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French pro Benjamin Pollak joins Team partypoker to Support its EU Network

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Posted on 07 September 2020 by "T".

Benjamin Pollak is the latest poker pro signed up to the world-class poker team.

partypoker is happy to announce a new addition to their stars list on Team partypoker, Benjamin Pollak! He joins the partypoker EU network at the most opportune time, with POWERFEST running until Wednesday, September 23rd.

Pollak burst onto the global poker world with a 3rd place finish at the 2017 WSOP Main Event, which landed him a $3.5 million prize. The French player started playing poker in 2006 and then progressed through the stakes confidently, saying "I immediately felt that I was able to go far. With hindsight, it may be because I had spent 10 years in magic and I was therefore used to cards and bluffing. Poker was a revelation. I felt it was made for me."

Currently in the 2nd spot on France's All Time Money List with $12.9 million in total live earnings, still Pollak tries to keep a cool head. He wants to remind others that poker is fun and that's why he wants to showcase the human element of it. (partypoker ambassador Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier sits at the top spot in France's All Time Money List)

It is indeed an exciting time for Pollak to be joining the team, with this year's POWERFEST paying out a minimum guarantee of €4.5 million in Spain and €5 million in France. There is something on offer for every type of player as they can choose to play in any of three categories: Low, Medium and High Roller.

Pollak said, "I'm thrilled and very excited to join the partypoker team. They've supported players from the beginning and see the game as I do. I couldn't be more happy to support them and be part of this great adventure. See you all around the tables!"

He can be spotted playing at the partypoker tables under the name "BenjaminPollak".



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13 comments on "French pro Benjamin Pollak joins Team partypoker to Support its EU Network"

 dule-vu07/09/2020 13:14:09 GMT
Party poker add new poker pro to their team and probably they will do this things in future also!as we can see from this news,they want to make stronger eu network and probably want to push more poker stars from list and to take more of their players!we will see what this players will bring to party poker,but as we see he can make money from live poker!
 antonis32107/09/2020 23:00:56 GMT
A very good addition to the Team PartyPoker , which has many freat names and players , to help promote the poker game as well as the games and promotions of PartyPoker globally . Congratulations to Benjamin Pollak on becoming oneof this room's embassadors , one more great player comes to PartyPoker , the poker room where everyone plays for big money , promotions , great opportunities . Smile
 geseco1208/09/2020 22:01:03 GMT
The hiring of these great poker players is very good, they deserve it in addition to being great players, they are disciplined and constant, surely later years more players of that world class will come out where they will make poker grow a lot.
 antonis32109/09/2020 10:17:20 GMT
3rd place at the 2017 WSOP Main Event , so close to be the champuon , and $13M of total live earnings , amazing score , he is a very good pro , qualified and worthy to be part of this world class pro team of PartyPoker , he is going to contribute a lot to the PartyPoker players' community for sure . Welcome aboard and good luck to his new responsibilities , and ofcourse good luck for his games .
 CALICUL10/09/2020 16:18:59 GMT
Professional players have talent and it is normal like this poker is fun for they. I can't say the same about us, which we have great difficulty in achieving something beautiful, when play online. Live is something else. Anyway Nenjamin is very strong.
 antonis32110/09/2020 16:58:15 GMT
3rd place in WSOP is really awesome achievement , in the world's most important poker tournament , so many entries , so much mony , so big variance in order to get to the FT and be able tocompete for millions of dollars . So this 3rd place says a lot for him .Ofcourse he has also many other millons in live cashes . He is a nice add on to the existing poker players in the PartyPoker Team Pro , hewill contribute a lot .
 CALICUL11/09/2020 16:30:23 GMT
My big defect it is english language. I didn't learn it when me was young because if i did this... would learn a lot more poker strategies. In Romanian didn't like listening to podcasts and that is a big disadvantage. Benjamin he did well for him and now is a real player.
 dule-vu11/09/2020 19:41:41 GMT
I was always curious why would somebody come to play on some site,just because you have some pro on that site or even when ronaldo was on poker stars or some other persons!why the hell I would come somewhere just because of some famous person?its not like my friend told me that its good site,try it,come to play or something!it same that if you love messi and he is pepsi commercials and you will drink then pepsi,even you dont like it!very stupid!
 CALICUL13/09/2020 08:31:36 GMT
Advertisements which are made by celebrities attract a lot of people... who will play or drink that poisonous juice or many other things. Yesterday i read a very interesting news. Elvis Presley's manager created some products that were meant for everyone who didn't love his music. He made a lot of money with it. That's the way it is in this industry,
 antonis32113/09/2020 16:32:14 GMT
nice curiosity dulevu ,
personaly I believe that if you are a player for many years or a reg or a pro , a new add in the team pro of the poker room will make no difference for those people , neither make them play more nor make them play less .
But for the whales , especially for the new players it does make difference , they like it when a very experienced or a well known or very important player , a star , even if he's not a poker star , but a sports star , or another star , comes to the poker room .
I used to like this very much whenI was a fish in the first years when I started playing poker , now not so much .
Ofcourse , in the poker boom era things were different , now things are worse , poker is not so big in $$$ numbers worldwide live and online , especialy now during the corona virus crisis .
 CALICUL15/09/2020 10:55:47 GMT
Poker is no longer so famous as it was before and main culprit is those who created new rooms. After that are the stingy owners... These two methods caused players to split. Some migrated and others gave up. Benjamin Pollak will bring a plus in live tournaments because advertising matters.
 dule-vu15/09/2020 13:34:08 GMT
but antonis why somebody would come to gamble on poker or casino site,just because ronaldo or messi play there?so new players will come on that site,just because of them and they will not see what this site offer and what give to them!very stupid for me!its same that you will drink pepsi or eat lays just because of messi,even if you dont like that taste!
 CALICUL16/09/2020 13:58:43 GMT
To be honest, it's good for play where you make money. Example: i can't play in Pokerstars because they didn't give me an opportunity to make money. I don't have video evidence but for me it is a horror room. Benjamin Pollak he chose very well.

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