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Daniel Smyth Turns $33 into $428,391 at WPTWOC Event

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Posted on 21 August 2020 by "T".

An Irish poker player managed to snag a six-figure victory plus a well-deserved title of WPT Champion from a humble $33 investment.

Daniel Smyth from Ireland entered a WPT satellite for a $33 buy-in and turned that into a $320 ticket. The Irishman then parleyed that $320 into a $3,200 WPT Knockout Championship seat and then went all the way to win the event for $208,803, an extra $204,588 worth of bounty rewards, plus a free seat to the next WPT Tournament of Champions worth $15,000.

This wonderful story has been made possible by the recently favorable changes that partypoker and the WPT made exclusively for this epic festival. They have reduced late registration and limited re-entries to level out the playing field. This meant small-time grinders never had to worry about having to compete against opponents with seemingly unlimited bankrolls who can afford to fire multiple bullets. At partypoker, you can take your shot, chase your dreams and become a real-life poker champion.

The final hand was between Daniel Smyth and British player Manig Loeser. Smyth held a 103 big blind to 45 big blind advantage.

At one point Loeser reclaimed the lead and was set to win the title, however Smyth fought back and grabbed the chip lead once again.

The final hand was during the 500,000/1,000,000/125,000a level that saw Loeser move all-in for 14,100,000 with 8Diamond7Diamond. Smyth called with KSpade9Heart. The board ran 10SpadeASpade4Club9Diamond4Diamond, showing favor to Smyth's cards who has now turned his $33 investment into almost $430,000!

This is an extremely great event for Smyth. Why not try and see it for yourself - follow in his footsteps and win your way into a $3,200 WPT event through partypoker's many Mega Sats or their WPT SPINS. Smyth is living proof that anyone can win at partypoker!



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17 comments on "Daniel Smyth Turns $33 into $428,391 at WPTWOC Event"

 CALICUL22/08/2020 09:02:56 GMT
This victories of Daniel Smyth from Ireland is very important because passed through two satellites, and if he failed to qualify, wouldn't have earned that first place in a big tournament with a lot of money. Good job for him.
 Rogerio1022/08/2020 09:12:55 GMT
Well done. So poker dreams are still allive Big Smile. This big eventa with allot of satelites are great chance for players with not so big bankrools to take a shot. We see stories like this all time, so why not try it.
 dule-vu22/08/2020 11:00:56 GMT
wow,what a great win for this player!to pass few stages,to win satellite with 33 $ buy in,after that he won on 320 $ and on end he played for 3200 $ and won that also!his play on main tournament was just bonus and he even won on that and we can see how good is when you play with bounties!half of his money he got from other players!
 antonis32123/08/2020 17:42:03 GMT
Congratulations to Daniel Smyth , this is a poker success story , playing sat with only $33 and getting in the end the expensive ticket , play this KO event and win it , being awarded more than $400.000 in first prize money and bounties . A real awesome achievement , a very nice example for many players with not so big bankroll to chase their dreams and make them reality Smile
 CALICUL24/08/2020 10:02:26 GMT
Try to do the same if you can, because it is not easy, but skills can make you to earn significant amounts of money when goddess of fortune helps with something extra. I have great respect for those who are small players and win a big tournament.
 ivanjkp24/08/2020 11:55:01 GMT
Big congratulations to Daniel Smyth..,Its a very hard way to do all that play a few satelits and wins tickets for next level of stage and after that win on the main event thats the story for itslef..
But story like this will always stimilating for other players to try the same thing.
Soon we will heard for another player who did similiar thing...
 antonis32126/08/2020 05:56:43 GMT
So this proves that playing sats can have a great value , especially if you adapt your gameplay to the specific need of a sat tourney , particularly if you are good with this kind of tourneys . Play them , sacrificing a very small part of your bankroll , then go and play the ticket on a series event , like this WPT series nowadays on PartyPoker , and win a lot of money for a reeal awesome payday
 Rogerio1026/08/2020 09:49:38 GMT
Another great story winning big from small satelites. Today literaly everyone has chance to bink some big tourney score. Satelites can be very cheap as litlle as 1 dollar. It,s still not easy, but you get chance for win big for litlle investment.
 CALICUL26/08/2020 16:14:03 GMT
The idea of playing satellites is excellent. Time to win a bigger amount of money can come at any time, if luck and skills are on your side. I have not played high level poker and do not have notable results, but maybe will have a better satisfaction with poker in future.
 antonis32127/08/2020 07:24:43 GMT
He also won this $15K seat for thr tournament of champions , to play there for free and win some extra money , adding an extra value to these series , an extra motivation to seek the first position . He will play there , wishing him good luck and win more money Smile
So... in the last hand , shoving 87s 14 big blinds , on HU , is a standard procedure ??? i am not sure ... It seems a little loose to me ... or maybe I play very tight ??? Who knows ... Smile
 CALICUL31/08/2020 18:40:01 GMT

In many cases there is a situation when boredom occurs and after that players which remained at heads up. can raise many blinds with small cards. It's not absurd, but even if he have a suite, can risk it at that important moment... in that way.
 geseco1231/08/2020 19:02:14 GMT
la perseverancia y el estudio hace que los sueños se hagan realidad el poker es un juego bastante bueno pero se neccesita disciplina para llegar lejos felicictaciones al ganador por su dedicacion.
 CALICUL31/08/2020 19:09:56 GMT
geseco12, we must to speak in english language because bankrollmob site use only that. I don't understand why u write here like this. You haven't seen this before to understand what's going on. There is possibility to be malicious.
 Haymore27703/09/2020 11:07:27 GMT
Kudos to you Daniel! What an awesome victory you achieved and your poker dream did not go dead.
 CALICUL03/09/2020 23:00:20 GMT
He is not only one who has seriously won with satellite qualifications, but he will not be the last either. Important thing is that he succeeded and you can turn have remarkable performance... if insist on qualifying tournaments to invest less.
 geseco1204/09/2020 04:36:07 GMT
If you don't worry friend, I know, I'm already posting in forums with the English language.
 CALICUL06/09/2020 11:02:26 GMT
When i wrote the comment you spoke Quechua, Aymara or Spanish but now it's fine. I don't speak English very well and i only know how to write with google translate, but main rule in this site doesn't allow anything else. Good luck with your games.

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