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Liliane Figueiredo Turns Freeroll Ticket into $13K Live on Twitch

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Posted on 02 September 2020 by "T".

Liliane Figueiredo, just like many other budding poker players in partypoker, is taking small yet sure steps in her poker career but has already enjoyed a five-figure prize, an achievement she earned from just a WPT Second Chance Freeroll ticket!

The Brazilian player won an awesome $13,153 by finishing 3rd in the $109 6-Max Mini Warm Up event earlier this month of August, her very first shot into a $109 buy-in tournament.

Liliane said, "Since the beginning of the WPT World Online Championships, I have been playing $3.30 satellites. These didn't yield good results but I won a ticket to a Second Chance Freeroll where I finished 9th and won a $109 ticket."

Just the thought of playing her very first $109 buy-in event is exciting enough, but the excitement has went up even higher when Liliane was put under the spotlight live on Twitch.

From a Freeroll to Twitch Fame
Liliane said, "One of the most memorable moments was when I realised that Team partypoker's Matthew Staples was broadcasting our table on Twitch. I was a little apprehensive at first, but when I saw the comments made by Matthew and other people watching I felt very happy."

Matthew settled in 10th place but Liliane was still going strong. A big section of Matthew's Twitch followers joined Liliane's rail, cheering on her onto what would become her biggest-ever tournament score yet.

"Once Matthew busted, people started saying they would cheer for me and my confidence increased."

A Battle of Wits with the Game's Greats
Liliane persevered and made her way to the final table where she was guaranteed to take home at least $4,373. Her previous best tournament score was a modest $180. Her ship ultimately sunk in 3rd place but she saw her fledgling bankroll puff up with a plump sum of $13,153, all from just a simple freeroll entry! The other two who outlasted Liliane were Romanian player Vlad Darie and fellow Brazilian Felipe Theodoro, the latter claiming the title and the sweet $22,717 first prize.

The Brazilian heroine says her success was thanks to putting in lots of time studying and watching the likes of Lali Tournier and Pedro Gusma on their Twitch streams.

She said, "Until playing this 6-Max Warm Up I had only studied full-ring tournaments. The day before playing Day 1 I bought a training course for the early stages of 6-max tournaments. A few hours before playing Day 2, I studied the middle and final stages."

Her efforts really paid off, now that she has won over $13,000.

It is truly a fantastic start to Liliane's poker career, which only began last year when her boyfriend, Paulo Eduardo, showed her the ropes and taught her basic strategy.

Get Your Second Chance Freeroll Ticket!
Every partypoker player who plays in a WPT Satellite or WPT event automatically gets a ticket that can be used in one of their Second Chance Freerolls. These begin at 18:00 and 22:00 CEST each day and have WPTWOC event tickets as their prize pools.

Over $400,000 worth of tickets are still waiting to be won from the Second Chance Freerolls before the tournament ends - How much of that amazing sum will end up in your account?



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14 comments on "Liliane Figueiredo Turns Freeroll Ticket into $13K Live on Twitch"

 dule-vu02/09/2020 21:01:48 GMT
this happen when you have luck in life!ofcourse its not just about luck,you need to know poker as game,but still when you win from freeroll something like this and you never played tournament with 109 $ buy in,say that you need some "extra help"!its nice to see when somebody win prizes like this!second chance freeroll,twitch live,over 13 K dollars say that you need some luck!
 CALICUL02/09/2020 22:01:53 GMT
A normal story that is not easy and that can happen to any player. Play, insist and you will have the chance to achieve something interesting, because it is possible. Satellites are very accessible and we will need time to play for luck.
 geseco1203/09/2020 04:15:29 GMT
Congratulations to that girl for her effort, perseverance in studying, it is not easy, behind that there is a lot of work, and in poker it is like that, one must work hard to achieve the objectives that we set ourselves.
 Haymore27703/09/2020 10:13:28 GMT
Congratulations girl,I'm pretty sure Negreanu is her mentor cos I could spot his book on her table.It ain't easy to make that tremendous win with freeroll.Keep up the good work girl!
 antonis32103/09/2020 15:10:51 GMT
Congratulations to Lilianne on this achievement , winning so much money , just by using a freeroll ticket . More than $13.000 with a freeroll ticket , after busting out from a $3.30 satellite . She liked very much playing these $3.30 satellites , winning tickets for bigger events . These $3.30 sats , also every satis a great opportunity to win much more expensive tickets for tournaments with large prizepols , or use the tickets you just have won again on the next buyin satellite and win even more expensive ticket for a tournament with really huge prizepool , even $1.000.000 prize !!!!
 CALICUL03/09/2020 22:52:42 GMT
This win is a very good result for Liliane Figueiredo. She learned poker very well and now has made a significant win, that will make her continue to play for bigger sums in future. I don't know if he will reach a professional level but he has some experience now.
 antonis32104/09/2020 18:52:33 GMT
Her previous win was only $180 , now she won more than $13K , what can you say , this is awesome result for her and her bankroll . The good thing after such a win is that you can afford from now on bigger buyin games , directly , not having to wait to win one sat first . She showed that she has the capabilities to play on this level . Good luck for her next games . Smile
 CALICUL06/09/2020 11:26:58 GMT
She will become a much better player now, because has some dollars in her account, that will last a few months of bills, food and other things. Time will be more relaxing to be able for make money online again and in the near future to play live at important live tournaments.
 antonis32106/09/2020 22:02:01 GMT

These second chance WPT freerolls , awarding so many tickets , some of them very expensive , are really awesome . they allow the players to win again and again , by not risking not even one more cent from their bankroll ,and they have the chance to win and play with far more expensive tickets , than the buyin games that they initially played . Especially the top 9 get the lions share , being able to play for a lot of money . Even these 3.30$ sats , you can win a $33 ticket , then play it for a satellite awarding a higher buyin ticket !!

Awesome promotion these second chance freerolls , I hope they repeat it once again in one of the next series that PartyPoker is going to have on its poker platform .
 CALICUL07/09/2020 12:29:25 GMT
We always want to win money and for that have to make some sacrifices, because time matters, but if you don't have dollars to buy a direct entrance, then some satellites is the most suitable and profitable of course, when you win.
 antonis32108/09/2020 00:02:37 GMT
A success story for micro grinders or freeroll players , partypoker has a very good history of so many staellites or freerolls for their series , giving the players towin big even with 10 cents or very little money or even for free . Ofcourse , in order to ladder up in bigger sats and more expensive tickets you need some more luck and skill , but if you succeed , a great pay day will come , just as it came for Lilianne , not the first , not the last person we hear such a great poker story , more will follow witht he next PartyPoker tournament series Smile
 CALICUL09/09/2020 15:44:09 GMT
I will also play small satellites to see what potential have and if will manage to win something interesting. I'm certainly not optimistic but neither pessimistic or paranoid. I don't trust him anymore like a few years ago, but future is unpredictable.
 geseco1226/11/2020 03:46:14 GMT
Now Liliane Figueiredo has become a true pro, not just anyone can earn that amount of money, she also already has a bankroll to play high-level porker, congratulations to the girl, for her effort and dedication, the results come alone, to continue giving her with everything that will come more surprises.
 CALICUL26/11/2020 19:05:08 GMT
I'm not so sure because Liliane Figueiredo has a lot to prove. You always must to get in a few final tables and to take 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. After that will prove that are formidable and professional poker player. It is not yet and must to win few millions dolars for that.

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