIhave seen some tourneys online , also with cards up , the cards that they play , somettimes ATC Smile
 maragatero31/07/2020 23:55:58 GMT
Surely you know that, in the near past, the limp action was a bad word, only some fishes might do it. All the books, teachers, etc; said that you only can bet or fold, limp was forbidden. But recently, thanks to God, that action was recognized like one more of possible action in the playing menu. With a especific chart or cards, and in particular condition, is good to do it. In PLO I do it more than in NLH. And antonis321 you could find freerolls of PLO in Winamax, good luck!
 antonis32101/08/2020 22:27:42 GMT
On stars PLO cash games , limping many times is the best choice , I talk about nano/micros , zoom kind of , these players play ATC . They will happily give you a bad beat to remember if you go all in preflop , without the best of the hands , nutted flushes etc . Last time I played on Stars I had AA and flush drawing hands , good other hnads (KQ both suited I think) , the idiot 5bet and shove with Jxxx crap hand unsuited , he won with two Jacks on the board . , disgusting hand , have to play since then , lol . I didn't shove my hand with the 4bet , instead I made a bet almost a shove leaving a blind in my stack , wanted to see how the limper will act , how the RNG might reward him , and that happeneed in the end , lol .
 maragatero01/08/2020 23:59:12 GMT
Well, the bad beats occur in all the poker´s formats. But them have not to define the way that you play. Simply occurs and is part of the game. Anyway, you know that AA is a good hand (the best normally) if you play against one player, but against a multiplayer board is only a hand with possibilities. When it drops in my hand, I try to go all-in in the preflop (that is hard) isolating myself against one player, but if I couldn´t I be calm and see the flop, If there are a pair and the villain become aggressive, I might leave the AA
 CALICUL02/08/2020 04:17:10 GMT
I risk everything with AA because it is the card that can't play with 3 BB raise and on the flop come some cards favorable to opponent(s). Don't like to lose in this situation, ask for a lot of chips or all in directly(depends on situation).
 antonis32102/08/2020 22:41:15 GMT
I know this maragatero , on PLO AA is not strong , not so strong even vs one only playr , btter have some good hands to accompany it , like suited cards , some high cards , etc . Shove and pray to get there . Many times i have lost with AA on PLO , but the specific way , losing to this idiot who had Jxxx , where xxx were not suited low unconnected cards , a complete loser or idiot ,, well , it hurts ..... On PLO many crazy things can happen , . Btter play the players IP , see the flop , decide accordingly ...
 maragatero03/08/2020 00:38:21 GMT
AA against one only player has equity of 80% to 20%, but if you are fighting against two or three villains, you have no more than 40%. And that occurs in the PLO and in NLH of course! And about fishes who win to us with any two...you have to be grateful that those characters play with you because, except this time the variance benefits you, they will always give you their money. You have to congratulate him to be the player that he is!
 antonis32108/08/2020 00:55:00 GMT
maragatero , you are right about the odds with multiple opponents , unfortunatelly i have to play more carefully or even passively these hands with AA , only if you have suited cards and high cards in your 4 cards , then an all in has better chances .

Ofcourse , I wouldn't say I like playing with loose or very crazy players , thinking that they might pay me on the long run . You know , the bad beats these players give you , might cause you a heart attack or drive you crazy , lose your mood to play anymore , call it a day lol . So no ,I prefer playing with fish who are not so crazy , or even some good tight players , don't like crazy players at all , lol
 CALICUL08/08/2020 09:04:52 GMT
This is the game. Most of time we will be in difficult situations and lose many of our hands.One of important things is to win with them because have to create a stack for advance as fast as possible. This is situation on poker.

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