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partypoker Updates Mobile App with New Multi-Table Tournaments

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Posted on 18 August 2020 by "T".

All games on the partypoker mobile app are in portrait view - now including tournaments!

partypoker sees many players have been enjoying their cash games, fastforward and SPINS in portrait mode with the updated mobile app. This time, they are happy to announce that multi-table tournaments (MTTs) have been given a nice makeover that brings it in line with their other games.

The most notable feature of this latest update is that you can now play in portrait mode, making it very easy to concentrate playing on your favorite MTTs on a mobile phone and play them one-handed. There's no more need to turn your device into landscape mode and use both hands when you play poker at the virtual felt.

Most mobile phone users prefer playing in portrait mode as it feels and looks more natural - when was the last time you flipped your phone onto its side? The portrait orientation also allows you to control all your action with only your thumb, whether you're tapping a bet, swiping between up to four tables, or increasing your bet sizes with a slide of your thumb.

Additionally, players will notice an updated lobby once they download the new Android or iOS app - one that is much easier to navigate through and find your favorite MTTs.

The updated app also brings gamification features to MTT players. Earn partypoker's innovative in-game currency "Diamonds" by just playing real-money online poker. Use them on in-game features including throwing a variety of animations at your opponents, making it possible to interact with your fellow partypoker players and express yourself at the tables.

Diamonds can also be used to activate the exciting "Rabbit Hunt" feature. Activate the Rabbit Hunt to see exactly which cards would have been dealt next.

Now is the perfect time to download their new mobile app because they have a massive lineup of scheduled tournaments and the ongoing WPT World Online Championships. Take partypoker with you wherever you go and never miss a tournament again!

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15 comments on "partypoker Updates Mobile App with New Multi-Table Tournaments"

 CALICUL18/08/2020 08:46:30 GMT
Multi-table tournament players will be happy to hear this because Party Poker has all sorts of interesting games, that give them opportunities to play as much as possible. The opportunities to make money are faster for many of them and this is a good news.
 antonis32118/08/2020 09:40:43 GMT
This new update seems to improve the mobile poker app very much , This portrait view is what players prefer to use and play , so this is a very convenient change and new add for the tournaments of PartyPoker , one more reason to play on mobile , besides the improve lobby and the diamond currency . I love playing on mobile when I am outside or on other occasions , also very relaxing and enjoyable experience .
 dule-vu18/08/2020 22:55:04 GMT
another update from party poker and as we can see every time they bring something new to us and every time even better things!must admit that this thing with playing in portrait mode in something new on market and something that will be much easier for players!now you can choose on which side will be better to play!they show how big site they are!
 SHTD19/08/2020 05:47:59 GMT

After doing this in Fastforward I stopped playing it from my phone. on the way to work. Very inconvenient. Blind buttons are often poked, bad and unpleasant table design, etc.

I suffered a couple of weeks, convincing myself that I just had to get used to it. but it didn't. So that's bad news for me
 CALICUL19/08/2020 08:55:47 GMT
The bad news is for me too because when I play at several tables I lose. I can't move so fast because I can't handle it. Some gamblers are in front of the monitor at home and work from the keyboard but on the phone it is very difficult.
 antonis32119/08/2020 12:02:53 GMT
Improving your mobile poker app is a great thing that Party is doing all these last months , this is a very serious task for them , the comptition is tough and players demand the best mobile version and app , to use it when they desire and like . And this is a good new add and improvement from PartyPoker on its mobile app , poker players wiol love it Smile

The greatest poker rooms have acted similarly , meaning they try to improve their mobile app , by adding new features or making home games also available on their poker mobile app or other improvements , even with some delay . Although I see one of the biggest American poker sites , won't say which , it hasn't done it yet , its mobile app sucks , sad for a very big poker room , wonder why this happens ......
 dule-vu19/08/2020 23:05:48 GMT
they are probably in front of all poker app and they improve it every few months!as we can read from this news,they also improved lobby to be easier for players!this change for playing in portrait will be best for playing one tournament,especially big one's,but dont think that will be problems if you play two or three!good job party poker Thumbs Up
 CALICUL20/08/2020 08:32:07 GMT
Playing poker at several tables in the same time can be harmful or satisfying. This online method by which one can earn time but also money, if he has enough experience, poker knowledge and luck can take him downhill and lose a lot of money. It is with falling and lifting.
 antonis32122/08/2020 15:07:12 GMT
I use mobile app only to play one table evry time , I haven't tried more to see if it can be done . I will try one day this week , with freerolls , to see if the two tables will switch one to another after you have complete the action on one table , so you can go to the other . But I think this is better on pc , laptop , better to play many tables there , maybe also on tablets or expensive iphones . For me one table on the mobile is just fine , cause when I use mobile i want to relax , play and have some fun , no stress or manythings to think , especially when I am on bed ,lol Smile
 CALICUL23/08/2020 09:18:48 GMT
When we play from android at the casino it is very good but with poker it is harder because i can't handle more tables. At PC. it's a bit better, but even there i can only have a maximum of 4 games where need to be more focused.
 dule-vu23/08/2020 12:27:13 GMT
yes,its much better when you play on laptop or PC,but from time to time I use smarphone,especially when I need to change rooms,to go somewhere,you can still play it and they I change play to smartphone!its better to have more options,you never know what will you need!that why is good that they make this kind of changes for us!
 antonis32123/08/2020 17:36:00 GMT
I couldn't agree more , that playing casino from the mobile android is much better than playing on pc or laptop , my profits come only from mobile , lol . Maybe it's because I see better the reels , especially during bonus rounds , I don't know , for sure it's way far more fun playing casino on mobile Smile
For poker one table , and I wouldn't choose a expensive game , that would require special attention , notes , watch the action , do sth more at the same time so as not to get tired or asleep , for sure to seat on a chair not lie or whatever , lol Smile

Nuce new changes from PartyPoker on its mobile poker app , showing the way to the other poker rooms how to do things better , everywhere Smile
 CALICUL24/08/2020 09:43:35 GMT
I don't know how you have it, but i'm tired of all programs on the phone. I am always asked to update, upgrade or reinstall. This is a joke and i don't like that. I want them to make their own systems more efficient and will be fine.
 antonis32124/08/2020 22:28:53 GMT
This look is much better , a very good change , improvement and upgrade , for sure everyone will like it . PartyPoker is ahead of everything , readjusting evrything on its players-customers' demands and needs Smile A good example to follow Smile

calicul . In my cellphone this is made automatically as long as I have the minimum memory available , or else I am asked to free up some space first . I have a REDMI 6 , it was a very good investment , watching movies , watching Netflix , playing poker or casino on it , watching Youtube (music most of the times ) , watching twitch , makeing the payments via the bank or ewallets apps , etc .
It's really amazing , more than a year has passed since I bought it , still it's greatly operational , ot issues , the best thing I have bought (all other sooner or later proved to have problems , lol) . And the guarantee is still on , yuppiii Smile I bought it only for $200 , not much if you consider this includes extra guarantee extension , and some other peripheral devices . Gonna buy the next form the same series (redmi) in the future Smile $200 is nothing if you think , before that , I bought a second hand (maybe 100 hand , lol) cellphone with $50 , it proved useless , crashed in 2 weeks , these second hand cellphones are of no use , money in the fireplace , besides that some of them might be stolen by their legit owners , and now on sale on a few very small private shops ....
 CALICUL26/08/2020 16:20:46 GMT
I don't buy stolen phones and sometimes get second hand because don't like to spend a few hundred dollars on a phone that annoys me. This year took one from someone and logged out to create another account of Apple ID. He asked for my card and gave up. Programs on phone is bad for me.

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