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Win Your Seat at Sam Trickett's Club Game, with a Free $1,000!

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Posted on 08 July 2020 by "T".

Ever wished you could sit down in an exciting high-stakes cash game with Sam Trickett? Of course you have. One obvious obstacle though for most ordinary players: the buy-in. Well, partypoker has whipped up a special promotion - challenge Sam in his own backyard and get into the battle equipped with a free $1,000!

Sam Trickett is a very accomplished poker pro and is a member of Team partypoker. The 34-year-old from Nottingham has a total live earnings of $21,782,558 to his name. He currently ranks 2nd in the England All-Time Money List, trailing behind Stephen Chidwick who has $34 million under his belt.

Has that bit of info made you all the more fired up? Now you have the chance to lock horns with this talented Brit at partypoker!

Sam has his own Club Game where the blinds are $5/$10 and that has a $1,000 buy-in. That $1,000 buy-in is being given to not one, not two, but five partypoker players! Those five players will take on Sam in his $5/$10 Club Game on July 14, 2020 (Tuesday) at 20:00 BST!

The five lucky winners each receive $1,000 to buy into Sam's Club Game. You must stay in the game for two hours or until you lose the $1,000, but you get to keep any of the remaining promotional funds and profit (if you have any) at the end of the Club Game!

How to Join Sam Trickett's Club Game with a Free $1,000 Buy-in

First things first, sign up for an account on partypoker via BankrollMob.

Then opt-in to the promotion by replying to Sam's tweet on his Twitter account about this special promotion. Make sure you include your partypoker account name or alias in the tweet. Then you need to finish the highest of all those who opt-in in the $0.05/$0.10 No-Limit Hold'em Cash Game Leaderboard between July 8-12. The highest finishers each day get to take on Sam with a free $1,000! You don't have to win the leader board that day, just finish above everyone who has opted into the promotion.

You can't win two entries. If this happens, the next opted in player on the leader board is invited to play.

Simple, right? Opt-in and bring your A-game to Sam's private Club Game!

Terms and Conditions
There are some terms and conditions that you need to familiarize yourself with. You can check them out below.
This promotion is open only to players who opt-in
To opt-in, players must reply to the promotional tweet from our ambassador Sam Trickett and include their partypoker account or screen name in their reply.
The opted-in players who finish highest in the daily low $0.05/$0.10 stake cash game leaderboards from Wednesday 8th July to Sunday 12th July will qualify (5 players).
Qualified players will gain entry to Sam's Club Game on Tuesday 14th July at 8pm
Qualified players will be contacted directly by partypoker to confirm their participation in Sam's Club Game. Failure to confirm participation within 24 hours of receipt of partypoker contact will result in forfeiture of the entry to the club game
In the event that qualified players do not confirm participation, entries will be offered to the next highest ranking opted-in players in the leaderboards.
In the event that a player qualifies more than once, subsequent qualifications will be deemed void and the qualification spot will be offered to the next highest ranking opted-in players in the leaderboards.
Qualified players will receive $1,000 USD promotional funds to be used to buy-in to Sam's Club Game where the stakes will be $5.00/$10.00 No-Limit Hold'em
Qualified players must remain seated at Sam's Club Game for the specified time of 2 hours of play or until the promotional buy-in has been lost
Any attempt to leave the table with funds before the specified time will result in the qualified player being disqualified from the promotion and all promotional funds to be removed from the account
Any attempt to withdraw or use the funds in any other way than in Sam's Club Game will result in the qualified player being disqualified from the promotion and all promotional funds to be removed from the account
Any attempt to abuse the promotion in any way whether this be contradictory to standard or promotional terms and conditions or otherwise will result in the qualified player being disqualified from the promotion and all promotional funds to be removed from the account
Qualified players will be entitled to keep any remaining promotional funds, plus any winnings, after the specified time period of play of 2 hours has elapsed.
By competing in this promotion, you agree to partypoker potentially using your alias in related articles and social media posts
The decision of the partypoker management is final



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7 comments on "Win Your Seat at Sam Trickett''s Club Game, with a Free $1,000!"

 dule-vu08/07/2020 11:34:11 GMT
interesting club game with pro player and everything that you have after two hours from this 1000 $,stay to player or even if you earn more from this start stack!must say that this great offer and you dont have almost anything to lose,just depend how will you earn this ticket and how much will you lose it before you earn it!
 CALICUL12/07/2020 16:08:39 GMT
This is a formidable satellite that offers any mediocre player to play against a real gambler. I don't know what to say, but you have the ability to sign up to fight for a qualification with this professional. Sam Trickett it can be beaten and whoever succeeds, will win something nice.
 antonis32112/07/2020 20:54:11 GMT
For the players that participate in this contest for the leaderboard , by playing the 10nl cash game , it's an extra motivation to play more and be placed on this leaderboard as better as they can , in comparison with the other players who have also opted in for this promotion . Good that you don't have to win the first place of the leadrboard , that you can win only once so other players have also the opportunity to win , better this way rather than make a draw and see who is the random winner . Smile Good luck to the ones who will compete for this promotion Smile
 maragatero15/07/2020 00:46:37 GMT
I don´t understand why are you exciting to play with pro-players. I would feel really uncomfortable about playing there. I may hear their unsound laughs in my mind with almost all my moves. I would play totally deconcentrated. The pro-players playing is good to see as a public viewer but not as a villain against them. The pro to the learning videos or the tv only, not to face them!
 CALICUL25/07/2020 12:57:39 GMT
I think you're scared, my friend. Most poker gamblers want to play with professionals, to win hands with them or even all in. You really don't realize that have a chance to eliminate a Pro? Satisfaction is interesting here and is no place for shame.
 geseco1206/09/2020 19:22:07 GMT
It would be exciting to win a seat and play with the great talented pro English player Sam Tricketts, thanks to the partypoker room for these initiatives that help more players to grow their bankroll.
 CALICUL07/09/2020 12:42:44 GMT
The opportunity to play with professional gamblers exists in every year in most online poker rooms, but you can do it live, if u are an ambitious wisher. Playing right satellites and some luck can be good for us and this is indicated to try.

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