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WPT Montreal Online comes to partypoker on January 15

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Posted on 15 January 2021 by "T".

WPT Montreal is back and this year, it's online at partypoker!

From January 15 to 27, partypoker plays host to this online festival featuring several quality events, including the WPT-style $3,200 buy-in, $2M GTD Main Event!

WPT Montreal Online

  • Schedule: January 15 to 27, 2021
  • Main Event: $2M GTD Main Event
  • Satellites: Ongoing, from just $0.01!

Players can buy in to the prestigious $2M GTD WPT Montreal Main Event for $3,200 or qualify through a satellite.

Aside from the huge cash prize for first place, the WPT Montreal Main Event Champion will also receive a $15,000 seat to the next WPT Tournament of Champions, a wonderful event sponsored by Baccarat Crystal.

The champ will also have their name added to the history books with an engraving of their name on the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup Trophy! The winner will receive a replica of the trophy to keep as a memorable souvenir of their success.

Qualify Now

Mega Satellites are running right now with a huge 50 x $3,200 seats guaranteed every Sunday.

Enter daily phases for $33, or work your way up from $3.30 satellites or $0.01 Centrolls. Win a daily phase to progress to the Sunday Final - or buy-in directly for $320.

There are two Sunday Finals with a combined guarantee of 100 Main Event seats worth $320K! Here's the details:

Watch all the action as it happens via partypoker's Twitch channels, where they will be showing live WPT Montreal Online events accompanied by expert commentary.

Become this year's $2M GTD champ!




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20 comments on "WPT Montreal Online comes to partypoker on January 15"

 dule-vu15/01/2021 10:09:09 GMT
its sad when you read every month how such a big tournaments have to be played online,no matter how big prize pool they will have!soon it will be almost 1 year from this corona problem and still we have tournaments that need to played online!GTD prize pool is great 2 million dollars,but for sure it will be much bigger!its hard to qualify for it,but every player can try and maybe will grab ticket!
 CALICUL15/01/2021 11:18:11 GMT
How beautiful these satellites look with 50 x $ 3,200 seats guaranteed on every Sunday. Party has at that moment a wonderful poker room. Right now many players try to take advantage of their games and you guys, must do the same. Good luck
 geseco1215/01/2021 18:17:22 GMT
The WPT Montreal is back and this year at partypoker, we have to discuss it until January 27, and the most important thing is that you can play it from 0.01 dollars, this is incredible, because you can make your dream of winning enough money come true, with little input, I think the luck factor should also be on your side, but in the end the results will be achieved, luck at the tables everyone.
 dule-vu16/01/2021 10:35:00 GMT
I remember when this WPT series was on tv and they had many events trough year and with big prize pools,but now they cant make even one show live,just if it will be in vegas or something like that in room!
too bad that this kind of tournaments that have to have only online,but as I said in first post,probably because of that they will have even bigger prize pool!
 CALICUL16/01/2021 12:06:23 GMT
Here in this site was a bankrollmob member who wrote only very rarely in last months and managed to qualify for a 10,300 dollars tournament in the bahamas or something like that. Many dreams can only come true if we play.
 geseco1216/01/2021 18:58:01 GMT
Of course, this tournament should be played live, but the global problems of the pandemic cannot be played, but even if it is not the same, online will also be more exciting, because they will see more entries, and the pot will be much higher, Now everyone can almost play it, hopefully luck and win.
 dule-vu17/01/2021 11:47:10 GMT
in next months there will lot of tournaments that will be canceled,but they have tradition for many years!maybe they will be online,maybe not!when you know that some countries have already restriction till 31.3. like UK,then you cant expect that we will see live poker games or that somebody come on stadium!
its bad that such a big tournament like this in motreal must be online and that lot of players who dont play online,cant be part of this!
 CALICUL17/01/2021 12:51:03 GMT
It is even better if play online, because we have more courage from our houses than when you do it live with professional players. It is important to pass all the satellites to be qualified for the main tournament. Good luck with that.
 geseco1217/01/2021 19:34:56 GMT
This year's event is back also, it already started on January 15, there are big tournaments, the main event will have 2 million dollars guaranteed, with only 3200 dollars you can participate, and if you don't have there will be satellites so you can qualify, There are no excuses not to play it, maybe you will be lucky and you can win tremendous prizes.
 CALICUL18/01/2021 14:55:12 GMT
Party Poker chooses a few series which were usually live and this thing is great because professional players appreciate that option. Small customers who want to participate there will try the opportunities to see their attempts successfully.
 geseco1218/01/2021 19:58:56 GMT
Due to the pandemic, the event cannot be held live, but there are no problems, poker has to continue, I think it will be just as great on online platforms, and also almost everyone can play it without exception, there are also satellites To join the tournament, hopefully you can get one to enter.
 dule-vu18/01/2021 20:54:15 GMT
its much bigger problem for players who play only live games or players from usa who cant have online accounts on any poker site,but canada is close to them,so they could travel and to play there!so its not same structure of players at all,when something like this is online!we will see till when this will be on!
 Rogerio1019/01/2021 13:59:56 GMT
Yeah live players usualy have very big problems when they try to transfer to online games. But for now they realy don't have too much of a chance. Some of them are doing ok, but some of them will be probably just must wait for live games to open again, couse their are much much softer then online fields.
 antonis32119/01/2021 18:00:53 GMT
Nice that they offer the chance to win your seat for the main event by playing satellites , even centrolls , and get to these 100 guaranteed seats final satellites . Players have more chances to win extra $$$ from this WPT Montreal Online , good luck everyone
 CALICUL19/01/2021 19:08:51 GMT
Now is the time to try something because most of us don't play satellites for live tournaments but with coronavirus we have the chance to do it online. These chances are not missed when you can earn serious money here. Good luck mobsters.
 geseco1219/01/2021 20:04:03 GMT
A shame of not being able to play live tournaments, of being able to see the greats play for the WPT trophy, but partypoker will not let anything pass, anyway this great tournament can be played online, I think it will be even better, the probability To play is greater, good luck to all participants, and from our homes they will have the possibility of being a millionaire with these award winners.
 dule-vu20/01/2021 08:53:14 GMT
we will watch almost every big tournament this year on this way and they will be online,because we cant expect that this situation will pass soon!you can see lot of countries that want to make even bigger lockdown,so this will affect on poker,sports,travel,everything!
when we dont have live tournaments,we cant have live video to watch also and this was something that lot of poker players watch!
 CALICUL20/01/2021 19:41:51 GMT
I guess everyone is fit to play in these party poker satellites for this wpt in montreal, because it's live and it shouldn't be restrictive. I don't think he set the barrier for a particular country or for different players. Send an email and ask.
 geseco1220/01/2021 20:19:34 GMT
I think it will be another year, that not only poker will be affected many sports in the world, it only remains to hope that the situation improves to be able to see the greats of poker enjoy playing at the tables, it is always more fun to see them live, Because it is unique, the adrenaline is 100%, but that will wait no more.
 CALICUL21/01/2021 19:55:46 GMT
This year can become a beautiful one but only after march. It is important for people to want this thing because politicians have no interest in ending this whole masquerade. Live poker games have suffered, casino industry same. However, it is a plus for online players and you have to take advantage of wpt montreal satellites.

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