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Will There Be Another Poker Boom?

Posted on 15 September 2020 by "T".

Poker is a game that has been around for several generations. Although it can be traced back centuries to similar games found in many European countries, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, and Germany, the poker we know today began in the United States. 

Despite having a dedicated following in the south of the country, it wasn't until poker was introduced into Las Vegas in the 20th century that things really took off. Texas Hold'em was first played in the city in 1963 at the California Club, and quickly spread up and down the Strip. 
It grew in popularity in the years that followed and interest exploded after the World Series of Poker was launched in 1970. The competition, which at the time was the most prestigious tournament in the sport, saw entrants increase more than 1,000% in the first decade. It then doubled between 1982 and 1991.
However, it wasn't until the rise of online poker that the sport really hit the stratosphere. 
The First Poker Boom
The poker boom was the period between 2003 and 2006 where the number of people signing up to online poker sites exploded. Several factors are widely considered to have contributed to it.
The first was the film Rounders. Although it was released five years earlier, this movie about an underground poker player who overcomes adversity to qualify for the World Series of Poker resonated with many people interested in doing the same. 
The second factor was Chris Moneymaker. He was an accountant working a 9-5 job before qualifying for the World Series of Poker through a PokerStars online satellite tournament, the first player to do so. He went on to win the competition, earning himself $2.5 million in the process. 
Another factor that is widely considered to have sparked interest in poker was the increasing number of televised games. One of these was Late Night Poker, a show that aired in the US and UK. 
A Second Poker Boom?
Interest in poker has continued to grow since the end of the poker boom, albeit at a much slower rate. The number of entrants to the World Series of Poker has grown from around 50,000 in 2006 to more than 120,000 today.
This has led many to question whether there will be a second boom. For that to happen, similar conditions need to be met, and at the moment they seem unlikely.

Rapid Acquisition of New Players
Online poker sites are not seeing the same influx of new players as they did back during the poker boom. This is not to say that they aren't growing, with most online poker sites reporting user and revenue growth over the last few years. 
One way that poker brands grow their numbers is to provide educational resources to new and recreational players to help them learn how to play poker more effectively. This includes basic information on poker hands and more sophisticated strategies that can be used as the player advances their abilities. 
Some also offer free-to-play poker games where they can practice in the same types of tournaments and games, but without wagering real money. 
While growing, the annual reports of major publicly traded poker companies do not show a rapid increase in player acquisition. Nor do they forecast it happening in the coming years. 
More American Players
One of the main reasons that the poker boom ended in 2006 was because the United States restricted the ability for online poker sites to operate within its borders. This has remained the case ever since, although laws allowing online poker have been passed in several states since 2018. 
Currently, five states allow poker to be played online and more are expected to legalize it in the coming years. 
This won't be enough though; a second poker boom will not be possible until the majority of the US has access to the game. 
A Role Model

Chris Moneymaker's win at the World Series of Poker in 2003 is seen as one of the most pivotal moments in online poker. Repeats of his victory were shown on TV regularly over the Thanksgiving weekend that year. With time on their hands, people loaded up their computers and tried their hand at the game as well. 
The Moneymaker effect was critical and would be necessary for a second poker boom. The problem here is that an Average Joe qualifying in an online tournament isn't a unique national newsworthy story anymore since it's been replicated several times since. 
Somehow, another source of inspiration will be necessary. 
Based on these criteria, it seems like a second poker boom isn't likely any time soon. That said, the sport is still seeing growing interest from the public, just not at the same pace as we saw nearly 20 years ago.

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13 comments on "Will There Be Another Poker Boom?"

 dule-vu15/09/2020 11:51:23 GMT
all of this will be hard if they will restrict poker in many countries and players will not have chance to play online,especially as they say in this text,if players from USA will not have chance to play online!if they allow them,you can expect thousands of poker players from this country!after that who know where is end,but we will need to wait for long time!
 CALICUL16/09/2020 14:10:04 GMT
There will be no New Poker Boom because most poker rooms are focused on their profit. A law that would force all sites who offer Holdem to join together ( and reduce their number ) would be ideal. Then it will be fine because 10 sites for all planet is ok ,but with 100 or more it is not possible.
 ligador3716/09/2020 20:59:07 GMT
It is difficult for there to be a new boom in poker if the big poker rooms do not change their minds. A few years ago it was one thing, with good reward systems, that attracted people.
Today, they don't care so much about it; Many poker sites have appeared, which are not very good either, but I think people are more interested in other types of games: they aim more at casino games (where you would win by making a couple of clicks and they would not have to think with a couple of clicks). cards), and sports betting.
There is a lot of diversity, which does not help to have a new boom.
By the way, Rounders is a great movie. I have it saved on my pc
 CALICUL17/09/2020 14:27:56 GMT
I would like something good to happen for the players but i am pessimistic. They don't even have good organization in their poker rooms... or a union to create stronger tournaments with more players & big prizes is very hard to obtain.
 antonis32117/09/2020 19:21:43 GMT
If there will be atime in the future where they are going to allow again all US states to play ih shared poker players' pools in the same poker room , like it used to be before black frday , I believe a second poker boom , AFTER some years will be possible , or else no . So many restrtictions to onlne poker everywhere worldwide , USA play lading role on this .
 ligador3717/09/2020 22:15:19 GMT
I am somewhat pessimistic about this kind of thing, just like your Calicul. I very much doubt that such a union can happen.
They could make good profits for sure, but I think they think more individually.
Sometimes I even think it's all a facade and they launder money, because there are too many rooms that I don't think are profitable.
But hey, it's your business. There is something strange
 geseco1218/09/2020 01:04:19 GMT
It is not known if the poker here in a few years could be the new boom, but what if I know that poker will always be the most exciting game in the world, that will not change, we must preserve that essence of poker
 dule-vu18/09/2020 10:11:43 GMT
we all know that people play more of casino and poker games in last six months,because of this corona situation and you cant imagine how much money they earned on people!but if they open new markets and new countries,especially america,this amount will be even bigger and who know where is end of poker then!
 CALICUL18/09/2020 14:31:46 GMT
There will still be a Boom in the future but down not up. Ideas are brilliant but their implementation will not come so easy. In order to do something beneficial for players, you have to offer something for that & need to give up a large part of profit.
 ligador3718/09/2020 22:43:07 GMT
Yes, the online market has moved a lot since the pandemic caused by Covid-19. But I think, as I said before, it has diversified a lot, and I think it was not so much for poker. I think easports had more benefits than poker.
In my case it was like that at least. Time with family, and online games but nothing related to poker or gambling, so far haha
 CALICUL19/09/2020 15:43:31 GMT
People were not determined to play poker too much during the Covid 19 period because they did not have financial security from rulers. Some countries offered money to their citizens but others were not so generous. This is reason who did not fill poker tables.
 antonis32119/09/2020 17:46:06 GMT
In the 20th century , poker had this growth , people loved and the poker boom era was a reality fro all the other reasons that the article mentioned . But the goverments saw that as a threat , they didn't like the people trying to gamble professionallly , tryong towin big money via online sites , which were obtaining more and more worldwide power , they wanted to end this , send people back to their normal schedules , normal jobs , like sheep , by putting more obstacles , fines , licences , taxes , sometimes law investigations and enforcements acts ... With all these poker boom era numbeer 2 is very unlikely to happen .....
 CALICUL23/09/2020 07:26:23 GMT
I have an interesting idea to create a new Poker Boom but room owners will have to agree with it. In a period of 3-6 months, people will be able to fill the tables again, if they consider that this thing can bring them dream gains.

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